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Read on to know which industries will benefit from 5G

Read on to know which industries will benefit from 5G

5G or the 5th Generation of the internet promises us a better-connected world. With lower latency and 100 times better speed, 5G will transform the way businesses function today. Not just quicker communication or reduced latency, but also a higher bandwidth will make a lot of unfeasible elements feasible. Imagine living in a world where things online actually happen in real time. Over 60 countries around the world have already launched the 5G connection and are showing amazing results.

Businesses have also adapted 5G focused solutions to change their current workflow and scale their business. Telecom company like Airtel is already testing 5G at the ground level in India to be prepared for a launch this year. Although, 4G broadband for business offering has given the businesses a strong foundation to depend on internet, 5G will fuel their performance at an increasing rate.

Let’s find out which industries will benefit from 5G the most!


It goes without saying that healthcare industry saw the biggest growth spurt over the last 3 years. It will continue to do so in the future too. Thanks to 5G’s low latency feature, it will be easier for medical professionals to have real-time access of any health data. Moreover, with 5G in picture we also take a step closer to remote surgeries and usage of AR (Augmented Reality) and Virtual Reality (VR) for training medical professionals all round the world. 5G is going to be a boon for doctors and paramedics as it will contribute to the betterment of telemedicine and remote surgery.


The idea of truly smart factories can be brought to the reality with 5G. Due to the low latency rate and higher bandwidth, more processes in a manufacturing unit can be automated and run online. The time consumed in the production of a certain product will decrease. This will directly result in increased productivity of the unit. The advanced machines along with robots and sensors running on a 5G network will make your facility connected and smart. Thanks to such smart practices, the business’ revenue will shoot up.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is constantly working to innovate and bring out something new. With 5G, all imagined impossible ideas of smart hotel rooms or centres can be brought to life. Thanks to a high-speed internet connection, users can engage themselves in a full digital tour of any property. Moreover, the communication with other service providers will also be seamless and quick. IoT (Internet of Things) will also be powered by 5G. This will allow tourists to benefit from IoT features like temperature control, voice controlled smart rooms, entertainment features, etc.

The features offered by 5G will define the new face of luxurious and advanced tourism.

Agricultural Industry

A lot of processes in agriculture can be automated with 5G in picture. The water management, crop monitoring, fertilization of crops, etc., can be automated. This in return will increase productivity and bring better profits.

Other industries like the entertainment industry or the retail industry will also witness a smart future thanks to 5G. The network capability will improve to increase the quality of communications all around the world in every industry. Therefore, it is important for businesses right now to strengthen their foundation by employing internet and automating a few operations.

By using Airtel’s broadband for business or that of any other leading network provider should be installed. The digitization of every sector has started already. The cellular 5G technology will just give the right push and fuel the digital efforts! For 5G business specific solutions, you can check out Airtel’s website to know more!

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