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We are in an exclusive conversation with a duo of the key officials of Dentilligent that has been an extraordinary addition to our list of the most promising healthcare companies to watch in 2022. Husain Dasorwala, a chartered accountant by qualification & Dr. Vishal Patil, a dentist by qualification (the leading faces) walked us through various aspects of their newly incepted business venture- Dentilligent. Dive into this inside story to get to know more about the company’s offerings and the overall business portfolio.

Putting the trust in 3D Dentistry, Dentilligent, a start-up in the Dentistry space commenced its operations in the year 2019. By aligning technology with the overall process of dentistry where 3D scanning & 3D printing would be preferred in place of manual impression & casting process. Here, the major advantage is that the chances of human errors are reduced to minimal levels where human involvement could be avoided. The enterprise is dedicated to achieving perfection in obtaining the scanning and 3D manufacturing of prosthesis, that gives a precise result in overcoming various issues while fitting the prosthesis in the patient’s mouth.

Dentistry has been heavily affected by the pandemic scenario. And Dentilligent has ensured an exclusive solution regarding curtailing the spread of the virus. As we know saliva is the major source of dispersal for this virus, the traditional methods of dentistry inevitably cause the direct contact of the practitioners and people involved with it. For the teeth modelling and casting process, now patients could be relieved by the 3D scanning procedure. This is quite revolutionary in terms of dentistry space in lessening the spread of the virus and also reducing the lead time for producing the final prosthesis.

Being a start-up, the company saw a big issue in the field of selective healthcare treatment especially dentistry, where in spite of the huge market potential, application of advanced technology has not been acknowledged well. “Earlier the traditional process was the only option and the advantage of technology was not being considered and provided by the service providers to doctors.

Here, we thought there is a gap that needs to be bridged with the help of tech inclusion in the system that could be rightly communicated to the industry. We have to date done over a hundred thousand 3D printing of prosthesis that has been successfully applied in the patient’s mouth by the dentist. And now, we intend to add value to the system and induce an impact by using the technology in the field of dentistry,” asserts Husain Dasorwala.

When asked to highlight the differentiating factor of the company, Dr. Vishal responds that competition is crucial as it helps them stay on their toes in offering enhanced services. ‘Being competitive helps in being innovative’. They have been standing out from their peers in terms of their performance, customer-centricity, learning attitude and conjoint efforts to bring the waves of change in people’s life.

“I think with the pandemic, the healthcare sector has seen a major change and would be rightly put that the sector has evolved in such a manner that technology has taken a center stage. Here, the processes have been improvised to involve technology and AI in processes and simplifying the same and Dentilligent has become a key pioneer in this direction,” claims the duo.

R&D has always played a significant role to make any company grow. And Dentilligent uniquely perceives its prominence. It has always been focused on its core principle where it believes evolution is the way forward and here, R&D asserts its significance. The company has been striving to bring a new variety, trying a different set of materials approved by the US FDA that may be new to the Indian markets. This inclusion of materials and utilization of new technology will allow Dentilligent an upper hand in the respective market.

“Our early adoption of the major advancements in the field has made us the front runner in advanced dental technology. To do sheer justice to the R&D alignment, we have been attending many webinars, pieces of training and trying to implement the standard of the trade. Putting in resources for training of our staff, technician on a continuity basis, we have been able to ensure a leading-edge across the market while setting benchmarks in the industry,” remarks Husain regarding the R&D process conducted by the company.

At Dentilligent, there is quite a flat structure accompanied by a cordial work culture with easy accessibility to any segment. Be it a technician, or salesperson, or delivery person or management, everyone is intrinsically involved in the business operations. The flow of information is extraordinarily seamless. For instance, if a salesperson receives a review, it could be shared with the technician in real-time to bring in the improvement as desired by their Dentist.

Apart from this, they have set-up some specific work standards that have always ensured the staff to be dedicated to the work and dental ethics strictly. “Additionally, we have tried to give utmost importance to the personal life of our employees & give them an optimum work-life balance as our employees are one of our major strengths. We ensure to take care of their health and safety throughout like group insurance for themselves and their family, medical insurance, etc. And during the pandemic, we have not left any stone unturned to arrange the stay, hygienic food, and safe travel to avoid any health problems,” reveals Dr. Vishal.

Recognizing the immense untapped potential of the dental industry, the company is in the process of digitizing the dental industry via education, training & facilitating every possible advanced technology in favour of the dentists practising in India. As they are working on a network of dentists for communication training & education purposes at the pan India level, the company will ultimately emerge as a leading service provider in India, as per the leaders. Making leaps in the respective space, Dentilligent has been recognized and applauded for adding substantial value to the dentistry industry and some noteworthy mentions and milestones have been enlisted below-

  • In 2019, they started a 3D digital dental lab wherewith their thrust of infusing technology in dentistry shifted many of the dentists from custom-made dental ceramic crowns to DMLS technology & digital prosthesis.
  • In 2021, they made “Digital Smile Designing” available to the masses by allowing this infrastructure to be available to all dentists who are associated with them. The company is continuously roping in more of such inclusions so that more patients could benefit from this.
  • In 2022, they have already commenced another digital revolution in dental implant surgery by launching “Guide Me”. It is a specially curated platform for the dentist to do a CBCT guided implant surgery that is accurate, speedy & results in predictable fast outcomes.

For the future, they wish to keep up with their ‘tradition’ of adapting to the new things in technology, adaptations to it & then allow more beneficial advancements to the dental fraternity.

Being in sync with the Corporate Social Responsibility is in Dentilligent’s DNA and every individual is in synergy with the administration in this direction. “We have been doing our part of giving back to society in our small way of getting associated with hospitals and clinics who are run by trusts and we have been providing them with prosthesis at subsidized prices and also providing free samples to students pursuing dentistry,” quotes Husain and Dr. Vishal altogether.

“The current generation of entrepreneurs are extremely talented, focused, and smart but the only thing I want to advise them is that there is no substitute for hard work. With hard work and presence of all the above qualities, great wonders could be achieved.”

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