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What do you do when you discover a new product for the first time? Do you go to a random store in the hopes of finding it? Do you inquire about the goods from a customer service representative? Do you go to the Yellow Pages to discover something about the company’s products?

No. You grab your phone and google more about the product. That’s what everyone does. Because that’s the easiest way to know more about the product. You can read its features, find a video, read customer experiences and a collection of all these will help you make an informed choice. Now let us reverse this. You discover a product for the first time. You enter the details online and there’s hardly any feed. Chances are that you will stop caring about the service.

So one aspect is quite clear that empowering your online presence is a must for businesses that look to thrive. Meet Conceptualise, a premier Digital Marketing Company that empowers your online presence. They have helped build and engage brands with audiences for over a decade with affordable SEO, video content, web and branding solutions.

From conducting car launches to managing campaigns for generators on oil fields, their experience across 80+ industries over 16 years in clients across 19 countries is enormous. Their branding, content, video production, and digital marketing efforts have come a long way! This is what we call credibility.

With a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, the team helps you quickly attract clients Vineet Baveja, the Founder of Conceptualise believes, rom all over the world – as well as from your local neighborhood.

“ If a customer reaches out to your brand virtually and has a positive experience, he will turn up again. The frequency of such positive experiences and interaction will make you grow exponentially.”

In 2004-05, what began as a content marketing agency in Dubai evolved into a branding firm. Websites were not as popular as physical media at the time. Seeing the possibility and benefits that internet marketing would bring to the community, Vineet decided to step into the digital world. Websites were then powered for search engine results, with design and content playing a key part in their promotion. In 2006, social media began to penetrate Asia, presenting a new chance for the globe to display connectedness, partnerships, and knowledge. The appeal of visual media, such as videos, came next.

“From those early days to demand and lead generation for small and big firms, Conceptualise has come a long way!” recalls the founder.

Conceptualise is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider that develops unique plans for each of its clients based on their specific needs and objectives. “ We live in an unpredictable environment, and each marketer’s job is to assess the impending events strategically.” says the founder. When you operate a company that turns people’s ideas into reality and convinces them that no idea is foolish, you have to do a comprehensive examination of potential risks.” believes the founder.

Conceptualise consists of award-winning advertisers, strategists, and technologists that understand how to get actual results online. They also keep an eye on the most important KPIs, such as leads and income earned.

“Digital Marketing Companies, today, have to understand business from a larger perspective. Simple knowledge of Facebook or Instagram or Google or performance marketing via advertisements is not going to cut it, if the core understanding of the business and it’s own clientele is missing. Adding value in terms of ideation and strategy keeps us ahead of the curve. We recognise that attaining short and long-term goals is what propels businesses forward, and we believe that our users’ journey of success is the best barometer of our own professionalism.“

The broad transition in audience engagement from physical to more individualized, digitally oriented engagement has been seen for years, with the coronavirus epidemic making the transition even more apparent.

The founder steers “Our understanding of digitization should evolve in conjunction with the digital market’s evolution, which, in my opinion, is a continuous process. We discuss the halo universe one day and swap food memes the next. To be honest, keeping up with current teenage trends is stressful, but if something is popular, you must stay on top of it. Because our market is varied, we must communicate in a nuanced yet effective manner. If you can keep your target audience’s attention for another 2 seconds, I believe you’ve done your job.” speaks the founder Mr. Vineet Baveja.

Life lessons and experiences that extend our thoughts and expand our knowledge are the only sources of wisdom. Some insights are wonderful, while others are awful, but they are always useful. Vineet shares a few such marvellous insights.“

From the falling of Twin towers in 2001 to Bird Flu scares in 2004, and the global recession in 2008 and now the Covid pandemic of 2019, I have seen more interruptions in the world than many who may be reading this! One thing I have learned is to adapt and innovate. Believe in what you do, and don’t stop! Success isn’t far. In fact, think out of the box and you will emerge stronger at the end of the hard phases of life. Failure leads to success. And repeat! We fail every day in the smallest of designs.

Though, that is an internal review process. We often stay hard to our own standards, thus allowing us a great percentage of success in our campaigns. Success can be measured in small things. From huge ROIs to client campaigns to the smallest of smiles we bring to our stakeholders, success is not a destination, but the roadmap ingrained in our lives.”

A business misses out on a lot of sales if they don’t have an internet presence. How far can you get with a newspaper ad? It’s most likely just your town. How about an advertisement on television? If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, you will reach the metro region of your city. But there are no boundaries on the internet.

Your audience may be as vast as you want it to be – if your online presence is constructed correctly. And when choosing the right team to help you get the right traction online, ask yourself, “Do they understand your business as well as you do? Can they market you better than what you can do yourselves?” This would help you decode and decide on the right team to help market your business online and beyond.

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