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Business Connect has been a great appreciator of organizations setting high standards in the corporate world with their innovative service panel. And here again, we are back with another tale of inspiration. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of Webtech Softwares & Services Limited. The management panel of the company, along with the Founder and CEO, Amit Khemka, shared numerous unknown facts and his entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readers and encourage them to chase their dreams.

Giving a brief introduction of the company, Amit asserts, “Webtech Softwares and Services Ltd is a company dedicated and committed to bringing the internet closer to the consumer by providing them with unique, engaging and engrossing content curated from across the internet. The idea is to inform, entertain, delight and intrigue our users by offering innovative and data-driven applications and services.

Moreover, our mission is to bring sports fans under a common umbrella to enable cohesive and collaborative information sharing and consumption. We pride ourselves on our highly competent technical team and especially our content and marketing head who has tirelessly worked to bring us where we are today and whose visionary and pragmatic approach has enabled us to streamline our offerings and delight our users.”

He further adds, “Most people in the world follow 2 passions in some form or the other – Music and Sports. Over 50 million sports-related searches are conducted on the internet each day. After religiously working for 5 years we have been able to create one of the largest and widest sports information and statistics database in the world – To put in perspective, our website contains over 5 million pages, more than 25 million records spanning over 50 sports across 150 years of history. We offer over 55 innovative and engaging modules and sections and 10 mobile apps to satisfy even the weirdest queries of our users.”

Founded by Mr. Amit Khemka, a die-hard sports enthusiast and technology buff, who has conceptualized, designed, and implemented several innovative technology solutions over the years,Spoogle is built completely from scratch without significant external code and offers unparalleled flexibility, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

“Our strong R & D based approach has enabled us to enact an error-free and fairly accurate repository of sports-based information. We offer complete flexibility to our employees to enhance their skills and add value. We believe in a collaborative and cohesive approach, rather than an authoritarian one,” says Amit.

“Although, yet in its beta stage, we have received rave reviews from sports enthusiasts and domain experts as to the efficacy and market potential for spoogle. A lot is to be done to make spoogle a complete product, and shortly, we plan to enrich it with advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, along with deep regionalization and adding an ultra-local flavor to it. We also plan to build one of the most enriched communities of sports content writers and journalists by providing them with innovative data tools to churn out engaging and delightful content.

These endeavors are capital intensive and time-consuming. In this regard, we welcome like-minded and visionary investors to back us so that spoogle can truly become what it’s meant to be. In 3-4 years, when spoogle would have matured, we see it as the de facto tool for global sports fan engagement by continuously bringing it closer to matching the aspirations and expectations of sports fans globally.

In a nutshell, we have created a data-driven behemoth that caters to a massive, largely unexplored global market of sports enthusiasts and followers who are expecting to be delighted. With little technical competition and with a sector largely dominated by news agencies and broadcasters, a huge gap is ready to be bridged that just might prove to be a highly scalable and profitable business model.”-Amit Khemka.

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