Sandeep Kumar Kathpalia


Sandeep Kumar Kathpalia

An epitome of intuitive leading style

Hailing from a small village, Sandeep always aspired to become a leader since his childhood. His eager beaver attitude always made him stand out from the rest during his academic years. For him, winning was never the priority but learning definitely was! This outlook has been the steadfast foundation of Sandeep’s thumping success today. The journey began from zero ground level and harnessing the power of passion, he gradually scaled the ladder of success.

But, he lends great credence to his very first establishment- 3 Horizons Private Limited for the great heights he has witnessed so far. “As we all know there is no big company that could be claimed to be good but have no employees at all. An adept team syncing with your business objectives is crucial for entrepreneurial success. Only a brilliant team could create a brilliant product and this is the success mantra for 3 horizons Pvt. Ltd. I avidly believe in one philosophy that says never compromise in terms of hiring the right kind of professionals. Just hire the experts and give choices to the clients,” affirms Sandeep.

Being the CEO, he has kept an adamant focus on the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavior of his team while specially curating an impassioned and genuine staff that fulfills his expectations. This has been the reason behind the recognitions showered by different companies acknowledging the outperformance of his venture. Lately, 3 Horizons has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Mahindra Luminare, speaking of the impact scale created by his venture across the real estate development space.

Sandeep being the founding head has set the mission for his venture to build it a world-class real estate development company with keen specialization in residential, commercial and retail real estate development. His venture will continue to serve services with high-quality standards, professionalism, ethics and integrity of the course. And with customer-centricity at the core of its business functions, Sandeep has envisioned better prospects in favor of his company.

“We put an earnest effort in understanding the aspirations and expectations of our clients. We believe there is no joy greater than customer’s happiness and satisfaction,” reveals the leader

When asked to unveil the importance of forecasting in helping a CEO make better decisions, Sandeep states that it heavily aids in identifying the demand and supply in the market. Also, in order to provide growth assumptions for residential property values and investment return that supports financial evaluation, lending investment or development decisions for the respective clients, forecasting proves to be an impeccable tool. No doubt, market forecasting ensures leaders with proper guidance to sail through the tide effectively and make a steadfast decision to improve business performance.

“Success is a journey, not a destination. I never dreamed about success, I worked for it,” Sandeep enunciated. He claims that to be a successful business owner, one must learn that rejections and failures are not personal. One must learn to face failures while carefully analyzing the loopholes alongside avoiding any repetition of the same mistake again. And above all, one must learn to enjoy both the phases- success or failure- as it seems like reading a book, no one can’t stay on the same page for too long and forever. He suggested to fellow business leaders to keep up with their passion and never give up on their respective dream.

Continuing to be a leader in the community is what Sandeep has been determined to do for the upcoming years. He wishes to be recognized as an exclusive real estate consultant across his respective space. To sum it up, he strives to be an influential leader who could be a true inspiration to others in the best possible way.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that we are all capable of achieving greatness. We need to believe in ourselves and not be discouraged by our past. The second thing is that we need to do what we love and love what we do. If you’re not doing something you’re passionate about, then it will be difficult to stay motivated. The third thing is that we’re not alone. We need to surround ourselves with people who are like us, who push us beyond our boundaries and improve our overall persona.” Sandeep Kumar Kathpalia(CEO)

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