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Ria Chauhan Vora

Ria Chauhan Vora

A Remarkable Shentrepreneur Revamping The Marketing Realm

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” , -Jack Welch

It is needless to mention that a business leader performs the function of the backbone of the whole organization. They play a crucial role in planning a successful strategy for the business to take it to another level of development. Passionate, zealous, brave, and bold are some keywords that define a perfect leader. The business Connect team has been a true fan of such extraordinary leaders who are setting new standards in the business world. We possess a great history of featuring numerous companies and their founders that are defined by the word creativity in our portfolio. And here again, we welcome our global readership panel with another edition featuring success and inspiration.

Our entire team has put their extreme efforts and dedication to create our exclusive edition- ‘The Most Creative Business Founders You Must Know’ in which, we have provided a collection of inspiring business tales to our readers. When one talks about business leaders, it is impossible to mention some extraordinary women leaders who are disrupting various business niches with their creative ideas. One such leader is Ria Chuahan Vora, Founder, and Director of Apwig Media Consultancy. The zealous businesswoman is inspiring the entire feminism with her excellent business dealing approach and also revamping the marketing domain with her unique style.

Our team asked Ria about the core motivation behind the inception of her venture, she asserts, “For me, the biggest motivation till date is what we started as a fun project turned into a company! In the year 2012, the onset of the concept of social media marketing had just seen the dawn of light in India. And as an experimental project, I helped a friend’s father take his business onto Facebook. The more I worked on his setup and the more research I did, the more I was drawn into it. I started pitching the idea of setting up a Facebook page to friends and family for their businesses, and one thing led to another.”

Moreover, we requested her to describe the creative streak that helped her build one of the leading business ventures in the market, she affirms, “Nothing sparks my creative streak like a good cinema. When I see a movie or show or video in my head I’m soaking in the form of storytelling, the dialogue copy, the camera angles, the colors and spaces, the use of sound to create drama, etc. Multiple senses in my brain are engaged. I take notes if the movie is good there’s so much to learn from a single piece of cinema, including the team that they used and how the collaborations played out.”

“Marketing is not an emergency. It is a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done.”- Seth Godin. Marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. Irrespective of its domain, every business venture needs a strong marketing game not only to create a buzz but to solve business problems, expand customer reach, grow profits, and more. A good marketing partner can make wonders happen and one such company is APWIG Media Consultancy.

A Mumbai-based boutique marketing firm that helps brands and companies solve business-related problems through integrated digital marketing solutions. Apwig Media Consultancy is famous for its style to cater 360 services in the digital marketing realm and for its remarkable journey so far. The team of Apwig is relentlessly engaged in serving the boutique businesses to scale in the domain with their excellent services such as strategy development, content creation, influencer marketing, cross collaborations, data collection, insight analysis, etc.

Expressing her views on the mission and vision of the company, Ria asserts, “I have to be honest and say that there wasn’t any mission until 7 years ago. Everything just fell into place and grew on its own, but as we grasped the field of work and the digital world continued to grow, we learned the potential of the platform for businesses. Today our mission is to drive solution-driven marketing strategies that help brands and businesses solve problems using digital mediums as a platform.”

Other than an excellent business model, an integrated organizational culture is also a major reason behind the success of the company. The three prime elements that make the culture of the company a better and friendly place are Honesty towards their team and clients, Sincerity towards their work, commitment and deadlines-and Collaboration within the organization and outside. The leadership panel of the company considers their workforce as their family as they always support and uplift each other throughout the organization.

Ria is called a cool boss by her workforce and the team as she transmits great positivity and motivation in the organization. She says, “Lead by example is my style. Every individual on my team is carefully selected and are highly talented individuals, who are very skilled in their respective jobs. My only role is to guide them, and the best way to do it is to lead by example. I believe that if I am honest, sincere, and mingled with my team, the same values will be reciprocated. When it comes to other aspects of leading in a business also the same applies.”

Before signing off, Ria reveals her future endeavors for the company and her message to all the new business leaders out there.

She adds, “There is a Lot in the pipeline. We have some very exciting synergies and collaborations coming up. I have been connecting brands to create cross-brand marketing campaigns this whole time – for the first time, I am implementing this in our service industry to provide a buffet of services all branded under the best agencies and individuals from the field. I would like to tell all the new business leaders reading this that if you have a brand or business, get in touch with us. Conversations are free – we never know what comes out of it.”

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