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While Indians appreciate sports and are generally conscious of their variety, academics are given precedence. Despite its prominence worldwide, our country has yet to accept sports as a full-fledged career option. Sports is exciting, engaging, immersive, emotion-evoking, and fast-developing around the world. Its widespread promotion encourages inclusivity and creates jobs. Sports also instill a sense of national pride that no other kind of entertainment can match. Above all, it fosters the solid growth of people from a young age.

To summarize, sports in India have a vast market, which puts sports management at the forefront. It facilitates not just a wide range of job options but also professional development prospects. Over the last few years, India has seen a slew of new sports start-ups, including those active in sports infrastructure, data/content aggregation, education and training, and so on. Their tailored services give them an advantage in raising public awareness of sports and creating new prospects for those with knowledge, experience, and skills in sports management. Bunkerhill is a well-known name in sports management consulting world.

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, Bunkerhill is involved in a variety of sportsrelated operations, activities, events, human capital, and services. This engaging cover story highlights Bunkerhill’s unique strengths and how they are helping to raise awareness about the benefits of sports and physical literacy across the country.

Bunkerhill was created to provide a sports ecosystem for our country’s kids to enhance their athletic prowess. It was curated to instill hard work, discipline, and timeliness, as well as drill and knowledge, in order to maximize the potential of young people. The firm creates programmes to ensure that every student receives the technical, tactical, physical, and mental training necessary to ‘set up a goal’ in an optimal learning environment; they offer:

  • Management of different sports clubs, players, and leagues
  • Management of sports education in schools
  • Sports talent hunt & management
  • Managing and operating sports facilities
  • Liaison with domestic and international sports entities.
  • Sports marketing

Bunkerhill collaborates with brands that are committed to the advancement of sports and strives to connect with the growth of sports associations, clubs, professional teams, and sports academies, among others. The firm comprises people who feel that physical literacy is the most critical basis for every human being, beginning at a young age. It reflects how brilliant athletes or teams can lose their luster and go undetected, eventually failing to represent their country at the highest level due to a lack of funding, training, nutrition, and, most importantly, exposure.

Bunker Hill aims to operationalize such entities in order to reform and level the playing field, facilitating their efforts and enthusiasm for sports. With more than three years under its belt, the firm is always on the lookout for fresh opportunities and pondering its path to success.

Using tailored methods to train students in sports and physical education and facilitating its training programmes through sports, leisure, and play, the firm aims to improve society’s health and well-being. The firm is professionalizing the sports sector by providing the necessary knowledge to develop the next generation of top athletes who can represent the country at the national and international levels.

“People with a clear and indelible purpose can not only make a positive difference, but they can also start a chain reaction that leads to transformation.” The statement outlines what Bunkerhill and its leaders stand for, as well as their vision for the Indian sports industry. The firm was founded by Dipak Singh and Aditya Raj. In 2018, the duo invested in the historic Mohamaden Sporting Club and paved the way for many success stories, and welcomed more people to lead this journey in partnership. Let’s take a glance at the leaders and their exclusive qualities:

Dipak Kumar Singh (Founder & Chairman): He is an independent and non-executive director as well as an angel investor engaged in ideation and product development of creative and intelligent tools. He possesses a deep knack for product development and assists R&D in engineering and design. He is deeply passionate about sports and has founded the SportsCube Foundation and Sports Cube: Center for excellence.

Kanishk Sheel (Co-Founder and Managing Director): Besides Bunkerhill, Kanishk is an independent and non executive director at Unimkrt. He has 16 years of extensive background in the marketing research field, specializing in financial services, food service, healthcare, key account research, and business-to-business environments. His keen passion for sports has aided Bunkerhill’s exponential growth.

Kunwar Raj Bhansali (Director & CEO): Kunwar is a CA with over 16 years of considerable experience in the investment banking industry. He is an avid sportsperson and angel investor who inspired many young talents to realize their dreams in sports. He has a passion for grass-roots sports and school sports education.

Aditya Raj (Co-Founder, Director and Board Member): He is a seasoned researcher and business leader with strong entrepreneurial skills. Adi is also a sports enthusiast who has completed various international events, including Ironman races and the first Indian to complete the World Marathon Challenge.

Sandeep Kumar (Co-founder and Board Member): Sandeep is the director of Unimrkt Research Inc., and he specializes in market research and client management, as well as revenue generation. He is wellknown for generating success stories for businesses and clients, and he has a strong grasp of business statistics, an excellent demeanor, and a keen eye for detail.

With qualified leaders from distinct backgrounds and their passion for sports, Bunkerhill is moving forward with an unchained determination. The leaders handpick their employees for their passion for sports and have an extensive background in the same arena. “These individuals bring diverse experience from different industries but with one common passion, i.e., sports,” states Dipak.

