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WaroftheWits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

WaroftheWits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Introducing Mr Anil Sharma, the Founder & CEO of WaroftheWits Solutions and the leader behind Indian EdTech Revolution

With technology and advancements stepping up on the ladder of brisk revolutions, emerging as one of the hottest segments at present is the education sector in terms of revenue, growth, and success rate. And with the Internet reaching common man’s house, the number of students and teachers shifting their platforms online has multiplied.

The transformation in lanes of attention from offline to online has provided several brands to enter into this space of prominence. And one such venture offering complete learning, revision & assessment solutions to its students is WaroftheWits Solutions Private Limited, the creative vision of Anil Sharma, the CEO of the company.

A business leader and industry icon, Anil Sharma holds numerous credentials including MCA, MBA, EPLM, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, and diverse experience in heading product management & delivery, R&D centers of various IT, training, and consulting MNCs.

He is a quick and innovative thinker who ventured out his entrepreneurial voyage to impart an easy and efficient learning platform while minimising the cost and efforts of the students. He established WaroftheWits in June 2018 along with his two friends. The vision of the venture is to disrupt the digital education industry – i.e., to make learning simple, easy, affordable, and fun.

WaroftheWits develops cutting-edge solutions such as e-Learning, LMS, IMS, SMS, CMS for students, schools, coaching institutes, Olympiads & competitive exam aspirants. Apart from 50+ e-Learning courses for individual students, WaroftheWits offers the following features for schools, tutors, trainers & coaching institutes:

  • Readymade notes, auto-evaluated assignments, objective & subjective tests, group revision activities, games, quizzes, and Competitions.
  • Live video classes, digital notice board, attendance, admission, student, and fee management.
  • Practice-oriented, adaptive & machine learning, automated workflows & real-time reports.
  • Various research techniques applied for higher comprehension, retention & recall.
  • Co-branding, white labelling support, improved educator-parent-student collaboration, etc.

“I am a leader who believes in more of democratic style of leadership than any other form. I always encourage the strategic leadership to create good communication and participation and keep operational leadership well informed about strategy and have them well engaged in the decision-making process. In my company, most of the long-term and short-term strategies are formulated at the lower levels of the leadership as they are treated as stakeholders.

However, there are times when quick and informed decisions have to be taken; yet I never choose to be extreme commanding. My goal is to instil confidence in individuals to grow and take up future leadership roles”, asserted the business leader.

The method of communicating the values and vision to the teams is straightforward and comprises of the following steps:

  1. Fostering an interactive environment – encourage a two-way flow of communication to get employees on board with the strategy and its vision. Solicit feedback and ask for opinions on where it should be headed.
  2. Using Visuals channels – communicate visually using strategy maps as it is a much more effective way of transmitting ideas than just verbally updating or providing staff with a blandly written document.
  3. Getting them Hands-on – once the strategy is shared with visuals, try to get employees engaged with it using business strategy tools!
  4. Reiteration – ensure that strategic communication remains a regular part of his agenda. He is constantly reminding his team about the vision to help them stay aligned.

Following are some of the key differentiating factors of WaroftheWits platform vis-à-vis other industry players:

  • Multi-user, interactive, individual & group learning & teaching platform
  • Researched techniques for higher retention such as learning styles
  • B2B and B2C- both revenue models are supported
  • Objective and subjective assessments for a comprehensive evaluation
  • High visibility of efforts, progress, speed, accuracy, coverage, rank
  • Promotes collaboration between student, parent & teacher
  • Weekly live competitions to foster the competitive spirit
  • Lower price, much lesser than most of the key players

WaroftheWits offers online courses for the 06th to 12th classes (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, etc.) apart from IIT-JEE (Engineering), NEET (Medical) & Olympiad/NTSE preparation packages.

Ever since its inception, WaroftheWits is perpetually growing and scaling new heights in the Ed-tech industry. It has been featured amongst ‘Top 20 most promising EdTech Startups of India’ in 2019 and since 2020 they have consistently featured amongst ‘Top 10 E-Learning Portals of India’ and in 2022 they have emerged as the top ‘EdTech Company of the Year’.

Here are some of the achievements and accolades attained by the firm:

  • 50+ online courses targeting CBSE & various state boards.
  • 60000+ students, parents, teachers/tutors already onboard.
  • The most prestigious institutes & school chains of India are our clientele.
  • EdTech Company of the Year [2022]
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Year [2022]
  • Entrepreneur of the Year [2022]
  • Top 10 Leaders in E-learning Industry [2022]
  • Top 10 Leaders in E-learning Industry [2021]

The organisation’s work culture is typically a hybrid of peopleoriented and task-oriented organisations. While a people-oriented organisation focuses on the motivation of its employees in order to maintain productivity and perform well; a task-oriented organisation focuses more on efficiency and puts tasks, processes, and workflows first.

Anil Sharma always strives to maintain the balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with a clear preference for intrinsic motivation. When employees are intrinsically motivated, it means they are working because they find satisfaction and fulfilment from within. When they are motivated extrinsically, they are working for external rewards (recognition, benefits, etc.). Intrinsic motivation is key to long-term employee satisfaction and productivity, and employees whose values align with those of their company are more likely to be intrinsically motivated to do the best work they can.

There is huge potential in the EdTech arena in the coming years. The firm is already selling across 25 cities of India and now planning to target more schools and institutes of tier-II/III cities. They plan to explore further and expand upon the under-invested channels (B2C, corporates, affiliates, etc.), scale-out their presence beyond India-across the globe.

Sandeep, MD & CFO, WaroftheWits, has strong business acumen, is a strong visionary and is involved in multiple businesses spanning across different industries, and has a keen interest in the emerging EdTech arena.

Sanjay, CTO, WaroftheWits, has 20+ years of experience in IT development and architecting software solutions using Microsoft Technologies. He also specialises in Cloud (Azure & AWS), AI, ML & Data Science.

Dear aspiring entrepreneurs, we have just come out of the COVID menace and the business is bouncing back to normalcy so it’s a great time to start or expand your venture. However, do not commence anything in haste – do detailed market research & feasibility study, competitor analysis, etc. before you dive in.

Our foundation team researched for more than 1.5 years, visited several countries, studied education systems of a dozen of countries, and carried out alpha & beta tests on 500+ students before formally rolling out the platform. Still, we faced a lot of hurdles, setbacks & learned hard lessons in the due course – so prepare wisely before you make your next move and then stay invested, as sooner or later things certainly do turn around! – ANIL KUMAR SHARMA

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