Technology has influenced and altered our lifestyle in various ways. The world is ushering rapidly towards a fully automated future, and it doesn’t leave the business space uninfluenced. Many traditional industries are now digitalized. Many manual business practices are now fully automated.  Thanks to technological advancements, connectivity within or outside borders is no longer a hassle. In short, technology has become a fundamental need from an avoidable luxury. As the reliance on digital technology has grown, IT consulting has found its utility across businesses, from startups and small firms to large multinationals.

However, IT consulting is a broad topic with a lot of complexity. And businesses need specialists who can improve data management, accelerate operations, and disseminate information more widely to add value,  increase productivity, and improve the quality of products and services. Syed Saqueeb Ahamed, a technopreneur from Abu-Dhabi, is carving a niche for specialization in these areas. Recently, our magazine had the privilege of an interview with Mr. Ahmed in which he shared interesting highlights of his company, Accel Information Technology, and the mission at its outset. The elegant read covers the freewheeling discussion that followed.

In 2009, Mr. Syed Saqueeb Ahmed recognized a need to provide integrated system support across IT services. For nearly a generation, he has worked and led technology firms and noticed a recurring gap in IT services. While businesses were focusing on product development, they overlooked the need for customized consulting services for SMEs and enterprises in domestic and foreign markets.

Understanding customers regarding technology, policies, information, security, and applications is essential. And understanding it as a whole while keeping on par with the client’s governance helps in crafting the tailored solution. With a clear picture in mind, he founded Accel, paving the way for excellence in consulting services.

As of now, Accel Information Technology prides itself on having a consistent record of effectively administering multiple implementations. Accel is a preferred partner for security compliance and audits, network security and data center design, and technology certification. It has established footfalls in Fujairah, Dubai, Bangalore, and London, besides headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Accel Infotec strives to “drive maximum value for its clients’ IT investments.” It has the operational experience to provide all kinds of technical support. Its team comprises brilliant associates with expertise in everything from budgeting to productivity to forming and nurturing business partnerships. The functional and technical expertise, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, makes Accel an ideal consulting firm to manage diverse IT needs.

Accel Infotec calls itself an “Enterprise Architect” since it serves all stages of IT needs, from implementation to completion, from Services to Support. Goodwill and a dedicated portfolio have always kept it ahead of its curve. But what gives it an edge over its peers? In the current market, multiple clients may use a single product, but each user has individual needs; this is where Accel Infotec marks its distinction.

Mr. Ahmed explains, “We believe each client is unique and that the services associated with their products should be tailored to their specific needs,” explains Mr. Ahmed. Accel’s offerings comes under security compliance & audit, data center services and technology certification:

  • Security Compliance & Audit: Security compliance services cover the entire information system of a company. The assessment compares a company’s information system security to an audit checklist of industry best practices, externally defined standards, or federal legislation. Accel offers end-to-end IT governance, ISO: 27001 Certification, security policy development, training security and engineering, risk management, and penetration testing.
  • Data Center Designing and Security: Accel specializes in network data center design, data center consultancy, and data breach recovery. It excels in modeling and developing a data center’s IT resources, architectural layout, and infrastructure. This helps in conceptualizing a data center before it is developed or implemented in an enterprise or IT ecosystem.
  • Technology certification: Accel builds certifications under three values: “Think,” “Build,” and “Secure.” Accel is the certified training partner of CertNexus and primarily focuses on four areas: Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.
  • Custom Software Development: Accel Infotec has long-term contracts with government entities for their in-house application development. Be it web apps, software integrations, or mobile apps, they have been unique in solving the customers’ needs and giving effective solutions.

The “all-under-one-roof” model gives them an advantage over their competitors. By understanding their clients and T crafting solutions, they are also educating their clients.

“We do a lot of brainstorming to the extent that our clients understand how our offering can help them thrive”

Solutions are delivered using a PMP model after development, with each stage being closely monitored. It doesn’t stop there; Accel provides support for the solutions in accordance with the signed SLAs, with most of the contracts being available 24×7. Through system integration, Accel Infotec has onboarded several renowned partners, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Automation Anywhere, AMAG and more.

Accel’s journey to being a respected global IT consultancy began more than a decade ago, but it was not an easy one. Above all, it was exhausting to get people to recognize the value of the backend and consulting services that came with products. But the company wasn’t here to give up! By staying consistent and catering to a particular purpose, Accel has carved a niche and earned several laurels along the way. Few of the notable mentions are from Government Department of Abu Dhabi, Government of Fujairah and Abu Dhabi Health Services Co, etc.

In the coming years, Accel Infotec is planning to expand to Australia and Africa. The company has established a strong foothold in Bangalore and Abu Dhabi, with 80% of its business coming from the Middle East. Of course, it’s planning to leverage its channels to enter as a prominent player. The market is changing fast with digital transformations, and Accel seeks to lead the pantheon with values of trust, integrity, and commitment. “We started as a system integration company, but now, we are modulating ourselves as a digital transformation company because that is the future,” concludes Mr. Ahmed.

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