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SKETS Studio

SKETS Studio

Global Leader in BIM Consultancy, Design Documentation and 3D Visualization Solutions

“To succeed, a firm must have disciplined thought, disciplined action, and disciplined people. These three characteristics, when combined, pave the way for success” – Ms Nimisha Bansal, CEO at SKETS studio. 

SKETS Studio is a pioneer in Design Documentation, 3D Visualization, and BIM Consultancy for Architecture, Interiors & Engineering industry. Incepted in 2005, it is led by a team of three experienced leaders with around 80 years of accumulated wisdom, Nimisha Bansal, Shamit Gupta & Neeraj Bansal. Based in the capital city, Delhi, SKETS Studio has evolved over the years to become a full-service solution firm offering concept to construction design documentation. Growing from a three people team in 2005 to a group of 475+ architects, designers, and engineers in 2022 SKETS has been moving upward on the graph each year.

SKETS has built a solid position in the documentation of Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Educational, Healthcare, Mixed Use and Corporate projects; with the world’s largest BIM Interiors studio; it has already completed over 1,500 large-scale projects across 32 countries. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, data security, quality excellence and the experience of the employees are what give SKETS an edge. SKETS’ uniqueness also lies in the quality of the services, internal processes, project management, innovation, and the strength of the employees.

Ms Nimisha and Mr Shamit decided to start a new venture by combining their expertise in architecture and information technology with a clear vision to be a frontrunner in the niche of design documentation. When SKETS’ foundation was laid, design firms were extremely wary of utilising an extended partner in the field of  design documentation. However, by focusing on delivery excellence, SKETS made a name for itself in the industry. SKETS strengthened its position even further by becoming an early adopter of BIM, establishing itself as a global leader in architecture and interior design documentation.

Further, the leading lady apprised, “We decided to concentrate on extremely complex projects. This enticed architects and designers to join the firm when it was still in its infancy because they were given the unique opportunity to work on complex buildings with world-renowned designers.”

Since SKETS is a tech company, innovation and R&D are the centre point of the operation here. A team is dedicated to constantly researching latest technologies and developing custom tools and plugins to improve efficiency. SKETS was one of the pioneers in implementing BIM in the Hospitality sector and is now exploring the integration of newer technology platforms that can bring value to the clients. SKETS hosts annual technical competitions called ‘Softech & SmarTech,’ which serve as a breeding ground for innovative ideas. SKETS is constantly working to improve and automate operational processes. Positioning itself as a navigator, SKETS has guided customers in their quest to maximise business value.

“The growth of SKETS is a derivative of the growth of each member of SKETS.” – Nimisha Bansal. SKETS makes significant investments in training and mentoring the employees and supports them in honing their skills, learning modern technologies, and keeping themselves updated on the latest features and platforms. In addition, the company is focused on providing training in both soft skills and managerial skills.

This ensures that each employee develops professionally as well as personally. SKETS also conducts frequent events and competitions to improve bonding between teams. Also, to ensure that employees have a good balance of work and fun, team outings, movie nights, and trips are organised regularly.

SKETS collaborates with top architectural firms and industry titans in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Asia. The firm has worked on iconic buildings spread across the globe and mega architectural projects spanning across millions of square feet. Some of the significant clientele of SKETS includes a media and entertainment conglomerate, one of the world’s largest coffee chains, top universities, corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, and several top-tier hotel chains. SKETS’ 100 per cent customer retention rate since inception attests to the quality of the services and the commitment to exceed customer expectations.

In its zeal to excel, SKETS has been steadily growing and achieving new milestones on the way. It has been honoured with the ‘Point of Excellence’ award from one of the most reputed design firms in the US. Different publications like EME Outlook have recognised it. Autodesk has showcased SKETS multiple times for its expertise in handling large scale projects. The company’s philanthropic arm, “SKETS Hope Center,” has received extensive coverage in the media for its work with underprivileged children and women.

SKETS has already been a leader in design documentation for Architectural and Interior projects. Now, it is planning to venture into live renderings and virtual reality and become a pioneer in this space. The short-term goal of SKETS is to cross the 500+ people milestone. In the long term, it will focus on expanding its Engineering services and enhancing its service offering.

Change is the only constant in this modern world Though SKETS has been very agile, working remotely seemed impossible before COVID. The team works on prestigious projects with strict non-disclosure agreements, and the team must frequently communicate to discuss the project. When the pandemic struck, work from home became a necessity. Data security had become a priority at that time. Management quickly responded by strengthening data security measures required for establishing a remote working infrastructure.

This addressed the main issue at hand. The second task was to ensure effective internal communication among team members. Team leaders used this opportunity to experiment with new training methods, mentoring, and guiding. The team supported the customers without a single day of downtime and met all the project submissions, thus cementing the trust the customers placed in SKETS.

Neeraj Bansal, Executive Director – He is an industry veteran with around three decades of professional experience in different facets of management & operation. In the key position of Executive Director at SKETS Studio, Neeraj spearheads growth and overall operations of the company.

Nimisha Bansal, CEO & Co-founder– Nimisha co-founded SKETS Studio in 2005. With her excellent guidance, she grew it from a modest start-up to a leader in the Design Documentation industry. Currently, the leading lady is efficiently taking care of the strategic direction, innovation, business acquisition & client relationship management.

Shamit Gupta, COO & Co-founder of SKETS – The other cofounder of SKETS, Shamit holds over 21 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design Documentation. He is renowned as the man behind the ‘quality delivery’ of SKETS and provides oversight on all the projects.

Being an entrepreneur requires dedication, perseverance, and the capacity to adapt. As the saying goes, change is the only constant in today’s world. So, be flexible and adapt to the needs and requirements of the industry. As an entrepreneur, you must understand that your company will only be as good as your team. It is critical to foster a culture of trust and respect, as well as one in which people rely on one another and have a shared common vision and goal. If financial incentives are the only thing that motivates your team, you will not be able to achieve your dream.

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