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A Distinctive Platform, Revamping the Content Landscape Globally

Vidyolo, the newly launched  Global Content Marketplace, expanded and excelled into the content market, the broadband, and OTT market as well in a short span of time. It was created by V Hunt Digital Media Pvt Ltd, a content syndication company that has been in the business of content for 10 years. The idea of “Vidyolo” was focused on forming a B2B Content Market Place for a convenient and seamless experience for Buyers & Sellers anytime, anywhere.

Present-day, People are Hungry for Content and are not able to find the right source for it. Understanding the need of the hour and the requirement that businesses have today, the founding team thought of coming up with unique a platform to provide a seamless experience. It is surely a convenient solution for all content acquisition needs, serving its content to OTT Platforms, Satellite TV Channels, DTH Service Providers, Telecom Operators, and IPTVs majorly.

Vidyolo caters to all kinds of content requirements from full-length movies, web series, tv series, short films, sports, to kids shows in different languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Korean, Arabic, Filipino, Turkish, Spanish, French, Sinhala, and many more.

The Innovative Team & Work Culture
There is a passionate team comprising of Pratap Jain (Founder), Sandeep Banger and Ashmita Dhingra (Co-founders), Rakesh Pande (Business acquisition), Deepmala Sharma (Content partnership), and a Digital marketing team constantly working upon broadening the brand reach along with many more experts from various genres.

Vidyolo believes that the key to a successful business means not only focusing on the customers’ needs but ensuring that their employees are taken care of. There is a friendly competitive work environment at Vidyolo. In order to maintain excellent communication and trust among employees, the management team openly discusses the company’s future and goals with employees and asks for their input on issues or ideas for the organization. the founders love to talk to the team and make them more involved in business ideation. It indeed helps the whole team to be more innovative, and feel that they are a great part of the success journey of the organization.

Vidyolo’s Achievements & Future Outlook
Initially, the foundation of the parent company V Hunt was taken a decade ago with a very low investment that was almost Zero. But from that Zero to a 5 crore INR as an annual turnover in 5 years was, and has been an impeccable achievement for a self-funded and small teamed startup. During the journey, the organization worked with more than 30 partners who are industry leaders in this space, and fortunately, they have entitled V Hunt as their most preferred partner. The firm grew well in India, UAE, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Europe, and African regions.

In terms of future plans, for Vidyolo, the focus would be on using advanced tech marketing tools for scaling the business. Automation of the processes by using blockchains in the content syndication market would be another primary goal. This will help in quick deals and authentication of the licenses of the content, that the company deals in.

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