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Twenty-five fantastic travel experiences to have this year! – Prune

Twenty-five fantastic travel experiences to have this year! – Prune

There is this famous proverb that “You must accumulate experiences and not things” aptly explain that travel is incomplete without an experience. Experiences are essential because they help build a personality and character. So if you have alreamadeilt a list of books you must read this year, we will help develop a bucket list of experiences you should do this year. If you’re looking forward to your next trip, here is a list of outstanding travel experience ideas that you must add and tick off your bucket list in 2022! Read on.

1. Check out a secret waterfall!

This travel experience should be at the top of your list for yearly vacations or short weekend getaways! Find a secret or lesser-known waterfall which makes for a great spot to spend your time. And the best part is, most of these beautiful waterfalls are usually hidden in a forest and keep the touristy crowd at bay, giving you ample time to enjoy the place by yourself.

2. See the northern lights

The northern lights or the aurora borealis are a sight to behold. These naturally occurring stunning lights turn the Arctic sky magical and colorful. While they are difficult to predict when they will appear, they are most prominent from September to March. And it is like nature putting on a show for you as the lights dance and dazzle in the dark sky, making your trip the most memorable one you will ever have!

3. Stay at a vineyard

Are you a wine lover? Then you must explore and stay at a vineyard surrounded by lush greenery, luxurious amenities, and endless wine on tap! A stay at a vineyard is a perfect idea for a long weekend, as you enjoy the incredible views of rolling vineyards sipping on your favorite glass of wine. India is known for some of the best and most renowned vineyards, such as Sula, Fratelli Wines, and Chateau d’Or!

4. Go glamping

If you enjoy a mix of adventure and comfort, glamping is a must to try out! It is a type of camping where you spend the nights in plush and luxurious accommodation amidst a forest, desert, or hills. So you can fulfill your desire for adventure in a significant way! Glamping offers you a unique experience full of thrill and helps you unwind with your loved ones.

5. Take a pilgrimage

Travelers from all over the world visit India to seek spiritual enlightenment. And most of the pilgrimage sites boast spectacular beauty of nature, architecture, and culture. Whether you’re searching for spiritual fulfillment or want to have a peaceful time praying and meditating, you must go on a pilgrimage. Think Kedarnath, Gangotri, Rishikesh, and more!

6. Learn to surf

If you’re a water baby, it’s time that you learn to brave the waves by learning to surf! It is an extraordinary and thrilling experience as you balance and surf like a pro. Yes, there will be a few falls at the beginning of surfing, but every time you hop back on the board, you will love the ocean more. Many sea destinations provide surfing classes which you can take up during your trip.

7. Attend a music festival

Music lovers, there are fantastic music festivals throughout the world. You can spend all night listening to soul-soothing and feet-tapping rhythms with your friends at these festivals. They usually take place on a large scale in picturesque locations, making it an experience to remember with your squad. The top picks of Indian music festivals are Sunburn and Ranthambhore Music & Wildlife Festival.

8. Take a motorcycle tour

The Leh-Ladakh route is one of many popular routes for a thrilling bike ride with your friends! Exploring the scenic and rugged terrain on your motorcycle and bonding with other travelers is a life-changing experience for riders. With a bike as your companion, you can explore a place to your heart’s desire. It gives you a feeling of freedom like no other and lets you enjoy the entire trip on your terms.

9. Unwind with Ayurvedic treatments

Rejuvenate and relax with Ayurvedic treatments that are great for your body and soul! It is a science and practice that is popularly performed in Kerala, and you should look no further than that! The use of warm herbal oils and soothing music will put you at ease and is a much sought-after experience from your hectic work lifestyle.

10. Plan a royal staycation

Have you ever wanted to live like the royals from the bygone era? You can still do so by staying at India’s exuberant and majestic heritage hotels. Most of these hotels are restored palaces that have retained the old-world charm, with the addition of present-day amenities for your comfort. India has stunning heritage hotels, from a high-end Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur to a budget-friendly Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel in Mysore.

11. Visit bioluminescent beaches

The natural phenomenon of bioluminescence will take your breath away! When the sea glows in the dark due to the light emitted by tiny organisms such as plankton and fungi. You can witness the stunning neon blue color of the waves in some places like Havelock Island and Juhu Beach. You can experience this rare phenomenon by walking down a beach, night kayaking, or snorkeling in some places in India.

While we’re still fighting off the heat this summer, we cannot help but dream about the winter! Once the cold months arrive, you must plan a stay at an igloo or ice hotel. These unique accommodations are perfectly comfy to stay in, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and pine trees. And while you’re at it, you can try out fun winter sports activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and sledding!

