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Delivering Innovative Engineering Solutions under the Dynamic Leadership of Pradeep Nair

Securing a spot as the Entrepreneur of the year 2021, Mr Pradeep Nair, Managing Director, BlauPlug Innovations, is an action-driven technopreneur, a seasoned professional with years of experience in the high-tech domain. He envi- sioned a Customer-first Company, BlauPlug Innovations Pvt Ltd to provide high-quality & innovative Engineering products, solutions & services. Built on its strong expertise in the field of Automated Test, Embedded Design, Monitoring & Automation, BlauPlug helps organizations to realize their engineering objectives and provide a compelling experience to their clients.

Pradeep started his journey years before right after college. He joined an MNC which works in the high-tech domain. His 18+ years of experience in the industry exposed him to a wide variety of business verticals. He realized the importance of providing trustful and innovative solutions to a wide variety of grand engineering challenges that the industry is facing. That motivated him to start an engineering services company and since most of his work and training was around sustain- able energy gravitating the business towards electric vehicles was a natural progression.

BlauPlug Innovations
is focused and passionate to resolve the grand engineering challenges faced by companies in Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, and Defence industries. It provides end-to-end engineering solutions and consultancy to its clients with an aim to solve their issues and make them successful in their pursuits. There are multiple products that help the customer to automate their measurement, controls, and testing requirements specifically for the Electric Vehicle sector.

Also, BlauPlug is working on cutting-edge IOT product that cater to greenfield and brownfield manufacturing units to upgrade and digitize their existing setup with advanced technologies that too at a low cost. In the next phase, the team is planning to extend the power and flexibility of these products to retail consumers who can automate their houses or establishments with a modular, flexible and cost-effective DIY approach.

BlauPlug’s key USP is their customer-first approach. Every other policy and process is adhering to this. It has kept us hawk-eye focused on the innovations and quality processes which in turn benefits the customers enormously.

Every skill that a leader needs can always be learned and most of the time it is learned through childhood experiences. The situations and environment that young kids or teenagers get subjected to are going to decide how good a leader she is going to be.

One of the primary attributes Mr Nair suggests to be a good leader is high moral integrity/ethical values. It’s a primary differentiator between long- and short-term leaders. He is thankful to his parents Omana and Ravindran Nair for imbibing the right values into him with no compromises ever allowed, it serves as a natural compass in all his decision-making. Another important attribute is to cultivate a circle of influence around you that can constantly show you the mirror.

And third key important skill is to have the ability to dream big and constantly innovate on how you achieve it. This was something Pradeep learned from his mentors, Jayaram Pillai & Vinod Gala. Lastly, the biggest strength of a leader is the ability to showcase empathy and trust towards their team. A leader is only as good as his team, and Mr Nair is a firm believer in that.


MISSION: Be a customer-first company, to its core, by ensuring complete customer success on every project while continually being a great place to work.

VISION: To be an internationally trusted partner for providing high-quality & innovative engineering products, solutions, and services.

GOAL: Provide high-quality “Made in India” products to a global market in the field of IoT automation for measurement, controls, and Testing requirements.

“Our key expertise is in the automotive sector. When we talk about cars The first ICE engine was invented almost 150 years ago, and thus the technology is too old and a change will be a natural pro- gression. Also, the harm that fossil fuels have done to our planet is almost irreversible. It’s high time we stop it. The advent of EV technology has clearly given us a winning solution. It is going to be a very natural change of public mindset wherein more and more people will start using Electric Vehicles.

It also has the capability to reduce the cost of use in the long term which was not the case with natural resources like petrol/diesel. Thus, it is a no-brainer that in the next5 years we will see total change not just in the automotive industry but also in power generation, aerospace, and manufacturing wherein sustainable energy will replace any usage of fossil fuels”, asserted Mr Nair.

Regarding challenges, the key issue right now is the large upfront investments required to execute any project. Also, as these solutions and technologies are new, the customer is still very hesitant into investing in the project till they see the final results, this increases the upfront investments for innovative engineering services companies like BlauPlug. Pradeep Nair is sure as the technology gets seasoned this problem should get solved eventually.

This is a VUCA world. The pandemic has reinforced this fact and the uncertainties, in every walk of life, are going to be a constant feature of our lives. Having a great culture really helps a company to wade through these uncertain times. Blau-Plug’s culture that accommodates constant changes while not losing focus on their goals has helped the firm to do better in FY 20-21 in comparison to FY 19-20 in spite of the long Covid lockdowns.

“The COVID pandemic is one that has tested all the industry leaders. It was a period during which we had to learn, change and adapt at the fastest pace while there was emotional and physical turmoil. Keeping your team motivated during such times while handling your own emotions was a big lesson I learned”, Mr Nair shared.

BlauPlug’s trajectory for 2022 is very clear as they are firmly on the path to be a successful Indian company providing “Made in India” products and services for IoT based automation solutions for the transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, and Defence sectors.

Favourite Books
1) Rich Dad Poor Dad
2) 7 habits of highly effective people
3) Built to Last
4) The Art of War
Mr Pradeep is also a compulsive reader of biographies. The favourites among them are Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

Be on a constant lookout to identify a challenge faced by society and work to provide a solution for the same. rather than giving people want the thing they want, innovate an optimal solution that they don’t know was the best-fit solution to their problems or pain points. If you are aware of such a problem, then drop your comfy 9-5 schedules, roll up your sleeves and get on the job to build the business that will solve the problem. Also always remember that a company is all about the people you work with.

If you hire smart guys, don’t micromanage them. Let them run the show, your main job as a leader is to show them the vision that you want to achieve. Share your enthusiasm and passion so that your vision becomes the dream and shared faith of the entire team. Let them be the entrepreneurs within the company who would achieve the shared goals and realise your vision in the best possible way.

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