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Wit and Chai Media LLP

Wit and Chai Media LLP

Fervently investing ‘creative capital’ into business…

We are aware of the fact that advertising agencies are gradually turning into a core of creativity and vision. Creative, communicative and coherent are the expressions most commonly used by modern-day advertising agencies. In today’s era of the internet, the need is asserted in eradicating old age strategies in order to create a unique identity of a product in the market that can allow it to stand out among the cloud. From logo, font or colours that complement your brand, accelerating your online presence is the foremost motive of most modern branding service providers.

And in this niche domain, Wit and Chai Media LLP has emerged as a well-established name that is known for its exceptional solution portfolio that is driven by its curiosity and innovative zeal and doesn’t limit your options but facilitates better possibilities for efficient and effective reach of the brand. The name is pretty quirky, right? “Well, being witty and having ‘chai’ drives the agency, hence the name says so,” reveals the cofounder.

At the company, creativity is vibrantly alive amid mundane tasks. The team deals with the client’s confusion and curates a plan that could fit into any sort of particular business needs. With an array of services that are effective solutions in the direction of business expansion, the agency is sought after for its client-centricity thus far.

“Any advertising agency is a place where innovative ideas could be brewed even while proactively meeting strict deadlines. It is not a place that thrives on the monotony of repetitiveness but it nurtures creative freedom and flexibility to come up with extraordinary deliverables. At Wit and Chai Media LLP, we are not the advertisers running an advertising agency but we are businessmen operating an advertising agency for better good,” comments Mohit.

From a traditional perspective, Wit and Chai Media LLP is a creative problem-solving agency that relies on the power of advertisements. The company is currently into everything from offline print to Augmented Reality. From Google Alexa voice to radio ads to influencer marketing, they have left no stone unturned. Having stretched its presence across a few mature company giants globally, the company has ensured to gain a name internationally. Brainstorming new ideas, they are heavily into creating interactive content that unleashes the brain’s creative potential.

  • Branding and Packaging
  •  Digital Content Solutions
  • Technology and Design Development
  •  Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • Video Production and Photography
  • Media Planning and Buying

Mohit Ghate is a dynamic leader with a difference who carried an entrepreneurial spirit since his early childhood. He started to acknowledge the nuances of the business landscape from an early age which culminated in what he is today- the founder of a well-recognized advertising agency. The very first and foremost business he established was SpottingHawk- a platform that bridged the gap between startups and business coaches/mentors. What amazed us the most was the fact that he established this venture in his teen years.

Though the business couldn’t do well due to the lack of a proper roadmap and foresight, it taught Mohit great lessons to get ahead with better strategizing in life. Later, it inspired him to enter health tech with his intuitive application- RESQ where any person in dire need of an ambulance can get access to one with just a single click. After gaining considerable experience and insights into the space, he commenced with in-depth research and study on social media marketing and its deep impact on the overall business growth.

Being the man at the helm of the company, when Mohit Ghate is questioned to shine some light on his leadership style, he asserts that he is perceived as a creative leader who believes in solving complicated issues. Though he manages the creative strategy department in the company, his acuity and experience allow him to steer the company with impeccable prudence.

“My perception of leadership is heavily based on the fact that to provide wings of creativity to our people, we owe to provide them with the space of freedom first. For this, any leader has to be empathetic to comprehend their needs as per the circumstances that will lead his people to be mentally calm and composed enough. A well-balanced mind can handle any situation effortlessly.

Moreover, when it comes to client satisfaction we are into delivering a superior customer experience where every member of the leadership team contributes accordingly. For a few industry giants, we have become their most credible marketing agency which speaks volumes of our dedication. We are indeed a client-centric company which we take immense pride in,” elucidated the ‘chieftain’. This extraordinary perception and situational anticipation have taken Wit and Chai Media LLP to greater heights, making it a resounding success.

Aligning with the market trends is crucial to delivering cutting edge solutions to your targeted audience. About this, R&D plays a pivotal role in identifying the market pulse and customer needs. Mohit claims that it is R&D accompanied by technology that has become an undeniable part of growing a business and that if you tend to ignore you are more likely to fail in your endeavours.

Indeed, technology has facilitated them to grow multifold since the beginning and has been an indispensable part of the equation. But, absolute reliance on technology to plague human intelligence is not justifiable to him as he believes technology is meant to serve humans not vice-versa. As per him, both of these aspects are absolutely necessary to succeed in the business world which is quite competitive at present.

Mohit has set up a long-term vision and goal for Wit and Chai Media LLP, where they will ensure phenomenal geographical expansion across the Indian boundaries by establishing different workstations in different cities. “Additionally, team Wit and Chai are committed to working with a few of the big and established brands and a few start-ups to add substance to the valuation and their overall business prospects,” quoted the founder regarding the future ahead.

Before signing off from the conversation, the leader concluded, “If you like doing something, then never bother whether it makes you money, it makes you rich or any other thing. The only factor that matters here is that if it makes you happy then it is worth it, for sure!”

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