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Viberal Digital Solutions

Viberal Digital Solutions

An Integrated Platform for all Your Data-Related Needs

Conventionally, the data quality was only restricted to outdated technology, strict policies, contracts and conservative users. This scenario propelled increased chaos as well as exasperation pertaining to data that was perceived to be a tax on any business. Indeed, the traditional ways of data handling have taken a major toll on businesses’ day-to-day operations as well as objectives. Now, with the modern data management techniques becoming quite popular across the business world, many enterprises have dipped their feet in this space to be substantive in the most efficient manner.

Viberal Digital Solutions is one such name that comprehends the demand access for a business’s data and considers preferred medium or communication to generate value as well as provide suitable insights. With a sheer endeavour to manage the conventional as well as neoteric data strategies alongside maintaining flexibility and transparency to drive organisational decisions, Viberal began its entrepreneurial journey as a joint venture of two extraordinary brains— Ram Prasanth and Balaji.

As we sat down to discuss some aspects of this a year-old start-up, both the leaders walked us through the business portfolio and much more.

Company overview
As a prominent data player in the industry, Viberal Digital Solutions well acknowledges the gravity of each piece of data in today’s world. Commencing its marked outset about a year ago, the company has established its core competencies in catering swift, functional and cost-effective data solutions to its targeted audience globally.

“We strive to make enterprises make the right decisions at the right time with the right people through data awareness, data integration, and data governance,” asserts Ram Prasanth, the Chief Executive Officer.

When asked to reveal the prime motive behind this unique venture, Balaji Venkateshan, the Managing Director, affirms that owing to their conventional careers of over five years in the industry, they were propelled to do something substantive here. But above all, they recognized the pulse of the market and decided to deliver appropriate solutions as per the customer’s pain points.

He states, “We established this company to permeate the gap between the generation and consumption of data by companies to make the best out of it for businesses.” This aspiration made them scale greater milestones while carving a ‘sought-after’ reputation in the market. And, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to them that is the best marketing strategy that they take pride in.

About the luminaries
Mr. Ram Prasanth is guiding the operations of Viberal Digital Solutions Private Limited as the CEO. He is an alumnus with a Bachelor’s degree from Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Madurai. He is an adept professional hailing from the Software Industry where he has served for over six years with the world’s leading companies as Eon Collective, Lucid Technologies, Infosys, and Polaris and possesses over 6 years of experience in Collibra, Tableau, Mule ESB, Mule Integration, JAVA, JSON, Talend, Microservices, Data Governance framework and Solutions.

At Viberal, he is primarily focused on providing Data Governance Solutions, Data Cataloging Solutions, Data Lineage Solutions and providing DATA Integration Solutions for multiple clients by not compromising on supreme quality and support. He’s well experienced in Collibra, Talend, Informatica, Alation for providing Data Governance Solutions along with Data Lineage, Data Cataloging, Data Profiling Solutions. He is also experienced in Data Integration platforms such as MuleSoft, Talend and also provides custom integration solutions with core Java.

He’s is a man of art for providing Data Governance Solutions to many cooperates. His well-orchestrated working in a heterogeneous environment has allowed him to scale greater heights in the respective space. Beyond any doubt, his expertise and experience have been the key factors behind the exponential growth of the venture.

Mr. Balaji Venkatesan is leading the company as the Managing Director. Being an MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University, his in-depth experience in internal auditing, corporate accounts handling, and operations management has proved to be quite contributory in terms of the company’s growth. Here, he develops and executes exemplary business strategies to make greater leaps in terms of short- and long-term goals. He supervises the company’s overall financial performance, investments, and other business ventures. Alongside this, Balaji also ensures a positive and uplifting environment at the workplace to increase productivity.

His unrivalled analysis of the challenging situations and delivering apposite solutions in this direction have been heavily contributive to the company’s overall growth and success. He is also responsible for establishing beneficial communication while building relationships with prospects, stakeholders, business partners, and other authorities in the industry. He is also an active volunteer at Ulas Trust where he guides underprivileged students over academic and interpersonal skills.

Service portfolio
Viberal has made its steadfast presence across the targeted market as a one-stop destination for all data-related solutions. Its basic service portfolio includes Data Governance, Data Integration (a unified view of data across systems and platforms), API Development (device compatibility and web page access), Data Visualization, Data Analytics, and Data Logging.

Moreover, its offerings are highly adaptable across various industries, but Viberal’s primarily focussed industries where it keeps making a difference are health, technology, e-commerce, and banking. To them, customers interest is the key driving force that keeps them ahead of the game and both the key officials take immense delight to reveals that they have a 60% customer retention rate so far.

The work culture at a glance Viberal Digital Solutions is an organisation that flourishes due to the dedicated efforts of self-driven, mission-driven and highly supportive professionals. At its workstations thrives a culture of “dynamism that is accompanied by a fun and mood-lifting cordial environment that brings the best out of each other. “Viberal couldn’t be more proud of the team we have built today,” claimed both the key officials.

Growth expansion plans Witnessing phenomenal growth in just more than a year of its operations, Viberal is all set to expand its horizons, be it in terms of its teams or the service offerings. At present, they have set up some programs to increase their current resources by 10% by the end of 2021. For the future, they strive to push Data Lineage, Master Data Management Solutions, and Business Intelligence Solutions into their stack of services to bring diversity. Alongside this, Viberal will also establish workstations in Chennai/Bengaluru by the end of 2022.

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