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Vaishali Mutalik Setting The Trend of Accepting Challenges.“Technology on its own is neutral. it is the human factor that makes a difference. By blending human and artificial intelligence, we will achieve another level of wisdom.”Not everyone has the guts to accept challenges when it comes to building one’s own career but Vaishali Mutalik has! The Founder & Director of ShieldByte Infosec Pvt. Ltd. Vaishali always wanted to do something different rather than doing something for which she was made and she longed for taking a calculated risk. The ‘Ready-to Accept-Challenges’ attitude has not only made her stand strong against all uncertainties and earn a name for herself but also made her bag the title ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2021’.

Having the vision of being the leading information security company globally by bringing people and technology together to form the most potent innovation cycle in such security, ShieldByte calls ArtificiaI Intelligence in vendor risk management and due diligence its USPs.

Here, a firm believer of the above quote Vaishali shares her almost four-year journey and plans for the future. Let us get to know the inspiring thoughts and story-

Today, when information and data are so vulnerable to attacks and thefts, ShieldByte (cyber security consulting firm) sees to it that the risk of data breaches and attacks in the Information Technology systems is lessened to the maximum level. The company was started with the motive to provide the best services in terms of cyber security, information security, and data privacy. It aims at ensuring the security of information with the help of different security services.

Be it an internal or external theft, ShieldByte knows how things are to be done. The company serves all the industries by utilizing technologies like AI, and Automation. On the other hand, it boasts about the launch of an audit platform for third-party vendor risk management titled ShieldRisk AI that has been possible post extensive research. Talking about the same, Vaishali states, “ShieldRisk AI, a unified platform, simplifies Third-Party Vendor Assessment, vendor audit, and due diligence. The platform conducts audits for diversified organizations to ensure the empanelment of complaint Vendors or Service providers.”

This also lets you know about the riskiest issues affecting the vendors, backed by data relating to potential security incidents and context from the most engaged community of risk and security professionals.

Vaishali voices her opinions, “First of all, you should keep in mind the ‘Value’ aspect and deliver it continuously. Secondly, you should have a clear thought- you ought to explain to yourself what you do, following which you need to know how and in what manner you have to make your deliverables understood by the client/stakeholder.”

The leader expects people to deal with the problems in a smart manner. She adds, “We talk about something called ‘radical candor’: being honest about what is happening to decide the best course of action. This asks you to incessantly confront complex, emotional, and challenging circumstances. If you are ambitious, then your goal would be to stand firm and engage the problem in bit higher levels as yours.”

As far as the pandemic is concerned, it has enhanced the risks occurring by cyber attacks. As a result, IT security audits are more in demand and Shieldbyte is looking for an advanced technical approach to fight such risks.

With the Mission to consistently protect the customers with innovative technology and expertise learned on the front lines of cyber-attacks & third-party vendor risk management, ShieldByte provides the ability to process huge data to automate specific repetitive risk management steps. Moreover, AI in cyber security audits gives risk managers the facility to respond faster to new and upcoming threats.

As far as the cyber security industry is concerned, undoubtedly market research goes on changing and that too rapidly. Due to technological advancements, various organizations are able to deliver services and in an accurate manner. For ShieldByte, the rule of thumb in marketing research is ‘always state the obvious.’ Vaishali asserts, “Our research in the area brings a radical approach with artificial intelligence for managing third-party risk to minimize resource-intensive processes and lessen the breaches resulting from ineffective third-party risk management with ShieldRisk AI.”

The journey of Vaishali along with ShieldByte has been fantastic and full of risks. The music lover feels that her major achievement is research with innovation in terms of an audit with Artificial Intelligence. She encourages team spirit and creates opportunities for the employees.

ShieldByte aims to be the leading global company for third-party vendor audits. Its vision is to exceed its clients’ specific and customized cyber security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional services based on trust and confidence. It strives to provide improving quality services that would exceed the requirements of service recipients and respond to its corporate responsibility to its clients, community, and employees.

Without forgetting, let us learn some facts about the Director of the company. Vaishali is an Information Security Consultant, GDPR Consulting Practitioner and Trainer. She has gathered experience of more than 30 years and has over 28 years of professional Information Technology experience in IT Project Management, Management and Assurance, and IT Solutions Delivery. She conveys to other or upcoming entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is full of risks. One should have the confidence of accepting the challenge and face unwanted situations with boldness and intelligence. One should have the passion and then, nothing would be impossible. All that is needed is Passion & Dedication.

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