Why e-learning is the Future of Education


Why e-learning is the Future of Education

By – Anant Kumar

Before places of worship, cafés, and factories, shops, gyms began to close in response to the Covid-19, in such a situation, colleges and schools got also closed (still we don’t know when they are going to open). However, the gap was rapidly filled by e-learning as schools, colleges, and educational institutions got shifted to teaching and learning online.

In just one year, e-learning has seen massive growth. Now India has witnessed an online learning boom since the lockdown. In 2020, ed-tech search gained 60% on the Indian internet, as per Google trend. Search for individual EdTech startups such as BYJU’s, Toppr, and more, that cater to 265 million students in India – the highest in the world.

Since all students are at home more than ever in history, digital learning has become an essential option. The pandemic has completely changed the old chalk-talk teaching model into one drive by technology. The number of those enrolling for online classes has witnessed exponential growth. The trend of online learning is likely to remain.

Here are the 4 reasons why e-learning is the future of education.

Easily Accessible

Attending colleges and schools may be easy for those who live in urban areas. Those who live in rural areas have no option except to relocate. In such a case, choosing the E-learning option could be an appropriate option for them. E-learning has brought universities and schools to your homes. Today, you can easily access all college lectures and learn multiple different skills through mobile and computer.

The government of India has promoted digitalization in the education sector. In 2020, many Universities are allowed to offer fully online degrees so that students can access and learn from anywhere and anytime.

Good Quality.

In a country like India, with a few primers’ colleges which get filled very quickly because of the limited seats, most students cannot get quality education. On the other hand, many surveys have happened, it shows many schools have fewer teachers than the required ones. For example, according to a recent report of the Gujarat education department, they found that in Gujarat, 12,000 schools out of 32,772 government schools are run by just one or two teachers.

This isn’t just one state situation there are many out there. Due to teacher numbers declinations, one or two teachers cannot focus on the students in the classrooms, nor are they (students) able to utilize their time spent in the classrooms.

Through online learning, students can get the best quality of education from top professional teachers and well-skilled professors. Online learning can offer personalized content to the students. 4th or other grades students can learn in a very fun way, animated learning and quizzes and challenges hold the interest of students, in ways, more engaging than classroom learning.


Parents always want to send their children to the best schools or colleges, and for that, they have to sell out money right from kindergarten to college. The associate cost of a degree in a traditional brick-and-mortar college is comparatively more expensive than the one-time cost attached to e-learning. Not just the education, student’s parents have to also take care of loading and commuting. Quality education costs a fortune, but with the advent of online learning resources, the student can access it at an affordable price through e-learning.


The best thing about E-learning, it enables the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. As a result, using an E-learning platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so even working men can add their skills without leaving their jobs.

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