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Enlightening People on The Power of Financial Markets

With the wave of digitization, every industrial segment is touching the skies, creating tidal changes and what not! A distinct illustration of this can be drawn from the finance sector. Financial solutions, including insurance, stock markets, etc., are accessible at our fingertips. Companies both big and small are contributing to this growth to make fintech accessible to all. While access for everyone is still a longshot, fintech platforms like Elearnmarkets and StockEdge, are relentlessly working on this. Recently, Business Connect, a premier print and online media platform, conducted a lounge interview with Mr Vineet Patawari (CEO) of Elearnmarkets and StockEdge. Below are the key takeaways from the discussion.

Mr Vineet Patawari (CEO), Mr Vivek Bajaj (MD), and Mr Vinay Pagaria (CTO) are three dedicated business leaders who created Elearnmarkets and StockEdge. Mr Patawari has an extensive background in digital solutions and financial markets, specializing in tech products, performance marketing, team development, and increasing individual productivity. Mr Bajaj is a Financial Market Guru! He spent over 17 years in the market and has an immense passion for trading, investing & training. Mr Pagaria is a Tech Veteran with nearly – 2 decades of technology experience.

He has a strong understanding of financial data & the consumer psyche. Starting over a decade ago, the trio witnessed the changing tides in the industry and how they will revamp the Financial space. However, they also found a gap in knowledge and access to financial markets. Back then, only around 3% of the population had access to financial markets and hardly had any mentors. The cadre saw this as a profound opportunity to utilize their expertise and coach people at minimum expense. After deep research and understanding of the vision, the trio led the inception of Elearnmarkets in 2014.

After a while, the trio identified the need for a centralised information bank that offers accurate financial data for market investments. “Media houses were providing too complicated and cluttered information to make sense to common people”, explains Mr Patawari. Thus in 2016, the trio launched StockEdge. The platform offers real-time market analysis for traders to inspect and make informed decisions. The platform mainly focuses on retail traders over brokers or investment bankers. The blend of ingenuity and innovation has made Elearnmarkets a crowned choice for training and StockEdge for financial data, analytics. Both of these are accessible via Smart Platforms (Android & iOS) and the Web.

In recent years, the Indian stock market has seen a significant number of trading platforms. And not to mention, the scenario creates an increasingly competitive market. With eyes on growth, Elearnmarkets and StockEdge are focused on the pain points that users struggle to understand. Elearnmarkets is a digital handbook of financial aspects. Its contents cover every aspect, ranging from Stock Markets, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

The platform consists of 100+ career-oriented courses with many joint certifications from financial bodies like NSE Academy, NCDEX and MCX. And available in 6 languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati). Trainees are regulated through boot camps, seminars, workshops, and webinars by industry experts and celebrity trainers. The platform has 1 Million users availing its benefit and 2.2 Million page views/month.

StockEdge is one of the best Equity markets and mutual fund research platforms, primarily based on NSE and BSE data. It offers day-to-day market analytics with visualizations and alerts and is mainly for the young generation. StockEdge offers plenty of insights in Equity markets and Mutual-Funds, allowing users a detailed analysis. And doing so, it has completed 2 Million+ downloads with 30,000+ reviews. Moreover, it has a 4.4/5 rating and stands amongst the highest-rated apps.

“Our goal is to make the people of India financially “Atmanirbhar”, a cause that the entire team of Elearnmarkets & StockEdge is deeply passionate about”, asserts Mr Patawari in a proud tone.

Recently, the leaders raised a growth capital of Rs 10 Cr from Kotak Securities Ltd. for product enhancement and increasing user reach. Furthermore, they plan to raise more funding in the upcoming 12-15 months to establish a  niche ecosystem in the Indian Capital Markets.

How a product that once belonged to a few reaches the masses? The answer is digitization. From product to service and ideas, digitization bridges the gap between provider and user. In the stock market, the expertise and knowledge once belonged to only a few. And people had to invest considerable time and money to learn from them. Addressing the scenario with a freemium digital bridge is the biggest achievement for Elearnmarkets and StockEdge. Elearnmarkets brings together nearly 200 experts and allows users to learn from their expert of choice.

Similarly, StockEdge consists of a simple and agile interface so that users find fast and smooth accessibility. The platform processes over 1 billion data points from 5000+ NSE BSE companies. Also, both platforms are on cloud; hence, scalability is never an issue. And they function on a very secure architecture to ensure user data and information is secure.

Assembling a like-minded team to work on a common cause often becomes a sizeable challenge. Mr Patawari explains that scurrying for good coders and developers to drive the user experience may be tough, but being in Kolkata gives an advantage. The City has a young and diverse talent base that puts forth an enviable collaboration in workplaces.

Leveraging the regional advantage, Stock Edge has created a team of 170 people driven by hard work and dedication. They have a familial culture backed by transparency and clear objectives that keep the team focused. Also, they have 4 hr compulsory training every month for every individual. Even in remote work, online training sessions are conducted along with one-to-one meetings to increase engagement. Last but not least, they have recreational events, like Get-togethers and Parties, which they wish to restart post-pandemic.

Like every vertical, the financial market was inflicted by the Pandemic, and the results were cumbersome. While there was de-growth in the first few months, there was a significant recovery afterwards. This acted as a catalyst for Mr Patawari – to jump-start and grow. Since the market was alive and steady, while people were in temporary retirement, both Elearnmarkets and Stockedge witnessed a surge in their user base.

Elearnmarkets saw 3X exponential growth in its overall user base! In short, they had a quantum leap with a 33% growth in a single year. As of now, their focus is on content development in more regional languages. This will help in increasing participation and penetration into more customer segments. Mr Patawari believes that now is the moment for people to start investing in stock markets because the majority have bank accounts, Insurances, and are aware of other financial aspects. And they aim to be the user’s holistic consultant in every step.

Furthermore, the market is still vulnerable to crashes since it’s still in economic distress. And such a scenario makes people petrified about losing their money. Therefore, Mr Patawari and his team strive to incorporate more knowledge and analytics in their platform to help people during wear and tear.

Envisioning to be the apex and inspiring the masses simultaneously, is a rare but prominent skill. As for Mr Patawari, he plans to reach the crescendo, but of course, not at the expense of relationships. He believes in growing as a whole, including revenue, users and employees. He says, “Giving people learning opportunities and responsibilities at the same time fosters growth at a steep rate”. He affirms people as the biggest asset; and guiding his team in the right direction, has helped amass an outstanding client base.

Celebrating its prevailing success, the founders plan to go global, starting with the US economy. They also plan to increase their regional boundaries, but the global initiative is indispensable. Furthermore, they wish to incorporate transactions in their platform so that users access the market directly, not through other brokers.

“Learn to persevere; it inspires you to keep going despite the odds and is more important than your talent or qualifications. Be a learning machine as well. Read books, meet new people, and keep expanding your horizons.” – Leadership Panel, Elearnmarkets & StockEdge

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