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Younoh Media

Younoh Media

Compelled to carve an impressive brand image for the clients

We sat down for a quick virtual coffee session with the Director of Younoh Media— Vishal Mahtani — to have an open discussion on his start-up’s business portfolio. Based upon the insights shared by him, our team has drafted this fascinating read covering ‘top to toe’ information about this emerging enterprise.

Younoh Media, a collaborative effort of an impassioned team enriched with years of industrial experience, owns a repute of a trusted partner for integrated advertising, marketing, PR, Talent Management and branding needs. Driven by the power of Branding for exponential business growth, the company ensures comprehensive consultation to identify the market gaps and potential opportunities.

Project report plan with a proper blueprint on time frames & cost analysis is their unique way to ensure timely deliveries. All of their personalized services for businesses as well as individuals are cross-checked for quality standards by various creative heads for enhanced customer experience. No doubt, their mission claims to be an endless effort to bring a broad smile to their client’s face!

All their business operations are in perfect symphony with the R&D functions. Indeed, R&D paves the path to innovations that can result in greater profits at optimal costs.

“We explore how, when, why, and which resources an organization should put in and are in synergy with the idea— R&D can lead to innovations in business,” affirms Vishal.

He further adds that formulation of new products and services, ameliorated processes and unique ways to interact with customers are some perks that they enjoy by keeping R&D at the core of the business.

According to Vishal, tech expansion has introduced a new era of human communication skills that has influenced every culture across the globe. The ground-breaking tech advancements are taking every industry by storm that is unifying populations and making the world a global village. He is quite amazed by the advancements that the Information Technology world has undergone and the revolution it has stimulated in the media industry.

“The conventional mass media has been replaced by up to date complicated and sophisticated digital media. Along with this technological advancement, the media industry is growing rapidly, which has opened a gateway to a plethora of opportunities for the entrepreneurs to seek,” quotes the Director.

The culture at Younoh Media thrives on the ideology proposed by Vishal— “Do what you love and have an awesome time doing it”.

As a team of self-motivated, engaging, intelligent, and enthusiastic trouble-shooters, the company has witnessed great recognition across the niche market. He claims that his team always make calculative and collaborative efforts to approach a project while keeping a sheer emphasis on brainstorming, feedback and innovation; though their processes are casual but extremely results-oriented.

At the workplace, the environment speaks empathy, respect, generosity, meaningful interactions and transparency. No one is treated like an employee or coworker but part of a family that aspires to make this start up a big hit in upcoming years.

In just three months of its operations, the company has effortlessly handled the overall media presence of some well-reckoned personalities like— Shibani Kashyap, Mahesh Thakur, Kaajal Vashisht, Aakash Prabhakar and Kuljeet Singh. Moreover, they are in the process of signing some of the biggest names in the glamour as well as the business landscape in terms of personal PR services.

Furthermore, they also have some pipeline products to be launched in the Live Event industry as soon as the situation comes back to normal. He elucidates that the global pandemic has taught us some valuable lessons that nothing in life is permanent and everyone should learn to go with the flow as per the circumstances, and his company also resonates with the same notion.

To get more information about the company, you can check out their website on or Vishal’s instagram account- (@vmmahtani) and his facebook page — (@vmmahtani).

Before taking off, Vishal wanted to highlight the role of branding in respect to making a business a thumping success, “Business leaders or entrepreneurs should recognize the significance of branding or advertising rather than considering it a void expenditure as unless you are visible and prominent in the market, your sales or value has minuscule chances to grow.”

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