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In the fast-paced world, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what we should be consuming and implementing on a day-to-day basis. The components and calorie count of the packaged foods we eat are just not enough to determine whether a product is nutritious and beneficial to us. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to choose – here comes the role of Nutriorg, which offers a range of nutrition-rich products grown entirely organically. It has an end-to-end farm-to-kitchen model encompassing the products’ cultivation, manufacturing, and marketing.

With the vision to create a healthy future for everyone, regardless of their region or race, Mr Karan Singh Tomar and his partner Satish Raghav began the delicious success of “Nutriorg” in Rajasthan in 2014. With the two major flagship products Detox Juices (Amla & Aloe Vera) & Health Powders, in its bucket, the entire range of Nutriorg’s product portfolio is intended for the improvement of immunity, aiding the detoxification process, replenishing the nutrients of the body, and ultimately creating a better and healthier future for generations.

Talking about the key motivation behind the Nutriorg’s inception Tomar Singh stated, “I have always faced the need to be aware of every one of the proper nutrition, which is their basics right. But not everyone is well informed about what is healthy or unhealthy. They are fed the incorrect thing in the shadow of nutritious food and misinformed about the nutritional value of their diet. And this is what encouraged me to establish a venture that can be a medium for me to reach every corner of the world and educate people on the right and healthy food habits.”

Today, Nutriorg has become a leading name in the landscape of nutrition-rich productions. The products’ authenticity is what made this accomplishment possible. The manufacturing of every Nutriorg product is done with excellent care. They preserve complete transparency from the farm to the kitchen while conducting business ethically and honestly. Nutriorg works tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone and anybody with whom they come into contact, including their family of farmers. Organic farming calls for an elevated level of knowledge. For this reason, Nutriorg provides its farmers with training in organic farming and financial assistance.

In less than ten years, they were fortunate to see the picture they imagined, from initially starting Nutriorg from just one location (Delhi) to now seeing their brand spread its wings across India and the globe. Nutriorg is transforming the lives of thousands of people with its organic food, thanks to its availability in more than 5,000 stores and presence in more than 14 countries globally. The dream, however, does not end here.

In the upcoming years, these two inspiring individuals want to spread their conception of wellness and good health to more than 20,000 stores around the world and give everyone access to food that is cultivated organically and is nutrition-rich. “We are pleased to declare that our products are pure and 100% organic. Our efforts to empower women and assist more and more farmers in leading fulfilling lives in terms of employment are what we are most proud of. We value the confidence of our customers since it enables us to provide much more for them,” the man behind the idea Karan Singh further apprised.

Mr Tomar follows a comprehensive approach to motivate his workforce and instils a sense of responsibility for their actions throughout the organisation. He always keeps people inspired and focused even in his absence by explaining the predetermined goals and objectives of the company. Undoubtedly, persuading someone to work well for a time is much simpler. However, it is equally challenging to keep that drive alive, and that flame is burning in their hearts forever. The leading man is making it happen with his persistent efforts and hard work. The main thought behind this is that Nutriorg should cherish even without his presence and shift the culture of “yes, but” to “yes, and.”

While working on its mission to reach the maximum number of people with healthier alternatives compared to conventional products, which are laden with hazardous toxins, Nutriorg has been striving to keep its products as close to nature as possible while maintaining high standards of the quality of the products. And in this journey of growth, the company has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions, i.e. –

  • Iconic Brand of The Year 2020
  • India Food Safety & Submit Award 2019
  • MSME 500 India Award 2020
  • Best Organic Food Brand of The Year 2022

The “Nutriorg Team” is actively working to enhance the customers’ health, and the visionary is focused on bringing a more aggressive and dedicated pace to that. His firm goal is to spread awareness of health and well-being to as many individuals as he can. Consumers have the fundamental right to get the purest form of anything they consume.

Nutriorg is making a substantial contribution to society’s well-being by increasing farmers’ income with quality employment opportunities and education in organic farming; the brand is associated with more than a thousand farmers and aims to connect with more than 10,000 farmers. Proper organic farming techniques are beneficial for farmers as it keeps them away from contact with chemicals and helps maintain the health of the soil’s nutrient content. The goal of Nutriorg is to maintain healthy soil without using chemicals.

They can keep it as organic as possible because of the outstanding soil fertility. Nutriorg is holistically helping farmers with proper organic farming strategies that help them maintain the optimum soil fertility and, in turn, provide consumers with the best.

Advising consumers on their buying and eating habits, the visionary asserted, – “You should only trust what you believe in. Before making any purchases, ask yourself if what you are consuming is healthy for you. Is there a method to confirm the product’s authenticity? Should I rely on the products’ brand name alone? Do your homework and carefully verify the items’ ingredients and nutritional information before consuming anything you find on the market.”

“Believing in their conscious, Nutriorg is on a journey to wake your conscious!”

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