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A Rousing Entrepreneur Leading A WorldClass Digital Venture

“A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.” No doubt, women at present are giving a surprise to those societies who used to consider them fit for only house chores.

There is not a single domain left where women haven’t exhibited their skills and potential. Female entrepreneurs are revamping the business realms with their innovative and exceptional point of view. And the team of Business Connect has been putting in their best efforts to identify these great leaders and to introduce them to the world. Here again, we welcome our global readership with this fascinating tale of a rousing entrepreneur who is influencing the entire feminism with her entrepreneur skills.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with Vini Rukhana, Director of one of the leading ventures in the digital realm – Divine Space Digital Technology. She shared some valuable nuggets and numerous interesting facts about her entrepreneurial journey with us that we are keen to spill in this particular read. Her inspirational journey and top-notch leadership qualities made us feature her in our exclusive edition “Inspiring Women of 2022.” We truly hope and desire that this read will add some extra value in the lives of our global readership and will motivate the upcoming business enthusiasts out there. Introducing us with her initial journey,

Vini affirms, “The desire to create something on my own and through my efforts acted as a driving force that instigated the need to become an entrepreneur in me. Coming from a business family, it is very easy to join the business of either my father or my husband. But I wanted to carve a niche for myself independently. I was determined to create a name for myself through my efforts. I never wanted to be an extension as is usually seen in the Indian scenario, where you are constantly compared in your looks, behavior, and achievements with your family.”

We asked her to explain to us her journey so far and she replied by saying, “Well I began my undergrad in Arts, then went overseas to complete my education in Psychology-and returned to India to join Lowe Lintas, one of the biggest ad agencies in India to explore the creative side to me. My stint with Lowe Lintas made me sure that this is what I wanted to do, but in my way.

Divine Space design was born out of this dream to carve a niche for me. Psychology taught me how to deal with people, colors, my agency experience taught me design, marketing, client servicing and I kept accumulating knowledge and then ventured to make it on my own.” The company was initially dealing only in the Real Estate realm but, in the year 2014, the team expanded their business into other realms, including Digital Technology, providing turnkey Digital Solutions to key clients and Designs, which included every kind of designing and Social Media Management.

Explaining her perception of women’s involvement in the entrepreneurial space she affirms, “Being inherent multitaskers, I think we can juggle our work quite efficiently. Playing multiple roles in our personal life of daughter, wife, mother, sibling, friend, automatically extends to the workspace. I lead an all-women team and keep encouraging them to grow in their jobs too. Today you see women entrepreneurs doing so well across the world in every possible industry and I am truly inspired by their story and believe, there is enough place for everyone to succeed.

Also, the factor that most contributed to my success journey is a supportive husband for sure. He is always egging me on whenever I am unsure or concerned. Kudos to my in-laws and parents too. They always rise to the occasion when it comes to pitching in with their support whenever I need it. My parents raised an independent girl child and I think this goes a long way in making me what I am today. I was taught early on to share my opinions and to take responsibility for whatever I did, right or wrong and today I feel it is what empowers me most.”

Shining some light on her leadership style, she told us that she follows a friendly style to lead the organization. She always provides an immense creative space to her team that encourages them to discuss different ideas. Vini always tries to be there for her employees and never cut their wings and make them free to learn on the job.

To differentiate itself from other competitors in the market, Divine Space Digital Technology and Divine Space Design is putting its utmost effort into perfection and detailed research. The Director always makes sure to be available 24X7 for the employees throughout the organization and that’s an edge the company has over others.

Vini affirms, “I believe my ability to explore opportunities in our areas of work is an added advantage. We never say no to any opportunity. Instead, we have an interesting story to tell. During my Godhbharaie, I designed the first e-invite by the Agency, with the birth of my child, we created birth announcements and that gave birth to our kids-line of stationery and a wedding in the family made us create our own line of Wedding Collaterals.”

In addition, she says, “I have an open-door policy which extends to include an open mind too. My team is always free to discuss anything with me. We have ‘staircase breaks’, where we get out of our workspaces, hang around casually with our coffee mugs on our staircase, and ideate. It’s a good break for all of us.”

The team of DSDT always strives for perfection. Of course, people have to face numerous challenges and criticism in the journey of success-but what differentiates one from the rest is his or her determination and willpower. Talking about dealing with criticism, the leader states that she always tries to answer the criticism with a positive comeback. “Take it with a pinch of salt and move on,” she says. She further adds, “I am not the kind of person who would dwell on it for long,” which is the best thing to learn from her.

Now, talking about the recognitions and achievement of the company so far, she affirms, “We are working on two major projects namely Mumbai International Airport and GMR, Delhi, which have by far been major achievements for us. I believe working on expanding our product portfolio as also adding on to the jobs with our existing clients, and building new clients is also an achievement. Our repeat customers are our greatest validations.”

The company is relentlessly working towards creating new products in its portfolio and is preparing itself for expanding its roots in the entire digital world. Vini adds that there is still a long way they have planned to walk on. Hence, the team constantly bubbles with zeal and keeps refreshing their talented brains with some innovative and emerging ideas. Before signing off, the leader conveys a strong message to all the business enthusiasts out there by quoting the Late President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, “ Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.”

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