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A trailblazer introducing ‘new-age’ services to the business landscape.

As the business grows multi-fold, its complexities multiply at the same pace. Handling tax and other business procedures become quite hectic. It’s reasonable to believe that these facets are vital for managing any business in better ways. And since GST came into play, businesses have inclined toward chartered accountants for financial advice and tax compliance even more than ever.

Be it taxation, auditing, legal accounting, corporate law, or insolvency, chartered accountants are the only one-stop solution available to businesses. As CA firms have become so important for any business to grow, we introduce you to a dynamic organization that we wanted to be our exclusive cover star for this special edition.

This time, TATTVAM Group is under the spotlight and we believe the excerpts from the conversation with the leadership team of the company mentioned below will boost your entrepreneurial fervour substantially. The name itself reveals the essence of the organization and the value it serves. TATTVAM is a Sanskrit word that means ‘truth’.

It was established as a combined vision of two bosom friends- Pitam Goel and Tushar Aggarwal. As per the duo, the motive behind commencing this venture was to be titled as a one-stop solution for all of their client’s professional services’ needs. They realized the fact that the ever-changing business landscape is in dearth of value-additive services and this is where they wished to bridge the gap.

The innovative service portfolio that is tailored to the needs of the clientele is what TATTVAM stands for. Driven by a diverse and dedicated team of highly skilled professionals such as advocates, chartered accountants, graduates and interns, the organization have scaled phenomenal heights since its inception.

The intro

TATTVAM & Co. is principally an ICAI registered peer-reviewed partnership firm which has been serving businesses for over two decades. It was established based on an exclusive vision by a group of chartered accountants who were adamant about providing high-quality professional services across different spheres of finance and accounts under the same roof to the global community.

Today, the company has managed to ensure a strong presence in terms of strategic locations across New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata and Bengaluru with its associate partners spread throughout the country. TATTVAM has emerged as a congregation of professionally qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to adding significant value and optimizing the benefits that are gradually accumulated in favor of the clients.

The cornerstones of an organization are matchless quality and businessfocused and result-oriented approach to serving the clients. They prefer ‘pride in service’ rather than personal gains in the business processes. The USP giving TATTVAM an edge over its peers is that it’s mostly a young and dynamic team that brings on the table rich Big4, top corporates and law firms experience and provide world-class services at a very competitive price point.

Each individual has converged his/her energy to the growth of the organization. As accountancy in today’s scenario has become paperless and everything is on the cloud, the rising demand for innovative services is in the market. For this, TATTVAM & Co. has made a huge difference to the industry in terms of dealing with ground-level challenges and delivering innovative products.

The service portfolio of the Group caters to various services such as-

● Audit & assurance services
Statutory, Internal and Tax Audits System, Process and Internal Control Reviews/ SOX Reviews Enterprise Risk Management, and Governance work Forensic Audits Standard operating procedures including vendor verification Special purpose audits- Information system and management audits, etc. Certifications

● Transaction Advisory
Due Diligence Merger and Acquisitions Lead Advisory Restructuring and transition support Foreign Direct Investments Fund Raising Debt advisory Swap Advisory Swap Monitoring and valuation Determination Agent

● Valuations
Valuations- Business, Liquidation, Assets ESOP, Guarantee Valuation Derivative Valuation Valuation under RBI, Income Tax and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Registered Valuation report under the Companies Act, 2013 Valuation concerning takeover, merger and demerger Assets Physical Verification and Inspection

● Project Appraisal & Financing
Detailed project report Financial Modeling Restructured Model Bond, Commercial Paper issuance Project Finance (Bank, FI) Debt syndication

Values and ethics

The noteworthy success of TATTAVM Group is a sheer result of the outstanding values and ethics on which the organization operates. Integrity, Credibility and Confidentiality are the key values giving them an edge in their respective field. The ethical behaviour of the employees resonates with the values ingrained in the culture of the organization.

No doubt, they have been able to maintain their professional standards owing to high toned business values established by them. Similarly, the leadership team is affirmative of the fact that these values and ethics will benefit their organization to a great extent in the upcoming years.

Innovation as a disruptor

As IT has taken every industry by storm, chartered accountancy is not left untouched by it. And being entrepreneurs, every leader must accept IT’s prominence across the globe. For this, a proper training program should be conducted by the business heads to make an efficient workforce that can deal with uncertainties in the most sophisticated ways. Innovation can deliver value to society and this idea has turned the tables for TATTVAM so far. And for the upcoming years, their innovation-inclusive zeal has kept lighting their path to higher aloft.

