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The rise of “mobility as a service” is inspiring and driving people to rethink travelling. The transportation industry is rapidly evolving and expanding, resulting in new sub-industries to revolutionize everything from mass transit to logistics and micro-mobility.

In simple terms, the way we travel from point A to point B is evolving, resulting in a new personal mobility landscape. With increased travel experience and technological shifts, how we pay for transportation is also evolving. With these changes, doorstep goods delivery has carved a pivotal space in our lives. With the increasing technological influence and demand for convenience, there is a rising demand for these services in many Indian metros and cities.

COVID-19 broke out in 2020, upending traditional retail and e-commerce procedures by requiring people to follow social distance and other rules in order to prevent viral transmission. Despite the pandemic’s strong headwinds, the eCommerce boom hastened delivery services, resulting in heightened public awareness. It also spawned a slew of startups dedicated to providing specific logistical services to retailers and their clients.

These new-age entrepreneurs are reshaping the logistics industry and establishing new trends for the post-COVID era with their responsive solutions to changing demands and expectations. Introducing Mopedo, a holistic and dynamic mobility service provider. Headquartered in Telangana, Hyderabad, it is an on-demand service for bike taxis, auto taxis, food delivery, and grocery delivery.

Recently, Business Connect Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Dhanush K Reddy, Founder & CEO of Mopedo. In an extensive interview, the curator talked about the passion and effort required to create Mopedo, a competitive brand. And how it will pave the way for mobility as a service in the future.

Mopedo is an AI-powered, enhanced mobility service that operates in tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the South Indian region. Its taxi service provides convenient travel at reasonable pricing by allowing the customer to maneuver through traffic, particularly during rush hours. It is suitable for flexible and door-to-door mobility. Simultaneously, the grocery delivery services are available at a cost-effective price. Both services are designed to make people’s lives easier by providing transportation 24/7.

The startup wants to build a pan-India footprint for its customer-centric services while also providing exciting job opportunities. Many young professionals’ careers and livelihoods have been wrecked because of the pandemic. Mopedo aims to level the playing field by providing talent with long-term prospects while also democratizing cost-effective mobility services.

Mopedo is more than a company; it’s a mission with a clear objective and a strong sense of purpose. Dhanush feels that approaching a business from an emotional standpoint makes it easy to be unduly enthusiastic or unrealistic when evaluating products, markets, earnings, and other aspects.

“The finest part of our business so far has been sharing our excitement and vision for the future and seeing it manifested in our colleagues’ contagious passion,” he continues. Mopedo is a one-of-a-kind club of shared anguish, struggles, and triumphs. It’s built on stories of non-identical and relevant challenges of its team, which aids in sculpting respect and understanding that binds them all together on a common goal.

“Fast”“Flexible”“Rewarding”“Secure” and “Transparent” define Mopedo as a whole. These values foster the development of both its drivers and customers, who are the heart of all its decisions. Although they have a busy and dynamic culture, everyone focuses on building long-term relationships. “We combine traditional values with innovative ideas to deliver unparalleled service,” says Dhanush.

The world is continually driven by innovation, and we can see its ramifications in every industry. Mopedo also leaves no stone unturned. The application is designed innovatively with functionalities like face recognition, Smart Chatbot, etc. Its innovative thought process opens avenues for installing more exciting features to make Mopedo an off-the-shelf application.

Mopedo’s innovation and concept focus on the complexities faced by both drivers and customers, giving it a market edge in the taxi aggregator industry. For instance, the bill generated for each ride contains details of different elements, including how the charge will be calculated. The pricing system encompasses 3 elements: price per km, price per minute, and a surge fee (during peak hours & depending on the availability of the drivers).

In this way, Mopedo facilitates a touch of transparency on every ride. The platform aims to strike a balance between the cost charged to customers and the commission paid by divers on every ride. It also acknowledges the importance of daily and weekly incentives. So, drivers are assigned ambitious and attainable goals that keep them not just engaged but also motivated.

“Our taxi/bike aggregator app is highly intuitive, integrated with advanced AI, and offers an impressive layout,” explains Dhanush. A product, whether it’s hardware or software, is the core of a brand. But product customization isn’t driven by companies; it’s customer strategies that do. A customized product fosters a personalized experience and drives customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This is the blueprint of Mopedo’s core structure. It offers the most economical and dependable commuting service by considering every second of the user’s intent and riding the shortest distances. Its application interface focuses on immersive behavior and is tailored to the targeted user base’s convenience.

Mopedo understands how technology is evolving and constantly simplifying complications with it. In mobility, AI is propelling opportunities and enhancing the performance of every emerging brand. Long story short, this AI-based system has got the whole on-demand taxi industry buzzing. Mopedo, too, has employed this leading-age development to be a standout in a cutthroat industry. “Our AI technology enabled us to design Mopedo with exceptional features and make it functionally robust,” asserts Dhanush. Its team is constantly on the search for more dynamic technologies to enhance Mopedo’s functional mechanisms and make it easier for millennials.

The journey of every startup begins with a purpose, which can drive change in a community or worldwide. Dhanush’s goal for Mopedo was simple: “Provide economical and simply accessible transportation, food delivery, and logistical services to every individual in rural and urban areas across south India.” His unbridled dedication propels him to establish Mopedo as one of India’s most innovative bike taxi start-ups, utilizing AI technology to improve service quality and security.

Dhanush hails from the sales and marketing arena, with deep expertise in designing new strategies to foray into new domains and turn around low share market situations. He has a strong background in marketing and branding with digital marketing technologies. And he is well-versed in CRM, SFM, marketing campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, media, and creative agency management.

Simultaneously, he possesses great team-building and talent-development abilities. This has aided him in putting together Mopedo with creative people from many walks of life. Mopedo carved a creative place in a fiercely competitive field thanks to its fine blend of technology and talent.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world as we remember it has never been the same. Customer preferences have shifted to user-friendly digitalization, which is driving business strategies across verticals. To breathe and grow in such an environment, Mopedo believes in “Don’t put all your eggs in a single basket.” This well-known game plan is adopted by businesses of all sizes and shapes to outweigh uncertainties. As mentioned, Mopedo has a 3-way vertical that makes it a one-stop-shop and ensures sustainability during unprecedented situations.

Commencing in a period of despair and intricacy, Mopedo’s mission to reshape transportation and logistics in India is undoubtedly incorrigible. Although it’s yet to make its big break, it is poised to make a scalable stand in the Indian market. But it’s not taking the traditional “strategic planning” and “scenario planning”, and other systematic approaches. According to Dhanush, not only does it fall short of their goal, but it doesn’t really help in designing their intended future.

“We are living in a world of technology-driven transformation, and these approaches are becoming less effective,” he adds. He believes that shaping a better future requires a clear focus on managing people’s future views. He is leading Mopedo, directing its energy and efforts into people’s future views, which means, for all practical purposes, Mopedo is leading effort into their future.

“Grow beyond an idea to build a business and do your best to nourish it. Not every Business Idea can solve a pain point, but exploring the possibilities will. While starting a new business, most of us would be nervous, anxious, or scared, and questions like how am I going to fit in the market will fill our heads. It’s a puzzle just like the Rubik’s cube; you can turn it around, but you can’t turn it around in an unplanned direction.” – Dhanush K Reddy

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