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Mercadeo Multiventures Pvt. Ltd.

Mercadeo Multiventures Pvt. Ltd.

Khushbu Soni – An Enthusiastic Woman Leader Delivering Integrated Marketing Solutions with Mercadeo

Such is the spirit of the woman entrepreneur who inspires us in 2022, Ms. Khushbu Soni is an enthusiastic young professional with a strong belief in achieving the desired goals and a fierce leader behind Mercadeo who offers holistic, integrated marketing solutions.

With a vision to grow and a willingness to enhance her experience with every passing year, Khushbu stands with a strong background and knowledge in the field of Sales and Marketing. Her passion is to utilize her experience to put together integrated campaigns, merge traditional and new media and attain success through achieving strategic business objectives, she has worked her way to the top of technology marketing. with a commitment to end-to-end marketing solutions to scale client business using powerful strategies that boost sales.

Established in the year 2015, Mercadeo is an emerging market leader in Integrated Marketing Services. It has a team of experts who push the envelope using traditional and digital marketing strategies to excel your pipelines and drive revenue significantly.

“We intend to identify the issues in the current marketing plan, introspect strategies that work, and use our experience to implement these marketing strategies in a seamless manner”, the leading lady further apprised.

Khushbu is passionate about creating new opportunities. The business world is especially challenging for young entrepreneurs, it holds endless untapped potential. Her humble beginnings started from being a marketer. This set the premise to create a start-up that is purely and specifically marketing-driven. “Marketing has been an integral part of my journey, which is why I was privy to the challenges of the industry”, said Ms. Khushbu

Being a critically driven role, she has fervently believed that the brand message and alignment with the sales team lies at the crux of marketing success. Her efforts have been continually toward developing strategies with an innovative mindset. Her team under my strategic guidance delivers tangible & scalable ROI from the campaigns.

There are three major challenges with their solutions:

    PROBLEM: The rate of change is accelerating, and shows no signs of slowing. High-performing companies constantly require efforts with revision on their Go-To-Market strategies which deliver significant ROI. For large enterprises, that position is likely a chief marketing technologist or someone with a similar title, while for small-to-midsize businesses the responsibilities may fall to the most tech-savvy marketer or possibly an outside consultant.
    SOLUTION: Mercadeo helps organization with agility in driving innovative campaigns which are dynamic and require constant monitoring and improvement to be able to provide ROI on the campaigns.
    PROBLEM: The challenge for marketers is to figure out the right marketing programs for their businesses to be able to drive successful programs, and integrate with business teams by all means necessary.
    SOLUTION: Mercadeo helps drive programs which are in alignment with sales and are in the interest of the business team so that there is buy-in on the programs and enough contribution to be able to make it a successful campaign.
    PROBLEM: Complacency is bred by a lack of will and vision, conservative cultures, stagnant leadership, and internal politics that lead to inertia over innovation. In Embracing Digital Technology, MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting researchers found that while 78 percent of respondents indicated that digital transformation will be critical to their organizations within the next two years, 63 percent felt the pace of change in their organizations was too slow.
    The most frequently cited obstacle was “lack of urgency.” The report defined digital transformation as, “the use of new digital technologies (social media, mobile, analytics or embedded devices), to enable major business improvements (such as enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations or creating new business models).”
    SOLUTION: As forward-thinking executives and marketers accelerate digital transformation, businesses that are too slow to evolve and too afraid to take chances will be left behind. Mercadeo drives Integrated programs with both digital and traditional efforts.
    PROBLEM: The demand for tech-savvy marketers is growing exponentially, but there is a shortage of those who possess the talent for this marketing style.
    SOLUTION: Mercadeo has skilled resources who work as an extended arm of the customers which helps them with additional market intelligence, execution, and track programs.

Present-day, ‘digital’ has become the talk of a town. Mercadeo is continuously discovering new frontiers and using innovation and technologies to push customers’ business. It’s about finding new possibilities of an existing service in order to design and deliver a better experience for the customer.

Definition of Success & the Balance between Failure & Success For Khushbu, success is how happy the customers are and how happy the employees are. “If we are creating impact in any way it is a success and we celebrate”, asserted the leading lady.

“We always learn from our failures what worked and what didn’t work so that we ensure we become successful next time.

Our success is always amplified and rolled out across our customers and employees by creating use cases. We always believe in learning through these use cases for both failures and success”, she further added.

“Without a rigorous set of projections, ‘’ says Rodney Schwartz, CEO of ClearlySo, “a strategy is just a bunch of words”.

To run a successful business you need to match demand and supply. In order to understand and prepare for future demand, we must create forecasts. Demand forecasting – the process of estimating the future demand of a product in terms of a unit or monetary value – is a fundamental part of supply chain management.

If you run a seasonal business, understanding the peaks and troughs of previous demand and incorporating them into your current business forecast allows your business to better manage its inventory. With an informed forecast, you can assess what amounts of stock should be maintained, what raw materials are likely to be required, and also what workforce you’ll need to fulfill orders. Forecasting helps you to fully understand expected costs, revenue, and profits, which in turn impacts process management across the entire business.

In terms of workforce management, it has a significant impact on staff recruitment and HR activity. And business forecasting also informs product strategy. Analysing and predicting potential future growth in demand, cash flow, sales and profits help identify the right time for new product development and launch.

It also helps a business to adapt its overall cash flow strategy in line with predicted outcomes and growth aspirations. Understanding the most likely outcome for sales, revenues and profits helps ensure that any borrowing or repayment plans are scheduled for optimum cost-effectiveness, maximum opportunism, and minimum risk.

Mercadeo has been flourishing rapidly since its inception even in difficult situations. They have established some of the great customer logos in the IT industry. The story started with a team of 4 people and 2 small projects and today it has transitioned into a 90 employee organization. Mercadeo and CIONews are serving customers on the global level covering the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, and the US.

Mercadeo Multiventures is focusing to accomplish 500+ team size organization in the next five years catering to customers across the globe and with one single marketing hub helping customers with best practices across different organizations and regions.

It is not mandatory to be a genius or even a college graduate to establish and run a company, it needs persistence, patience and perseverance, and the ability to learn from everything you see and experience in your day-to-day life to become successful in business.

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