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New Visa rules in UAE: Know how it helps jobs, families and tourism

New Visa rules in UAE: Know how it helps jobs, families and tourism

Aligning itself with the changing world, UAE has approved its new immigration policy which affects the way people work and live in the country. This is being considered one of the biggest shake-ups in years. Under this policy longer visit visas for tourists would be available. Professionals willing to reside there can stay for long term and easy access to the 10-year Golden Visa scheme would be available. How all this is going to affect you positively or negatively, Let’s discuss. All these changes will come into effect by September 2022.

According to a statement released by the government

“The new system of entry and residence aims at attracting and retaining global talents and skilled workers from all over the world while boosting the competitiveness and flexibility of the job market and fostering high sense of stability among UAE residents and families. ”The approval of regulation on entry and residence of foreign nationals by the United Arab Emirates’ cabinet formalises a process which aims at giving outsiders a bigger stake in the economy. Foreign nationals cover more than 80% of the UAE population and have been an integral part of the economy for decades.

What Has Happened?

The executive regulations of the Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of foreign nationals have been approved by the UAE Cabinet. This new visa system will work with simplified requirements and give more benefits to visitors and residents. It will be introduced from September 2022.

According to a tweet from the UAE, Government Twitter handle- “the 10 types of visas are a step that supports the country’s competitiveness in the tourism, economic and educational sectors” Now the tourists entering the UAE can stay up to 60 days instead of current 30 days on tourist visa. Along with it a five-year, multi-entry tourist visa was also introduced that permits visitors to stay up to 90 consecutive days but not more than 180 days in a year in the UAE. However, for this visa, the tourist must have a bank balance of $ 4000 or equivalent in foreign currency in the last six months.

Who Are Affected?

This 10-visa policy would benefit many residents and people willing to settle there. Now, skilled people and youth would be able to explore job opportunities without a sponsor or UAE host. Likewise, it will be easier for those people who are willing to explore investment and business opportunities. A new visa would be granted to those people classified in the first or second or third skill level list of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The new visa policy will also consider fresh graduates of the top 500 universities in the world.

The Reasons Behind the Changes:

The government is eyeing talent and highly skilled human resources such as coders, scientists, tech workers to establish a bigger knowledge economy. They want to attract people as the population growth is also one of their objectives. Dubai alone has the target to bring the number of residents to 5.8 million from 3.5 million by 2040. Pandemic has been a big setback to the economies of most of the countries. Giving such relaxation would fuel the growth and meet the government’s goal.

Eligibility for a Golden Visa:

The eligibility for golden residence scheme which allows a person to reside for 10 years has been further simplified. It includes more categories of beneficiaries such as investors, scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals, humanitarian pioneers, exceptional talents, outstanding students and graduates, and the first-line heroes. Real estate investors can be eligible for the golden visa when buying a property at least worth 2 million dirhams which is $544,500.m These amendments also permit golden visa holder to sponsor family members. If a golden visa holder wants to stay outside the UAE for long, there is no maximum time restriction that expires it. 

Green Visa

Green visas are for skilled workers, freelancers, and the self-employed and now can grant the bearer five years’ residency. With this new policy, a green visa holder is allowed to sponsor relatives for residency for five years which was 2 years earlier. To be eligible for Green Visa one must have a bachelor’s degree in science, law, social science, education, culture, among others along a monthly salary of Dh 15000. 

Job hunters:

As per expert Mr. Valecha, “The abolishment of needing a sponsor or host for visit visa is a big step to promote young individuals to come to UAE for job opportunities,” When it comes to lower-income and lower-skilled workers there is no particular provisions to secure a suitable visa but now people who want to locomote to the Emirates can get “jobseeker and five-year multi-entry visas” Specifically, this aims at young talent and skilled professionals. The category includes recent graduates from the world’s best 500 universities.

Sponsored Family Members:

Parents are allowed to sponsor their male children until they turn 25, their unmarried daughters at any age. Also, parents with disabled child are permitted to sponsor them into adulthood,

Who Bears the Visa Cost?

Most of the newly introduced visas target freelancers, business owners, self-employed people who pay for the visa themselves or their companies pay it for them. The payment for golden visas has already been set out and being processed which is hundreds or few thousands of dirhams The cost of other visas is yet to be set. One thing to remember here is that a regular employee working for a company shouldn’t be made to pay basic residency visa in any case by law.

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