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ITAakash Strategic Software Pvt Ltd

ITAakash Strategic Software Pvt Ltd

Guiding Seamless Digital Transformations

IITians have contributed to the growth and development of our nation in every field they have stepped in. It is no wonder that Mr. Ashvin Gami, Managing Director of ITAakash Strategic Software Pvt Ltd, has found inspiration in the works of his alumni, and developed his own innovative product: StrategicERP.

Mr. Gami began his journey as a developer at IIT Bombay, having been encouraged by his professor to monetize on the supercomputer he developed as a part of a team to monitor ECG in real-time. He worked also on developing various products for enterprise-related security solutions. In just a few years, he had successfully delivered an ERP solution on the J2Fx framework to their first client in the real estate sector.

In his mission to contribute further to the nation and its economy, he devoted his life to building a company that would help organizations keep up with the technological developments of today’s world and thereby grow with our advancing economy.

With a goal to help enterprises adapt to the 21st-century business world, StrategicERP provides end-to-end process automation with an information management system customized for real estate, construction, and infrastructure industries.

As a thoroughly reliable IT solutions partner, StrategicERP guides businesses on the path to digital transformation with the help of their cutting-edge technological solutions. The company ensures comprehensive guidance for their customers at every stage. From consultancy to successful implementation, StrategicERP collaborates with their clients to help them excel at employing technology as their own tool for growth and success.

The StrategicERP solution is developed with the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Technology, Business Automation, Information Analytics, Complete Digital Media Integration, and more so that their clients can leverage technology to their maximum benefit. In one of its innovative approaches, the company introduced Artificial Intelligence in ERP.

Chanakya, StrategicERP’s propriety AI-ML-powered feature, empowers businesses to leverage information for maximum business value. Its intuitive and intelligent business capabilities like predicting bookings and site visits lend clients a competitive edge by gaining actionable insights from their ERP system.

The product delivered by StrategicERP owes its cutting-edge tech to the core developers of the company trained at IIT and its visionary leader, Mr. Gami. An ERP automation system is the need of the hour: it creates a future-proof business for the clients while securing their present operations. Moreover, its cloud-based functioning and AI-equipped system gives them a competitive advantage.

StrategicERP’s proprietary AI-ML-powered feature enables organizations to collect and process data and information, helping them mold information for making better decisions for tomorrow. It gives them an edge by minimizing manual intervention, providing intelligent Lead Qualification & Predictive Analytics, Collection prediction, and Site Visit prediction. Through Intuitive Scheduling and Intuitive and Intelligent Finance Management, it cuts down runtime of the business, making it even more cost-effective and efficient.

The cloud-based ERP solutions by the company allow the clients to embark upon the biggest trends in business automation: applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The integration of IoT devices includes Voice commands, Digital media integration, Biometrics and Face ID, Weighbridge integration, HR voice assistant, and multiple third-party integrations like Customer relationship management, Property portals, Customer service, Task management, Direct calling, Advertising, and Productivity Tools.

StrategicERP’s advanced ERP software also mitigates problems in business operations and communication. A centralized ERP system that can be accessed through the web on any device, consists of multiple modules to effectively streamline business processes. It offers a single-window platform that can onboard every employee as well as top management, bridging communication gaps, increasing employee engagement, and helping with assigning tasks and monitoring performance.

The ERP solution monitors the performance of employees and campaigns and also helps C-level executives analyze the root cause of issues that pop up through its data insights. It facilitates the onboarding process, makes it easier to provide input for the C-suits wherever necessary, and ultimately helps with employee retention by calculating incentives and rewards. The software by StrategicERP comes with built-in Artificial Intelligence and can be integrated with IoT devices and third-party apps. It is customizable and can be easily upgraded to ensure compatibility with the latest technology, enabling the business to stay relevant.

StrategicERP evolved into the successful and sustainable tech giant it is today through years of dedicated and planned efforts:


  • Delivered 100% of a project using auto programming
  • Successfully delivered real estate software
  • Expanded to develop solutions for the infrastructure industry


  • Brand of the Year


  • Full range of enterprise products for infrastructure industries with self-service features
  • Top 10 best-web-based solutions


  • Manufacturing ERP with cloud, mobility, analytics, and AI for all industries


  • Our first Ceramics industry client
  • TechImply Expert’s Choice
  • TechImply Best User Experience/ Interface


  • Expanding AI functionality
  • StrategicERP version 22.1
  • 700+ customers

Mr. Gami believes that being socially responsible for a corporation brings pride and upliftment within the community and increases engagement and visibility. In these times, it has become even more imperative for corporations to contribute to well-being of the general population. StrategicERP played its part by collaborating with IIT Bombay to develop a mobile application during the pandemic to track asymptomatic patients and trigger an alert on the user’s phone when in close proximity to a potentially infected person.

The Corontine app uses geo-fencing technology to ensure that a quarantined patient remains within their isolation perimeter. StrategicERP took this project from the RFQ to the UAT stage in two days, which in itself is a monumental achievement. This app was used by the Odisha government and by a hospital in Meghalaya as well.

The team at StrategicERP is dedicated to refining its product so it can be used more effectively. The latest version, 22.1, has been upgraded to be more user-friendly, with more integrations with productivity tools and IoT devices, and an enhanced functionality of voice commands. The company’s goals are to have a satisfied clientele of over a thousand customers and to become a publicly listed ERP organization by 2025.

Mr. Gami strives to align his company’s progress with the rapidly advancing technology, and as a leader of an emerging IT solutions brand is optimistic about the company’s future. In his own words,

“In keeping with the future trends, we are continuously upgrading our software and will be ready when the world demands it! There still is hesitancy to adopt new technology but as we move ahead in time, the aversion to technology that we see today will deplete gradually. Progressing in the right direction is important, keeping in mind the potential challenges in the future. China thrives on people, Japan thrives on process and the USA thrives on innovation. If we wish to come anywhere close to them in growth, then our country must adapt to all of the above, viz, people, process, and innovation.”

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