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India’s trusted B2B eCommerce marketplace empowering the retail arena through a seamless digital experience

eCommerce is indeed a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade. Undoubtedly, it is the era of globalization, and eCommerce is a significant helping hand in transforming India into a digital space. Business Connect has been a great appreciator of all such organizations and business executives who have set a great example in the premises of the corporate world by giving an impeccable performance in the same. Here, we are back with another mesmerizing tale of excellence and passion by narrating the story of Rolloverstock.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of the company and top executives, Kishore Kumar Yedam (Global CEO) and Kishore Kapuveedhi (Global MD). The visionaries shared numerous less-known facts about the company and shared their entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will inspire our global readership panel and will add some extra value to their lives. We will be more than happy if it could encourage them to break their barriers and chase their dreams.

Introducing us to the unique business model, Mr. Kishore Kumar Yedam asserts,

Business owners encounter several hurdles on their way to market dominance. New products or stock replenishment can be challenging, and many aspects of the supply chain might be difficult to manage. While you may have a good hold in the market as a wholesaler or retailer, the market often gets saturated soon. A saturated market leads to a limited flow of stock and simultaneously limits profit. Considering these arising concerns inspired us to the development of the B2B eCommerce marketplace, Rolloverstock.

It is a most sophisticated B2B eCommerce marketplace where manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can sell and retailers can purchase products in bulk quantity, as well as fulfill orders at wholesale prices. With the industry-leading comprehensive eCommerce marketplace, the platform enables vendors to scale up and extend their online store operations, allowing them to expand their commercial reach and enhance their on-demand product offerings.

Everyone enjoys a good bargain. The platform enables and empowers sellers to easily digitize their inventory, connect with over 8 lakhs+ verified sellers, give offers, and do transactions across 1000+ product categories and industry verticals. With their most comprehensive platform, merchants can sell products in bulk and earn higher profits, while buyers can get products at never-seen-before wholesale prices. The platform provides vendors with a comprehensive dashboard through which they can manage, list & sell the items instantly.

Also, buyers can procure and take advantage of the greatest deals and offers on products from a variety of categories on Rolloverstock. It provides a diverse choice of items from a variety of categories for vendors to list their products and for buyers to browse from various categories and purchase at wholesale prices from Rolloverstock. These categories include Electrical, Large Electronic Items, Computers, Laptops, home appliances, Home Décor, Home Furnishing, and many more!

Rolloverstock offers business owners the most cost-effective way to sell their inventory across the country. It gives the option of selling products in bulk on the platform rather than making limited sales. The team truly believes that there are many business owners whose products are not reaching enough people. By creating their digital store, sellers can list all their merchandise on Rolloverstock and generate impressive profits through bulk order sales. Rolloverstock has established itself apart by providing the tech-edge platform that connects India’s B2B market. Rolloverstock serves as a marketplace for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in India to sell in bulk across various product categories.

Further to this, Mr. Kishore Kapuveedhi says, “Most business owners face the problem of how to expand business in new places at some point. Setting up a business branch in a new place is both time and money consuming. We enable business owners to reach new markets and maximize profits from their businesses. In the present scenario, every aspect of the business has been digitally transformed. Businesses can now operate smoothly and remotely, thanks to the use of internet technology. Many issues in business operations have been solved by the digital approach, and the use of digital platforms and technology can also assist businesses in solving the problem of the B2B vertical.

Rolloverstock has exceptional inbuilt features and implemented a discount strategy to sell products, manage and run an online store effectively so that retailers can avail them at wholesale prices. Rolloverstock provides a user-friendly platform to businesses for selling products in bulk quantities with ease and thereby improving the bottom line of the business. Rolloverstock specializes in fulfilling bulk orders of products by connecting high-quality sellers with bargain-hunting buyers. Resultantly, retailers have been able to profit from purchasing well-made products at discounted prices!

The team of Rolloverstock states that the most important step in the journey of business excellence is to understand your customers’ wants and needs. Analyzing previous purchases during a specific period can provide you with a much-needed glimpse into how much inventory is required for your business. Another consideration is keeping an eye on changing customer trends to determine the appropriate level of inventory. Also, when a company begins to expand into new markets, the stage is set for potential losses owing to the high cost of set-up and the hassle of maintenance.

Rolloverstock is the trusted B2B eCommerce platform for businesses with such needs. Rolloverstock provides a platform where sellers can sell & purchase products in bulk quantities and expand their business throughout the country! Another one of the major concerns about B2B platforms can be the quality of products displayed. Rolloverstock is the go-to place as it provides verified sellers and maintains transparency. Furthermore, you do not need to be concerned about order shipments because they are secured with doorstep delivery!

It is more than a fact that for businesses, inventory management is essential. Bulk products from verified merchants across the country are featured on Rolloverstock. Small and medium business owners often struggle with business expansion due to a lack of capital. Rolloverstock allows sellers to make money by selling products in bulk quantities on their online marketplace. By listing products across multiple categories, the online marketplace allows merchants to offer the best products to customers at wholesale prices.

The curious team of Business Connect asked the management about their impeccable implementation technique that helps them sail through the obstacle, Mr. Kishore Kumar Yedam responded, “Rolloverstock is a platform that enables users to buy the bulk products at wholesale prices from anywhere and at any time. The first step in overcoming the obstacles is to be informed about the pandemic and its effects on eCommerce and business in general.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need and necessity of digital transformation, and enterprises can make use of this opportunity to adapt and expedite this shift. The current circumstance demonstrates that it is more crucial than ever to be able to continue operating a business and staying connected with their clients mainly through digital opportunities.

Adopting and activating digital platforms is the only method to promote contact between B2B buyers and sellers via a bulk selling B2B eCommerce platform that keeps them linked and enhances the user experience. People are losing their jobs, businesses and entrepreneurs are in difficulty, and we are still offering you hope to sell your products in bulk. The pandemic has drastically altered our lives. Various industries have been impacted in various ways, but the one area that has thrived in these difficult times is the digital market. Businesses have suffered significant losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has taught us that “no matter how difficult the circumstance is, we must constantly thrive to be the best, move on, and leave a legacy.” Sellers can quickly sell their products in bulk and make larger profits by selling on Rolloverstock. Meanwhile, buyers can take advantage of fantastic prices and offers from a wide range of products.

Rolloverstock has enabled manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors in scaling their businesses by selling various products in bulk quantities. Rolloverstock promotes growth, strengthens brands, and assists businesses in achieving their individual goals and objectives. This online platform enables vendors and merchants to manage their listings and orders locally, allowing them to enhance their online sales presence, reach a focused audience and make larger profits.

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