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There’s an ancient story about a young man who yearns for the past all the time. He was so certain that things were better back then that he entirely overlooked the present, and his life just flew past. The same can be said for firms that manage their operation using physical reports rather than realtime data analytics.

Assume you’re a start-up that relies on regular supplies of raw materials from a major vendor. A truckload of such stuff is delayed one day due to bad weather. In this instance, you must be aware that the cargo is off track as soon as possible so that you may take corrective action and update all the concerned stakeholders instantly. When your startup will have real-time data at your fingertips, you can respond to consumers more quickly and accurately. This saves them a lot of time since you don’t have to physically go through several menus and files to find the information you need.

As more enterprises deploy these data dashboards, organizations recognise the need of providing an efficient service. Tune My Digital (TMD)assists companies in gaining control of their data and using it to uncover new possibilities, resulting in wiser business strategies, more operational efficiencies, increased revenues, and happier consumers.

The team focuses on giving value to the clients by giving them real-time insights, dashboards, and analytics data to understand the performance of their account. Shayon Dasverma, the Founder & CEO of Tune My Digital steers,“ We collect and analyze data supplied by clients and the marketing campaigns. We visualize data to assist the organization in identifying gaps in the market, developing marketing strategies, and developing data driven marketing campaigns.”

Behind every successful company is a wonderful team. TMD has groups of professionals who have years of experience in creating brand value for a number of companies.

Tune My Digital sees their customers as actual partners and maintains an open channel of communication, describing the work being done and the outcomes obtained regularly.

Work Culture, Innovative and unique concepts are what distinguish TMD. Tunemydigital Solutions is a partner that is a futurist, not a conservative, and who thinks creatively about your online marketing, SEO, and social media advertising.

“ We have figured out that social media users spend an average of four hours a day on social plaforms. From that calculation, social media marketing is an excellent advertising technique for growing leads and engaging with your local community. In a recent survey that we did, or results show that search engines account for 93% of all online encounters. This makes SEO services a must for your company if you want to increase website traffic, leads, and revenue.

Additionally, I also believe that businesses that ignore the value of content marketing now,  will be forced to play catch-up later and those who have a content marketing plan in place, advance to the next level. I believe that an educated online presence can do wonders for your business. ”

When was the last time you used a yellow page, newspaper, or other textual media to seek or find a business? What about your relatives and friends? Remember the last time they looked through a telephone directory or picked up a newspaper? You probably had to think long and hard to come up with a response to those questions because most of us rely on the internet for directory listings, market research, and reviews. Every day, about 6 billion queries are made using search engines. Yes. You read that correctly. SIX BILLION!

Tune My Digital assists businesses in modernizing technology, reimagining processes, and transforming engagements in order to stay on top in a rapidly changing environment.

“We shape your identity, link you to the world, engage your thoughts, and then develop. In keeping with this commitment, we provide customized marketing solutions, lead generation techniques, engaging content, social media presence & promotions, customized software & websites, increased reachability & conversions, and personalized mobile applications for you.”

“ We believe in establishing partnerships. You can trust that we will attend to all of your needs and will exceed your expectations in terms of outcomes. We attempt to let our customers speak for us. Check out our internet marketing testimonials from current and previous clients to see how we meet your expectations. While transparency and originality makes us stand out, the process of performing on those insights is what secures a client’s longterm success.

We do keyword analysis, competition analysis and know-how to sift through Google Analytics data to identify areas for development. We also ensure that clients comprehend the statistics and their implications for their organization. I believe that Tune My Digital is heading in one direction: effectively bringing small businesses, corporations, and blooming ideas into the online world via openness, ethical ideals, and properly constructed methods.”

While looking for work, we are naturally interested in the pay structure, but we frequently overlook the fact that a company’s work culture has a significant impact on how much we will enjoy working there.

“ I believe that the culture of a firm is inextricably related to its mission. It’s not rocket science to produce an 8 figure recurrent revenue, but what makes a difference is doing it while appreciating and valuing the people who help you get there.

This is why at Tune My Digital, there are a few unsaid rules that we stand by:

  1. We welcome ideas and solutions from every team member.
  2. Individualities are celebrated, everyone has a place in the company.
  3. We work together and lay an emphasison brainstorming, consistent feedback and innovation.
  4. Processes are made casual, but projects are result-oriented.
  5. We believe in creating a bond that stays not just at work but also at a personal level we become friends.
  6. We do not encourage working during the weekends.
  7. We learn and unlearn things together, as a TEAM.

As much as we’ve grown, we make sure that our culture remains steadfast at Tune My Digital and outlasts us all.”

It is rightly said, a company that treats its employees well, performs well!

Here’s an interesting anecdote that very well describes how the world is shifting its trend and those who walk along those lines, stay ahead. Here it goes.

A lady had grown unsatisfied with her hairdresser after years of attending the same hair salon. She wasn’t sure where to go, so she asked for some suggestions, which turned out to be overpriced. She then performed a local online search. She discovered a few recognisable names of places that had been suggested to her, but she also discovered a few places she had never heard of before.

She went through their websites one by one, evaluating their hours, price (where available), and hair demos of former clients. She then made a decision based on the outcomes she discovered as well as the comparisons she made on the hair salon’s website! And she’s been a frequent customer ever since.

A quick Google led to a long-term client for this hair salon. How many buyers may your company get by having an internet presence? How many prospects are you missing because you don’t have an online presence?

Planning to leave an impression online? Partner with TMD to witness the impact. TMD has been in business for years, and is sincerely committed to improving your online reputation.

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