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WIZ Freight

WIZ Freight

The AI-Powered Platform Enacting Change in the Supply Chain with Dynamic & Performance-Driven Solutions

Search for a logistics service provider, and you will find a tonne of results. However, when it comes to working directly with the cream of the crop, a company relevant to the contemporary leading-edge world with service excellence, it is strenuous to get a better option than the insightful WIZ Freight. Here quality is not an act, it is a habit, and the initiative focuses on providing innovative transportation solutions to the customers. It is a tech-enabled freight forwarding platform, making global shipping efficient, hassle-free, and highly visible for businesses.

WIZ Freight was established in August 2020 with the goal of saving shippers countless hours by providing instant capacity discovery, dynamic pricing, optimised routing, door-to-door tracking, and automated document workflows. The company has a unique approach to delivering innovative solutions while changing how the world works with logistics operations. Under the direction of serial entrepreneurs Ramkumar Govindarajan and Ramkumar Ramachandran, the newly established firm has successfully worked with market exporters and importers, booking and monitoring cross-border shipments on its technological platform with e-commerce-like convenience.

With its state-of-the-art technology-enabled command centre in Chennai, WIZ Freight currently has a growing team of 650+ employees distributed across 25+ locations and a network of over 200+ carriers and vendors. This command centre monitors the live execution of thousands of shipments to ensure on-time delivery and 24-hour customer service, which increases efficiency.

WIZ offers a full-stack execution methodology that provides visibility and cost savings to all stakeholders as a digital operator in emerging countries that works directly between carriers and customers. The team of “Wizards” with extensive supply chain knowledge creates tailored solutions for your needs. The WIZ platform is used by more than 2500 businesses, including Adani, Mahindra, Tata, Aditya Birla, and ITC, to ship thousands of tonnes of cargo each month via air and water.

As one of the emerging freight forwarding companies in India, WIZ supports reducing manual work through automation, improving visibility, and generating customer savings. The AI-powered disruptive supply chain technology provider is making a significant difference in the thriving supply chain logistics industry today with techno-centric pragmatic solutions driven by infrastructure, innovation, and impeccability.

WIZ provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions with visibility on shipments and aids in cost savings for the shipper. It works with various industries, including FMCG & Food, Pharma, Commodities, Hi-Tech, Renewables, etc. The company strives to offer consumers a highly effective supply chain through technology. The lives of the end-users are indirectly affected by these solutions. The consumer, governmental entities, and medical chains benefit from the timely delivery of pharmaceutical and life science shipments that contain medical and life-critical payloads since it makes their lives easier.

Food and agricultural goods have a concise shelf life, so shipping of these items must be carefully planned and carried out. Thanks to AI and ML technologies, customers now have access to realtime market data on prices and available space. Additionally, the system shows all feasible routes and services as needed. Consumers can see the way, the total cost of transportation, and the carbon footprint thanks to the availability of advanced options. The documentation procedure is paperless, minimising human errors and streamlining the process. They can organise their shipments in advance and save time as a result.

R&D is crucial to the expansion and improvement of the products. To provide clients with a flawless user experience, WIZ is continually experimenting with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. as a digital freight forwarder. The internal workforce and worldwide operations centre serve all of the customers. The team also works on improving the platform’s features to meet end-user needs.

WIZ Freight raised INR 275 Crores (USD 36 million) in a Series A fundraising round in March 2022 from a group of investors that included Tiger Global, Axilor Ventures, Fundamental, Arali Ventures, Alteria Capital, and Stride Ventures. Earlier, Axilor Ventures led a $3.5 million seed round that WIZ had closed in August 2021. Along with angel investors Ramakant Sharma, co-founder of LivSpace, and Daniel Richner, Chairman of M+R Spedag Group, a logistics group with headquarters in Switzerland, Arali Ventures and Fundamental had also taken part in the seed round.

Since its inception, WIZ has been growing steadily. With new offices opening in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Vietnam, and a few more significant markets, WIZ is currently growing throughout Asia and the Middle East and has successfully brought on board seasoned business titans. In the last six months, the platform has expanded the existing offices and opened new ones around India.

It will soon launch a 20,000-square-foot tech and R&D centre in Chennai, which will have room for 200 staff. To further enhance its AI/ML, blockchain, and IoT capabilities and deliver intelligent and connected cross-border shipping, it also wants to open two more centres in Bengaluru and Singapore.

In the upcoming year, it is planning to increase its headcount and sales. The company intends to take its services to 15 more countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa by the end of 2022, with Singapore and Dubai acting as regional hubs.

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