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Improving the life skills of the participants to lead a better life…

Propelurs Consulting was founded in 2021 with a mission to develop and/or enhance super skills for its participants and with a goal of clocking 100,000 participant learning hours in the next five years. Propelurs conducts workshops and training at organizations, conducts classes for educational institutions, provides consulting and coaching to participants and develops content related to super skills.

Over the last few months, Anuj Jagannathan (Founder and CEO of Propelurs) has achieved tens of thousands of hours sharing perspectives and training participants. These are skills that are essential life skills for everyone but are hardly taught. According to participant polls, one in about 12 individuals learns structured negotiation in their life. Similar results for other super skills.

Propelurs Institute of Negotiation and Super Skills (PINSS) is an integral part of Propelurs Consulting to support key services related to super skills such as negotiation, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and others. Some of these key services are:

  • Training via workshops conducted directly for corporates, and via our partnerships such as American Negotiation Institute, Discovernewu and Emeritus.
  • Teaching at schools, institutes and universities.
  • Webinars, Masterminds and lunch & learn sessions on topics in leadership and negotiation.
  •  Consulting (on real-life negotiation situations).
  •  Content development (Blogs, videos, case studies, and many more).

The recent and exciting launch by PINSS is a negotiation learning tool that is available in both physical as well as online versions. Have you imagined that learning negotiation could be fun too? Negotiation Arena is a solution to have fun while learning strategies of negotiation in a group session with like-minded professionals and individuals. The following are the five elements (the 5 Is) of Negotiation Arena that provide a phenomenal experience to the participants.

Interactive: Any tool is beneficial if it encourages active participation and interaction among the participants. Negotiation Arena is built on this methodology. This enables learning from each other’s views while also hearing the perspectives of the session facilitator. Active sharing makes any learning more meaningful or real-life examples and experiences provide valuable insights.

Innovative: Negotiation Arena incorporates new ways of learning via active sharing related to reallife scenarios, case studies and daily challenges. In addition, the format of the session encourages participants to connect with each other.

Intuitive: Negotiation Arena is easy to understand and instinctive to play. The tool is simple enough to be useful for kids and young adults too. The version for children is being developed.

Insightful: The experience of detailed scenarios and real-life examples brings in-depth learning opportunities for the participants. Whether you know or deal with negotiation, or are just beginning to explore the topic, Negotiation Arena will bring immense value.

Interesting: Negotiation Arena is gamified to provide a fun element that will keep the participants engaged. There is scoring and winning built into the experience that makes the tool exciting. Join a session to know what you will win. There is also an opportunity to network with and get to know other participants.

Would you like to experience Negotiation Arena?
PINSS is regularly offering sessions for individuals or organizations to play the game with other professional participants.

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