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“Know the path that leads to your destination while you chase your dreams. Dream High we make you Fly,” is the philosophy behind Fly High Consultants- a brainchild of a new-age serial entrepreneur- Yespal Veeragoni aka Yash. Today, he has become the voice of the students studying in foreign lands, enlightening them on their rights and ways to sail through their educational journey, effortlessly.

Several factors misguide students such that it could jeopardize their career pursuits, ergo there is a dire need to address the challenges that any international student faces. On that note, Yash has emerged to be the ‘savior’, assisting those in need of help. This is an exclusive narrative of his phenomenal journey that may serve as a motivational capsule to our global readership, providing them with some ‘food for thought’.

Today, Yash’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to all who are facing challenges in different facets of life. Most of his ventures are born out of the roadblocks that he faced while pursuing his dreams of higher education in a foreign land. For him, entrepreneurship is about seeking solutions that can transform lives. Thus, his heavily solution-focused ideas have proved his power and capabilities to resolve difficult problems and come up with innovative formulas for various ventures headed by him. To sum it up, his out-of-the-box thinking has been the motive force behind his serial entrepreneurship.

Yash dreamt of pursuing his master’s in the USA and adopting the technology to the pharmaceutical industry.

“I moved to the USA with a bag full of dreams and debts behind to pursue my Masters in Health Informatics. From the day I landed in the USA, I took up every opportunity to work and pay back my loans while chasing my dreams. But Life had its plans! The day when Immigration officers shut down the University I was studying in and asked us to ‘Go back to India’ turned my life upside down.

Fulfilling my dream of acquiring my master’s in the USA was the last resort for me, hence I decided to resist. This led me to assemble a group of 200 fellow alumni who altogether protested and addressed the issue with Indian officials to resolve and found a way out. In the process of fighting for my cause, I acknowledged the fact that several other students have been facing similar problems. This was the moment of realization for me to help students in guiding them to real-time solutions to their problems in the process of studying and settling abroad,” remarked the entrepreneur.

The fundamentals for the company are aligned with dealing with the dire need for International students to walk the right path that may allow them in their respective fields. Indian students have always been fascinated by a strong intent to pursue their studies abroad, owing to a myriad of reasons. Yash did in-depth research and acquired considerable knowledge where he came out to be capable enough to be a certified counsellor and guide to aspirant students.

After dealing with his own issues and aggregating immense experience in his field, he laid the foundation for Fly High Consultants Pvt. Ltd.– a firm that addresses the silent crisis of right and genuine guidance in Overseas Education and Immigration. The key motive behind the inception of the company is to make overseas education affordable while bridging the knowledge gap among the students to seek the right career path.

Yash is a person with free spirits who happened to be an entrepreneur as per his inherent skills. His zeal to build something unique from scratch while wearing every hat under the Sun to seek professional fulfillment makes him an entrepreneur with a difference. Harnessing the power of innovative and creative ideas, he has dedicated himself to creating global solutions that will allow the masses to adapt to the fast-moving world. Born out of these qualities are Fly High Consultants, Iconvix, and Dawat Restaurants.

When asked to reveal what makes his venture stand out from the crowd, Yash states that Fly High Consultants is led by a team of seasoned professionals who are student-friendly and entertain their respective queries anytime. And above all, the founder being a certified counselor himself along with extensive knowledge of the study and immigration policies has counseled more than 10,000 students in the last 14 years. His dedication and commitment to his responsibility are evident from the fact that he has so far interacted with over 1000+ universities across the globe where he was aware of the details that candidates need to be in ‘the know’ of!

“My real-time solutions, practices that fulfill students’ requirements gives me a leading edge in the market. We offer tailor-made processes to our clients depending on their preferences and limitations. We are the pioneers in offering end-to-end services to students dreaming to study abroad. We are connected with almost 5000+ Universities for securing admissions and almost 100 vendors in regards to the overseas job placement ” claims the luminary.

Hailing from a middle-class Indian family, he was able to study and explore different aspects of life. With his influential personality and inclusive vision, he has been able to transform lives most effectively. And as the employment opportunities are booming and the entrepreneurial era is on the horizon, the privileged people are flying abroad and middle-class people are mired down to settle with some odd jobs. In this direction, Yash wished to reach out to the last student asserting that common people could also fly abroad and ensure better prospects for themselves. Think Global- is his business philosophy with which he wishes to bring people together towards radiant prospects.

For Yash, innovation has been the prominent factor that fosters the growth of any organization. His innovative streak accompanied by critical thinking, ideation, planning and execution is the cornerstones of a well-rounded success story.

Moreover, being accessible to the customers via every possible media is the first and foremost step towards success. For this, being in ‘the know’ of the in-depth information of the industry allows any organization to stay engaged with the customer base. It is done as per his philosophy to keep customers engaged with the latest information and updates which is significant for the brand positioning and growth of the company. Reorganizing customer onboarding to build trust among the customer base is an impeccable tool where his venture pledges to propel the customers to an informative journey where they facilitate their own decisions.

At Fly High, Consultants thrive on a compassionate company culture where employee growth and development are the cornerstones of a successful business. Yash has envisioned making an impact on employee lives and the community at large with his thought leadership. Under his auspices, every individual is treated as a family member whereas Fly High keeps employee well-being at the forefront.

Here, everyone is treated like a family member where the senior executives spend quality time together while paying keen attention to their respective suggestions. A joyous and motivating ambience is nurtured by Yash in the culture of the company where the management strives to enhance the employee’s personal as well as professional lifestyle.

Fly High Consultants has pioneered some services like Test Preparation counselling to admissions to Visa to filing green cards for USA Applicants. The major milestone crossed by his team is to place 320 students in Overseas Jobs whereas counseling over 10,000 students. More than 7000 students have availed themselves of the opportunities to explore the dynamics of overseas education.

For the upcoming years, Yash has created a roadmap where the service verticals of Fly High Consultants will be expanded across the globe. He aspires to reach out to the last student possible, and change the narrative of overseas education. And in addition to his steadfast vision, he has introduced- Train The Counselor drive to improve the quality of Counseling in the industry. Yash also adopted and educated 6 girl children as part of Project Shakthi-Educating Girl Children in association with AASA Foundation aiming at educating and empowering 100 girl child education.

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