Meet the brains behind TATTVAM Group

• CA Pitam Goel

Pitam is a Chartered Accountant- an alumnus of ICAI. He is a registered valuer who has a Diploma in Information System Audit. The leader’s area of expertise is GST Advisory, Compliance and Audit, Valuation and financing and Due Diligence & Compliance Review. He owns over a decade of corporate experience in the field of valuation Advisory/ compliance, Indirect Taxes, Business Financing & Due Diligence/ Business Advisory.

After acquiring an extensive experience in corporate space, he decided to venture into the field with his own firm- TATTVAM & Co. At the company, he supervises providing services related to Business/Financial Planning, Leveraged Fund Raising, Asset Management & Financial Modeling. Since his school days, Pitam had been fascinated by entrepreneurship and being his own boss always drove him to establish his own business.

Hence, he founded this organisation where his friends- Gaurav Saraf and Tusha Aggarwal joined in later to support his motto to revamp the industry with out-of-the-box products and services.

• CA Tushar Aggarwal

Tushar is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of experience in Indirect Tax. His core area of expertise is GST Advisory, Compliance & Audit, GST Litigation, Due Diligence and Compliance Review. He has extensively worked with the Government of India GST in creating GST returns, audits and other formats.

He has been a fervent speaker at various national and international seminars, workshops and conferences organized on indirect taxation. To his credit, he has published several research papers and articles in eminent journals.

• CA Gaurav Saraf

As the partner in the organisation, Gaurav’s area of specialization is in Assurance Services(Audit and Compliance). He is also an expert in Enterprise Risk Management in US GAAP, IFRS, and Ind AS (GAAP Reporting). In his early corporate journey, he has been earlier associated with KPMG, PWC and Hall Chadwick (Australia). When it comes to Education & Professional Qualifications, he is a Chartered Accountant(ICAI) and CPA Australia BBA (Banking and Institute).

• CA Tarun Arora

Tarun is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI and certified Concurrent Auditor from ICAI when it comes to his Education & Professional Qualifications.He is a graduate with degrees- B.Com and BSc IT. So far, his area of expertise is projected across Project Financing, Investment Advisory, Stress Asset Management, Debt Syndication and Business Planning that were associated with SS Kothari Mehta & Co.

• CA Amit Jindal

Being the partner, Amit’s area of expertise is stretched across Project Appraisal & Financing, Financial Services, RBI Compliance and Regulatory as he was earlier associated with Jaguar Group & Action Group. When it comes to his Educational & Professional Qualifications, he is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI and PGDBM in Finance. He is an M.Com and B.Com with great educational background.

• CA Sumit Sharma

As a partner at the organisation, Sumit’s proficiency is as an insolvency professional who is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI, DISA, B.Com(Hons). His area of expertise is in Direct Tax Advisory & Litigation and International Taxation. During the initial stage of his corporate journey, he is Associated with ICICI Bank.

• CA Sandeep Bhatia

Sandeep is also a partner in the organisation’s function. His area of expertise is Financial Planning & Analysis, Audit & Assurance, and GST Advisory. He was earlier associated with Samhi Hotels Pvt. Ltd. where he proved his prowess and expertise. In terms of his educational and professional qualifications, he is a Chartered Accountant(ICAI), L.L.B, M.Com, and B.Com. The cultural principles

A company’s culture defines its growth trajectory for the years to come. Likewise, the trio of founders defined their culture as Grooming beyond technical learnings- the culture at TATTVAM asserts. From regular recreational activities to keep the spirits of the employee high to free counselling sessions, the company speaks of a culture of learning and growth.

In a nutshell, the overall work environment is optimistic and collaborative to basking in the glory of success altogether. Flexibility in work hours and no pay cuts/ salary delay has been the prominent factor in their low attrition rate. And most importantly, encouraging women’s empowerment is also a key feature of their culture that makes them stand out in the market.

Future outlooks

As a chartered accountant firm, the leadership panel believes ESG reporting, forensic audits and insolvency as the next big era where magnificent opportunities will roll out that will need to create a difference. Both disciplines have been expected to be dominating the next decade when the company sees huge growth potential.

Insolvency is about to become a game-changer in terms of the winding up of businesses and TATTVAM is practising this subject since its nascent stage. Also, technology is a major distinguisher across every industry and at present, the ever-changing business space needs to be in sync with this aspect.

In order to stay tuned to the changing market trends, organizations need to be lean and flexible. Regular training programs and persistent adoption of new technologies are the factors that will help organizations to survive and TATTVAM is also on the same path.

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