Excellent results demand extensive training as well as the necessary equipment and resources. Bunkerhill makes no concessions when it comes to providing the necessary infrastructure for sports aspirants. The institute has cutting-edge facilities, including grounds and practice space, as well as a location for students to pursue their academic goals. This calls attention to its “SportsCube: Centre for excellence.”

It prides itself on being a one-ofa kind facility in the history of sports academies in India, with an emphasis on changing how sports training is viewed in the country. It takes a holistic approach to athletic performance. To ensure that children receive the best training and mentoring, the center employs international level trainers and world champions.

The emphasis is mostly on cricket, with both indoor and outdoor cricket grounds, various cricket nets, and an overall topnotch infrastructure to ensure that they leave no stone unturned in molding India’s next generation of revered cricketers. In addition to the infrastructure, cricketers benefit from personalized coaching and master courses from renowned coaches. SportsCube has also aided the development of Taekwondo in India. It is home to one of India’s largest Taekwondo academies (Peace Taekwondo Academy founded by Mr. Vinay Singh), which has represented the country at various levels.

Its coaching staff includes an Afghan World Champion to ensure that the right amount of concentration is given. SportsCube also has a 5-a-side football turf to promote football coaching for children under the age of 12. While large facilities typically entice children, SportsCube provides a safe and welcoming environment. Their ground has been approved by FIFA and is playable during the wet season because of its proper drainage system.

Along with facilities and training, the institution focuses on its seekers’ health and well-being. Hostels with excellent rooms and amenities are available at the center, ensuring a pleasant living experience. Similarly, they place a premium on developing the most nutritious diet plan under the guidance of national health experts. Any athlete’s diet and fitness are their prerogatives, and the center believes in utilizing Smart Strength, which is a standout among current fitness centers in India. SportsCube has developed several toptier athletes throughout the years as part of its specific focus.

“Quality in training and innovation in infrastructure is our USP,” says Dipak

The declaration validates what Bunkerhill does and offers. Take, for example, the school programme. Bunkerhill has broken it down into two sections, each focusing on muscle memory, strength, and full-body coordination. Preschoolers and children are the focus of the first part, titled “School Physical Education Program.” It focuses on improving preschoolers’ locomotor skills through activities such as walking or running, jumping or hopping, galloping or marching, and skipping.

Furthermore, for children aged 6 to 8, the emphasis is on gross motor and fine motor skills. It stresses coordination, body awareness, physical strength, and response time. The second part, the ‘School Sports Education Programme,’ focuses on strengthening children’s foundations by developing skills in sports such as cricket, basketball, football, swimming, and table tennis. This not only improves their physical strength and stamina, but also their focus and concentration in studies.

In addition, they have established a unique programme called ‘WISE KID’ for kids to learn, enjoy, and participate in sporting activities as Bunkerhill develops future leaders through leadership initiatives.

“In every training session, we seek to bring out the best in every child in a fun-oriented learning atmosphere and have them generate fresh experiences,” Dipak continues.

The program’s overall goal is to instill a sense of responsibility and connection in children at a young age. The  firm’s forthright approach to the proprietary school programme has enabled its access to schools, government agencies, and private entities to develop athletes who will bring glory to India and sports enthusiasts. It has a large and genius employee base whose efforts are a key reason for its success in a short span.

“We value everyone’s input and keep our doors open to both employees and customers,” says

A scalable standard distinguishes every service at an affordable price. Offering excellence at a reasonable price has resulted in a slew of success stories, all of which help to market their services.

Starting this journey in 2018, Bunkerhill has put many colourful feathers in its cap. Recently, SportsCube won the “Indian Achievers Award” for the most promising sports academy. It’s recognized as one of the best private multi sports facilities in the country and houses numerous IPL and Ranji players coaching and training its students. Its prized investment, Mohammaden Sporting Club, has had many spectacular achievements in national level football, like:

  • CFL 2021 winner after 4 decades
  • Runners up in Durand Cup 2021
  • Finished in the Championship stage of I-League 2020-21
  • IFA Shield 2020 Semi finalist
  • Won 2nd Division I-League 2020

It won the inaugural BYJUS Bengal Women’s T20 bash on Feb’22. This was a first-of-its-kind event, and SportsCube was ecstatic to be a part of it. Its girl squad performed admirably. The Peace Taekwondo Academy has also produced many gold medalists and international athletes for India.

“A quest for the greater good is neither short nor simple.”

Bunkerhill was commenced to reshape the Indian sports industry. Although the awards recognize its achievements, it is only the beginning of its journey. The firm is in talks with schools about managing their sports infrastructure and training their students from a young age using a proprietary curriculum.

“We have well-researched curriculums that focus on a scientific approach of training kids at the different junction of their growth,” states Dipak. Bunkerhill aspires to develop tomorrow’s champions via good training and mentoring. They’re also in talks with international organizations about joining international leagues and sports.

“Follow your passion and assemble the best team to help you realize them. For any endeavor to succeed, having the appropriate leadership is critical.”

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