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Mehak Arora

Mehak Arora

Farsighted Visionary for Future ready Alniche

As a person with a pragmatic mindset, Mehak Arora always strives to promote realistic optimism pertaining to positive thinking. She is a firm believer in being broad-minded and always motivates team to nurture and practice a solution-oriented attitude. The young entrepreneur’s personality is a perfect blend of traits like courage, endurance, humour, flexibility, and determination that have allowed her to be substantive in her field so far.

At present, Mehak is guiding the operations of the Finance & Procurement Department with her audacious mindset and positive outlook. Undeniably, finance is an imperative pillar of an organization’s exponential growth. It is crucial to keep a focused eye on the finance functions that are necessary for the seamless flow of business operations of any company.

In light of this, she quotes, “Procurement leading to optimum inventory management impacts the finance of a company positively as there is always cost associated with high inventory levels”. Mehak has been managing finances efficiently to fuel the growth engine while displaying some exemplary competencies in this segment.

The phenomenal women entrepreneur possesses some marvellous leadership qualities that were manifested in her early childhood. When she decided to start her career trajectory in Alniche, her beloved father, Girish Arora who is the Founder and MD of the company, ensured her with equal opportunities and an apposite platform for exposure and execution of her new-fangled ideas.

Alniche Lifesciences has become a prominent name in the pharma space. With its nerve center in New Delhi, India, it has been proving its specialization in high quality, effective, affordable and value-for-money medicines and wellness products in India. At present, the firm has over 700+ employees while establishing 1500+ distribution points for prescription and OTX brands. Under its service parasol, the company is promoting products to over 70,000 doctors and 30,000 hospitals.

Owing to its steadfast product portfolio, the company has been able to fulfil the unmet needs of the patients in the areas of nephrology, critical care, gastroenterology, dermatology, advanced wound care and neuropsychiatry. It has only been a few years, and Alniche has already made its fierce presence being felt in the Nephrology and Critical Care segment while flagging its name in the emerging therapy segments.

So far, it has carved a position among the top three prominent players in Nephrology whereas one among the top ten players in Critical care, by pioneering the offering of novel molecules/ formulations. Under the auspices of Mehak, Alniche has become a successful brand that is driven by its core values and unique vision.

The company’s differentiating factor is its implementation of the right marketing strategy along with the remarkable sets of portfolios while approaching a specific target audience. Its adeptly designed scientific marketing strategy that incessantly engages with the doctors, is giving the company an edge in the targeted space.

Here, several programs are rendered by them such as organizing CMEs, symposia, web hosting, tele consultations, disease info & management, advocacy development, newsrooms, latest in therapeutic regimen book release, practice support, and decision enhancement tools and more to mention.

Apart from this, Alniche’s business development team is always in sync with its philosophy of exploring new avenues of growth and opportunities by making alliance with global pharma giants. It allows them to establish a strengthened product portfolio with a robust scientific backup that can render end-to-end treatment to the masses while ensuring a competitive edge over their peers.

When asked to share her thoughts on women’s participation in entrepreneurial space, Mehak elucidates that women are inherently more entrepreneurial and are driven by quality and problem-solving instincts. Undeniably, their more and more involvement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem will ensure value creation in the business world.

“Women are much more successful in terms of growth with the right product-market mix. Entrepreneurship ensured financial liberty to women who become capable of making their own decisions while eradicating the need to rely upon anybody. Owing to it, the present generation of women has been capable to live life on their terms,” adds Mehak.

The definition of success has distinct aspects for different people. For Mehak, success is the sheer outcome of ceaseless teamwork. Thereby, she tars her personal as well as professional life with the same brush. Her father has always been a role model and mentor who has taught her the significance of relentless hard work and perseverance. She reveals that it was her father’s positive aura only that boosted her entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, Mehak also accredits her mother for being the motive force behind her successful journey as a leader.

She shares, “My mother taught me —’Keep Going, Never Stop as long as you keep going, you will make it eventually.”

The iconic leader reckons that if one’s personal and professional life is sailing seamlessly, then it is a resounding success on its own. Her outstanding managing capabilities as a daughter, wife, mother and entrepreneur prove her dedication towards absolute perfection and leadership competencies.

Alniche is bestowed with several recognitions and awards. A few of the worthy mentions have been listed below-

  • Best Organization in Nephrology drugs & Novel Formulations Award – Business Sphere, New Delhi, India
  • Fastest growing brands & Leaders Award – Asia One, Dubai, UAE
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutical Brand Management Award (New Product Launch) by CPhI, Netherlands (India Pharma Awards 2019)
  • Healthcare Elite Award – Business APAC, India
  • Super 30 Companies Award – Silicon Review, New Jersey, USA
  • Noteworthy Biotech & Pharma company – Business APAC, India
  • 10 companies with the most disruptive innovation by Business Berg, Dublin, Ohio, USA.
  • Pharma CEO of the year – Time2Leap Awards – MSME edition issued by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises India
  • Emerging brand of the year Time2Leap Awards – MSME edition issued by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises India
  • Women Entrepreneurs driving the world of modern growth – The Global Hues
  • The 10 Outstanding Healthcare giants in India – The CEO Magazine
  • The Outperformer, Indian Business Legends – Forbes India
  • Prestigious Brands of India 2021 –Herald Global, BARC ASIA

Mehak and her beloved father avidly believe that a strong nation can only be built over a cohesive society being the groundwork. And this is the prominent reason behind their sheer alignment with the social works. Both of them actively participate in making healthcare accessible to the underprivileged section and support organizations that fervently support female education and hygiene causes.

“Alniche invests a part of its profits in CSR activities with an NGO that helps adolescent under-privileged girls to maintain hygiene by supplying free sanitary pads. It also donates medical devices, medicines, and other essential consumables to charities engaged in rural development,” discloses Mehak.

In the upcoming years, Alniche is on the docket to diversify its operations in several fields of pharma businesses. As Indian pharma products have flagged their names in the global market, Alniche has a great scope to carve its niche across different countries. Moreover, Mehak claims that they have also decided to expand their domestic market into new-therapy segments such as Cardio-diabetic, Gynec, Ortho, acknowledging their immense business potential. Apart from this, Alniche has ventured into the manufacturing domain via its exclusive manufacturing facility –Effikasia Lifesciences.

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