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For this inside story, Business Connect is in an informal conversation with Mr Milind W Khasnis who is the Founder- Director of Khasnis Prime Wealth– one of the most trusted and promising financial service providers in the wealth management space. Our squad has recognized him as a remarkable leader behind this applaudable venture and the result is this elegant read. Explore different aspects of this leader’s industry insights and business portfolio and bag some ‘food for thought’ to illuminate the entrepreneurial flame within you.

Mr Milind started off by conversing about the motivation behind the venture. He stated that at present, tier 2-3 cities have been witnessing a huge vacuum in the financial services sector. The reason is the common financial mistakes made by youngsters and millennials. The Indian population struggles with financial literacy where a proper drive to educate the nation regarding space is crucial to inducing financial freedom.

Driven by a few of its core principles, Khasnis never compromises on any of its aspects which is the integral reason for its holistic growth. It has emerged to be the torchbearer in the financial education space as it ignites the flames of knowledge among the commonalities.

Taking his legacy ahead, Mr Rahul M Khasnis is steering the company to greater heights. What drove him to enter the business landscape is his zeal to become an entrepreneur. Though he wasn’t born with an entrepreneurial DNA, doing something extraordinary always made him stand ahead in the league. To become a self-employed individual, he entered the business world by joining the financial service in the year 2010-11.

During those times, the company was purely in insurance investment services whereas later, the focus was shifted to mutual funds in terms of the core business. Since he joined the institution, the company witnessed the humongous growth of its assets under management from 18 Cr to 250 Cr+. And today, Khasnis Prime Wealth has become a fully-fledged wealth management company that has a well-acclaimed reputation among its targeted audience.

The core guiding principles that drive the way forward for the companies are integrity, client centricity, trust and simplicity.

  • Integrity
    It facilitates them to create clients’ wealth while keeping them in sync with their values. Client satisfaction is the utmost priority.
  • Client centricity
    It allows them to centralize clients’ interest in everything they do to the best of their business interest.
  • Trust
    The company is into maintaining the transparency of our services throughout the customer cycle. For them, trust is the groundwork for which it compromises at no cost at all.
  • Simplicity
    A sheer simplification of the entire financial planning process is one of their core values. Asserting simplicity, they wish to bring ease to their overall investment journey.

For the next three years, under the auspices of Mr Milind, the leadership team at Khasnis Prime Wealth is aimed at managing the minimum amount of 500 Cr. of assets under management with new business offerings in the pipeline. Soon, a new-fangled mobile application will be launched by the tech team syncing with the present-day scenario. Moreover, they have decided to add over 1000 new families across the new fiscal year. “We mindfully indulge ourselves in the comprehensive financial planning process for our clients. The financial planning process involves several steps.

When questioned on how R&D has been allowing them to stay ahead of the league, the leader affirmatively reveals that it has to be part and parcel of every business house. Any leader could explore immense possibilities and opportunities by investing in this aspect. It is utterly important to be in harmony with the market trends in your respective space; otherwise, you will become obsolete.

“Since day one, we have been following all this in our business. From launching our website to launching a mobile app- a fully active and live app, we have got the cutting-edge advantage in our segment. In our city of Nagpur, we are pioneers in adapting to the new trends and so, we are the trendsetter for many upcoming advisors. As it is said, the one who ends up at first position is reckoned forever- we avidly believe in this adage,” Mr Milind elucidated.

When you choose to trust us with your financial goals and objectives, we make sure they are fulfilled sustainably. We analyze your financial potential at the moment and for the future to chalk out a plan that fits you uniquely,” asserts Mr Milind. At the company, they resolutely believe that every portfolio is pretty exclusive to an individual’s dreams and goals, hence, no dependence on past ready-made portfolios is allowed by them. The business practices are quite appreciated by the real numbers where credit goes to their tailor-made solutions for the clientele.

In the current scenario, technology is said to be the dorsum of businesses. To sustain the competitive world we live in, technology is a game-changer for sure. Khasnis Prime Wealth strongly favours tech-inclusion- a need of the hour.

“We take immense pride to say that we have been adapting and taking support of online tech platforms since our inception years. In the period of lockdown, we and our staff have worked smartly and converted 90% of our offline clients to newly adapted online platforms. We are thankful for technology. This is another reason for our strong & sustainable growth. I also like to add that, during the time of the pandemic also we have managed to sail our boat smoothly due to online and tech support and are thankful to our staff for strong coordination and support,” comments the founder.

The definition of leadership established by Khasnis is dedicated to creating leaders for tomorrow. Here, leaders are individuals with some basic capabilities like patience, modesty, courage, honesty, should have a vision and be good listeners. A man at the helm is the one who helps others to do the right things at the right times. Trailblazers and visionaries- such people know how to create and renovate something out-of-the-box in favour of any organization. The team avidly believes that leadership maps out the whole road to winning as a team or as an organization.

Dynamic, exciting and inspiring are the terms with which they explain their leadership. And ignited by such intriguing leadership, diversity and inclusion have become the essence of their work culture- more than policies, programs or headcounts. The workplace thrives with equality and liberty, where each team member is treated with respect and dignity. The culture is free-flowing with almost zero attrition rate and no pressure or bondage on anyone.

“We respect the needs, perspectives and potential of all team members. As a result, our employees enjoy working in a diverse and inclusive workplace that earns deeper trust and more commitment from our employees. We always try to keep something more modern and fun, all healthy work cultures. People need healthy environments to thrive, and this is especially true in the workplace. A flourishing work culture influences all aspects of a business and the people within it,” quotes the intuitive leader.

Throughout its journey, the company has witnessed many accolades and recognitions by various media houses and eminent publications. A few of the worthy mentions in this direction have been highlighted as follows-

  • Featured On Cover Page –“10 Promising Wealth Management Companies In India 2021” – Success Insight Magazine.
  • Special Jury Award Winner At 10th Financial Adviser Forum For 2018-19 By CNBC TV 18, UTI Mutual Fund, Powered BY ICRA.
  • Rahul Milind Khasnis – Winner at Prestigious “Indian Achievers” Award for “Young Entrepreneur 2021”.

Creating a unique position in the niche market, the company has created a future roadmap that will allow it to witness exponential growth in the upcoming years. In the years ahead, they are planning to expand their service wings to more new Indian cities as well as peripheral areas. Moreover, an integrated online platform marketing their product line in a single place is about to be introduced soon by Khasnis Prime Wealth. The sub-broking channel for better business expansion is also under their pipeline.

“Never stop dreaming, always dream big and try to achieve the same. If you have faith in yourself then no one can stop you from flying high. One should always be humble, be polite and be thankful to God and those who helped you in your bad times and who have been with you always. Never regret anything. Always try to learn  from the mistakes and make them correct.”

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