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Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

From reporting a 5 crore loss in 2018 to building a 77 cr profitable business by 2022

Deciding to start your own business can be a leap of faith. One needs to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and ask themselves, “What excites you?” It can be achieving your occupational aspirations or fulfilling your parental goals. It might also be about igniting internal passions and ensuring long-term success and fulfilment. While both have distinct values, the latter is more alluring, and the rewards are huge.

Something similar happened with Dr. Nachiket Bhatia, CEO of the Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (DBMCI). The following article paints a picture of DBMCI and how Nachiket transformed it into a sought-after PG Entrance Exam (PGEE) coaching institute in India.

Nachiket’s father established the seeds of DBMCI in 1996, and it sparked an interest in entrepreneurship in him. With time, DBMCI became a huge chartbuster on the educational front. With a unique focus to help medical students prepare for post-graduation entrance, it had a flair course of success until 2013. In the next four years, the institute went on a downward slope. Naturally, it fell upon Nachiket to bring his family business back to life – a flame that still powers his leadership.

But turning around the sinking fortunes of an existing business was no stroll in the park; it had to be done step by step. Nachiket aimed to build a strong competitive ecosystem based on the ideals of quality education, using a well-thought-out strategy and scientific approach to develop competent professionals. He took several self-learning lessons to understand the business nuances and interacted with medical students to understand what they expected from the courses, as well as consulting their faculties for their input.

He says, “I realized to cope with the market dynamics, I needed to grow after steep curves and introspect the disruptive consumer needs.”

And coming up with e-learning was the brainchild of all these neverending hustles. While bearing the ardor was exhausting, Nachiket had an inner desire to help others achieve their ambitions. Although it was much larger than any single person’s vision, aim, or success, DBMCI has surpassed all limitations, blossoming into a game-changing mission that will touch future generations of students. By constantly pursuing its goals of becoming the flag bearer of outstanding medical education in the country, DBMCI is constantly assisting young minds in carving their path to becoming the next generation of holistic doctors.

Becoming a doctor is one of India’s most ardent dreams. Parents will pay for elite universities, as seen by the expanding number of them. Coaching academies are a critical part of this medical fad. Not only do they guide students through insightful learning, but they also enhance their conceptual understanding for admission to prestigious institutes like AIIMS. DBMCI arrives on the scene as a cohesive force, guiding learners towards performance improvement. The institute fosters a one-on-one learning model to enhance learning and development through increased self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, establishing a supervisor-learner rapport.

Its educationists have decades of experience in teaching PG Entrance aspirants, which helps them understand the examination trends that they thoroughly blend with today’s student demand. They facilitate self-directed learning through questioning, active listening, and challenges in a supportive and encouraging climate. With its modernized model, DBMCI has expanded its wings to every corner of India. An integral component of this is the digital teaching model, which helps reach even the semi-urban and rural regions.

With its digital platform, “e-Gurukul”, DBMCI has carved a niche in teaching medical aspirants in India.

“As Nachiket explains, Understanding the spread of e-learning in medical settings and working side by side with this revolutionary technology was the driving reason for the creation of e-Gurukul.”

The pandemic opened up avenues for digitization and innovative propulsion to glide through the pandemic. With e-Gurukul, DBMCI has successfully made online its predominant model of education. The dedication and competence of its faculties upgrade their techniques in making even the most difficult concepts crystal clear.

DBMCI is a center stage for aspirants willing to carve a niche career. Through e-learning, the institute is not only making medical education accessible but also providing free classes. DBMCI also provides scholarships of Rs. 1 crore under the Dr. