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Educating And Empowering People With Travel Education

Making a difference in the society of a gargantuan magnitude has been the driving force for Sanyam Jain whose vignette has been highlighted in this inside story. Primarily, he aspired to venture into the fields of technical advancements, income & employment generation. But, owing to an unfavorable experience with a travel agency during his school days, he established a business venture to ameliorate the existing conditions in tour and travel space first.

Being a leader, he always strives to ensure his teammates with the best possible liberty. But, he equally emphasizes performing as per their assigned tasks on time. With a leading style that stands out from the crowd, he always motivates his workforce to be in the ‘know’ of the market trends while keeping up with the latest developments in the industry to stay ahead of the curve. No doubt, Sanyam is an entrepreneur with an exceptional perspective on leading his workforce. And, when it comes to adding value to his clientele, he aims at providing world-class services at the most affordable price to drive overall profitability for both sides.

QC Trip LLP has become India’s one of the leading Subscription-Based Discounted Ticket Booking Platforms. Based on its subscription-based- business model, the agency’s clients can access the world of discounted tickets and also provide special features such as Special Corporate Fares, SME Fares, and dedicated support for airline query handling. Moreover, they are into setting up physical CSPs in almost every city in India that will allow them to offer services on the ground level- quite an exclusive initiative.

Revealing what they offer to the clients, Sanyam succinctly asserts, “Discounted bookings are not like discount coupons that other companies provide these are pre-purchased tickets that we buy from airlines in advance; this helps us to provide up to 30-50% discount on air tickets when compared to online prices.”

The entrepreneurial venture has been revamping the way people travel places. The whole team resonates with the mission to enhance the booking and travel experience via cost-effective pricing and complementary services to all. In order to identify, explore and render a convenient and economical solution to travellers.

“The travel industry is changing rapidly, however, as a technology company we have been updating our firm as per the environment that has helped us to cope with the market at a faster pace. Technology has been playing a significant role in today’s modern world where the agency has been ensuring tech-based updates in one place since day one of its inception. And owing to this tech-alignment only, they have been able to compete in the market with an additional edge over the competitors,” reveals the leader regarding technology making a difference to his company in the market.

The travel industry is foreseeing a major disruption in terms of the existing trends. The alterations across the space are about to be multiplying at a double pace for the next 10 years. In this regard, flight tickets have a major share where they are focusing on developing a corpus of more than 2000 pre-purchased tickets on a daily basis across some major routes of India. This will allow them to grow at a 1000% rate annually.

Several value-added propositions are ensured by the agency to its targeted audience. A few of the key highlights in this regard have been mentioned below-

  • No Extra Booking Fee.
  • Discounted Tickets.
  • Special Cancellable Fares.
  • Physical Support.
  • Dedicated support for airline query handling.

Sanyam commenced his entrepreneurial journey with his 3 school friends Tosakdar Khan, Shiv Kr .Tailor & Umar Sharif back in 2018 when he was in 3rd year of his graduation from Mithibai College. Fundraising was a major issue during the initial stages.

Here, his kith and kin came to his aid by helping him in monetary terms. His venture was doing pretty well but then covid-19 hit the world, and the tour and travel industry witnessed a huge setback. The pandemic caused heavy loss to his business that stimulated him to borrow funds to make amends with his liabilities/creditors. But, these impediments in his journey couldn’t stop him from succeeding in his endeavours. Today, the travel management company stands firm at a good level where it is witnessing 60-70% growth on a monthly basis.

All of this has been possible due to the leader’s unwavering dedication and grit. He said that reading books helped him improve himself as a person. RICH DAD POOR DAD is the 1st book where the information is very crucial for newage entrepreneurs. Other books such as Story of Steve Jobs, and Life’s Amazing Secret by Gaur Gopal Das- have helped him grow as a human being.

He is a leader who believes in offering absolute freedom to his employees. Owing to the incessant support and thoughtful initiatives of the management, the team members put 200% of their efforts while working- be it in the office or at home. Moreover, the workforce is motivated to learn new things and apply those in their lives.

QC Trip LLP is a startup established by students during their college years. Sanyam asserts that the success of his agency has been the greatest achievement on its own. Being able to bag a total revenue of 100 Million by starting from scratch is not a negligible accomplishment. With its repute expanding across the industry, the agency has been recognized as an inspiring startup by Assam Startup and Startup India.

Gradually, it is making its presence felt in the industry to come across more recognitions and accolades. For the future ahead, the leadership team under Sanyam’s guidance is planning to enter into the pre-purchased packages and hotel space by Oct 2022 by exploring as well as creating new opportunities for their clients and travel agencies.

“I personally believe that if you have faith/confidence in yourself and your team you will be able to make it through all the difficulties. Never break your team or members due to some shares or a small amount of revenue/ profit. This will help you to strive and become bigger in the future.”

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