13. Cruise in a houseboat

Kerala is known for its many unique experiences. One of which is cruising through the intricate canals and backwaters of Alleppey in a houseboat! You can opt for a few hours cruise or stay a night too! The houseboats come with all the amenities you need and a live kitchen where you can enjoy lip-smacking seafood on the go. The houseboat will take you past small villages, peaceful backwaters, and paddy fields.

14. Fly high with paragliding

Need a good dose of adrenaline rush? Then pick paragliding as your next adventure activity! It is a truly exhilarating experience as you take off a cliff and fly high like a bird. Many places in Himachal, such as Bir Billing and Manali, are best known for this and are extremely safe to do it too. You can choose to do it with a guide or take up classes to perform paragliding solo like a pro!

15. Dine in the sky

Ever thought of having dinner hanging up in the sky? Many experiential restaurants offer this fly dining arrangement where you’re suspended at least 50 feet above the ground! A table can seat about 20 people to wine and dine as the chefs and attenders serve you delicious food. The dining experience doesn’t get any more thrilling than this, as you enjoy your meal mid-air with spectacular views below you!

16. Go stargazing

Stargazing is a magical experience best enjoyed far away from the cities. It is a treat for your eyes as you take in the beauty of the night sky dotted with a million twinkling stars. You can pick a spot, lie down, and observe the constellations above you. And if you’re into astrophotography, you can also take time out to capture the star trails and make amazing pictures of the night sky with your equipment! Some best stargazing spots in India are Spiti Valley, Turtuk Village, and Rann of Kutch.

17. Dune bashing

Scale the dunes with dune bashing! It is an off-roading experience in a vehicle that speeds over the dunes, leaving your adrenaline pumping and how! Driving over the upward and downward slopes will ensure that you have a thrilling experience. Jaisalmer is well-known for dune bashing in India, and Dubai is an international tourist hotspot for it!

18. Explore ancient temples

India is home to intricately built and centuries-old temples which will mesmerize you. Some of these temples go back a thousand years and have many stories to tell. The artistry and the aura of these temples will take you back in time, especially if you’re interested in history and architecture. Many ancient temples in India, such as Konark Sun Temple, Temples of Hampi, and Kailasa Temple.

19. Everest base camp trek

If hiking is an activity you love, Nepal’s Everest base camp trek should go on your list. Many who have taken this route have felt elated at undertaking this legendary trekking route which offers so much to explore and learn with other professional hikers. You meet people from different countries and unite together to take on the challenge this trek puts your way.

20 Visit the top breweries

If you cannot do without a cold mug of beer, why not head on a beer trail this summer? India has recently become a hotspot for great breweries serving a variety of brews to taste. From wheat beer and American pale ale to mango and chocolate-flavored beers, there’s a variety of this bubbly drink on the menu these days that you can pair perfectly with delicious food. The microbreweries such as The White Owl and Brewbot are two among many famous breweries and are a must-visit.

21. Witness the cherry blossom festival

Nature is at its best when Shillong gets covered in pink cherry blossom flowers every autumn. Thousands of travelers flock to Shillong, Meghalaya mid-November to witness the awe-worthy international cherry blossom festival. The blush pink flowers are a fantastic sight during this time. The festival also features fun activities like cultural events, fashion shows, food stalls, and martial arts.

22. Night viewing of Taj Mahal

You would have seen the Taj Mahal during the day, but have you ever experienced its mystical beauty during a full moon? If not, the romantic architecture is a spectacular sight at night, especially when the full moon is out. The walls of the historical structure glisten and illuminate under the moonlight, and while you could not enter the Taj Mahal at that time, simply gazing at it from afar is a must-have travel experience while in Agra.

23. Live the hippie life

Break away from your busy routine and live a carefree hippie life in places like Hampi and Goa. You can enjoy the vibrant party lifestyle, explore places on a scooter, and laze back on the beaches with a bottle of cold beer. This travel experience is fun, solo or with your friends!

24. Pangong Lake Tour

You would have heard about the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh and its ever-changing colors! It’s the world’s highest saltwater lake that deserves a visit at least once in your life. Its ethereal beauty will enchant you as you sit back and gaze at the lake all day. And during the night, the location is even more stunning as you spot the millions of stars over the lake.

25. Witness Ganga Aarti in Varanasi

The Ganga Aarti of Varanasi is a visual treat! The ghats of Varanasi are lit up with hundreds of lamps as the priests perform synchronized and rhythmic prayers when during the sunsets. It is an elaborate ritual that’s world-famous and deservingly so! The aura that takes over the place during the Aarti is an experience you’ll never forget!

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