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SMARTGEN Publications

SMARTGEN Publications

A Beyond Imagination Platform With Unmatched Solutions

“Research is the distance between an idea and its realization.” -David Sarnoff.

Research and analysis platforms play a crucial role in the domain of writers and academicians. They are ultimately the medium of conveying great messages from the writers to the readers and help make a bond among the same by providing research assistance to them. Business Connect got an excellent opportunity to arrange an exciting meeting session with the leadership panel of SmartGen Publications-a leading name in the arena of manuscript research and Publications. Although we have a great history of featuring multiple well-established business ventures in our portfolio, this one is unique.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the MD of the company, Shalu Susan. She shared numerous unknown facts about the company’s journey so far and other valuable nuggets for our readers. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will inspire our global readership and will motivate them to pursue their dreams.

SmartGen Publications is relentlessly revamping the Publication domain by providing its clientele with numerous top-notch services, including research consultancy, and technical advisory to researchers and various academicians. Explaining the portfolio of the company, Shalu asserts, “We assist in research manuscript publication and also aid in a high standard publication that includes journals, proceedings, transactions, and periodicals. Emphasizing multi-disciplinary dimensions in science, engineering, and technology, our team publishes a bunch of journals relevant to different areas of research.

We are at the forefront of academic journal publishing and are proud to be recognized as a national and international journal publisher in all fields of engineering, technology, and medical science. Moreover, we collaborate with international publishers and assist in the review and publication of research articles.”

“A woman who works on purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light chases people and opportunities to pursue her.” The woman of the present era is far ahead of that as she is scaling the success ladder and proving herself in every possible business domain out there. Before joining SmartGen, Shalu has utilized her knowledge and expertise across various well-established niches and mostly as an HR. After spending a decade in top-notch industries and gaining significant experience, she derives her way to SmartGen and gave a boost to her professional front as her inner soul desires to initiate something extraordinary on her own.

She has performed numerous leadership roles throughout the organization in the area of talent management and talent acquisition. “You can plan for a certain future and ends up in a different place. In my case, I changed fields, somewhat drastically, a few different times before I found the business that worked for me, and it paid off.”-Shalu Susan.

The visionary further adds that jumping from the domain of HR into sales was a major and complex decision in her life as both are completely different domains. But this was one of her best decisions in life as working in sales, she got a clear idea of managing a well-established business along with a complete guide of decision making and planning.

These were the major values that offered a helping hand to Shalu to make her an inspired entrepreneur and a fantastic leader. Before signing off, the leader shared some valuable nuggets for the upcoming business leaders by affirming, “Staying flexible and open to new possibilities can lead to great things. However, the road to business success isn’t an easy one. You’ll experience hardship, obstacles, detractors, and decisions that seem impossible but with hard work, smart planning, and a great idea you believe in you can get yourself on the road to success.”

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