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!!!PLACED 3845 CANDIDATES IN 2022!!!

Education is the key to success. For generations, it has changed people’s lives and paved the path to promising opportunities. But since COVID-19, education as we knew it has evolved and set new benchmarks. It has sped up digital learning, modifying how students absorb information and approach education. Since then, EdTech in India has had a tremendous acceleration. According to a Statista analysis, the Indian EdTech market was worth $2.8 billion last year and is expected to reach $10.4 billion by the end of 2025.

These numbers make it quite evident that innovative companies aiming to reinvent the education sector have entered the Indian market. In this pantheon, Chanakya Uni, an EdTech company from India’s financial hub, is making a significant difference. The company understands that tech-savvy talent will have a competitive edge in this constantly evolving world. As such, it focuses on preparing students for the future by providing them with top-notch educational opportunities in the subjects that will shape them.

Our magazine recently got the chance to speak with Mr. Aditya Kachave and Mr. Ronit Pise, the brains behind this endeavor.They are rebels of the education industry, determined to help every career aspirant by bridging their career dreams. The exquisite read presents our discussion in its entirety.

Aditya is a dynamic engineer from the prestigious IIT Kharagpur, which produces hundreds of innovators annually. He had a promising career ahead of him thanks to his convincing academic background. But he wasn’t prepared to settle for a mediocre career. Instead, he was really intrigued by the EdTech industry and how it could reshape Indian academia. He even spent a considerable period working in EdTech companies for strategic experience. Ronit is a serial entrepreneur, having a vast experience of 9 years across 6 companies, 5 of which he co-founded.

During their respective tenures, one thing that both of them noticed was the large gap between industry and talent. Aditya explains, “Every year, IITs and other colleges cumulatively produce nearly 1 million engineers, but only 1/10th of the population gets sustainable placements.” Even though there were many industrial training and placement centers, there was still a disparity between what students learned and what the industry needed.

The discovery made them determined to drive change. Not only did they seek to generate career opportunities but also be pivotal in closing the market’s skills gap. Moreover, there was an avalanche of layoffs in 2020, and they aspired to contribute to resolving it. They took their time transforming their thoughts from paper into practice and, in 2020, brought Chanakya Uni into existence. They are providing the Indian talent pool a chance to reach its peak by using the challenge as a steppingstone and also placed over 14,000 students from the inception of the company.

Chanakya Uni is a one-stop-shop to give your career an excellent pitch. From technology to finance, it offers customized courses that can ensure placements in the most promising companies. Broadly speaking, it offers courses on full-stack development, data science, digital marketing & graphics designing, automation testing, AI & ML and cloud computing.

On the other hand, it can help learners become “big shots” in the stock and financial markets. The courses are created and instructed by a group of brilliant mentors with decades of expertise in shaping professionals out of aspirants. It also offers grooming and personality development courses from international mentors and provides industrial experience and project training as well.

But that’s not all! At the heart of Chanakya Uni lies its motto, “Learn and Get Placed.” So, it handholds the placement process from resume building to final selection. The holistic and transparent framework has earned the company a resounding presence in the EdTech space.

The company has placed students in leading industrial giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Apple, and many more. Over the last 7 months, it has placed 3,845 candidates, equipping them with the desired skills and knowledge. Its principles of trust, integrity, and innovation make it a promising choice for Indian students in today’s disruptive market.

R&D has always been a critical element for a company to innovate, address problems, or learn new things. In education, R&D develops a new understanding of learning, teaching, etc. But in EdTech – the focus is to innovate and make education more equitable, agile, relevant, and responsive. In light of that, Chanakya Uni has most of its investment in R&D.

It hires prolific engineers from tech magnates like Google, Meta, and Apple who thoroughly research associated markets to create a customized curriculum. By following these SOPs, Chanakya Uni conforms to a learner-centric process, ensuring every student meets their desired outcomes. Investing in research also helps in keeping up with trends and technologies. All their classes and communication are held using favorable social media technologies. They also use proprietary platforms for placements and have developed their own CRM platform as well.

If research and innovation are its mind, people are the heart of all it does. Chanakya Uni employs a tech-based operating model to engage with candidates at every stage of their experience lifecycle, but never ignores the role that people play in the process. Even more intriguing is the fact that women predominately run Chanakya Uni. Ninety percent of the team is made up of strong women with experience in various fields.

The company is also very transparent across its echelons. Both Aditya and Ronit are down-to-earth and easily accessible for every employee. Their stewardship based on humble leadership fosters transparency, teamwork, and a non-hierarchical culture.

All the innovation and effort is focused on upholding the aim of developing successful professionals through training and placements. After all, enhancing one’s life significantly affects the individuals in the immediate vicinity. This thought process gives Chanakya Uni an edge over its peers. Focusing beyond the bottom line, it strives to make a positive impact on society.

Ronit, being its growth engine, understands the responsibility he is holding; he is addressing the unemployment and underemployment challenges in India. During COVID, a substantial proportion of the population was financially drained. As such, the company operated on a “freemium model.” After things became normal, they introduced advanced premium packages for better learning. Since, the strategy paid off, the company saw a chronographical increase in its placements:

  • January – 129
  • February – 187
  • March- 294
  • April – 498
  • May – 627
  • June – 824
  • July – 926

As a bootstrapped company, the data reflects a plausible growth at a remarkable pace. Aditya adds, “Many of our peers are raising funds to showcase their profitability.” But, we are proud to say we are growing sustainably with an NPS of 90%, which makes us the fastest growing EdTech startup in India.” Besides these, Aditya, Ronit, and their team are associated with many schools to promote the basic education of underprivileged children.

Long story short, Chanakya Uni is growing to become a leading “Digital Pathshala” for advanced industry-specific courses. It is changing lives of people both internally and externally. The company aims to complete employment of 1 million Indians by 2025.

“Entrepreneurship is an arduous path with a built-in purpose. It cannot be compared to a typical 9 to 5 work. It will require 24 hours of your time, resources, and possibly even solo action. However, your efforts will be rewarded as you witness the success of your endeavour. After all is said and done, you’ll improve and transform.”

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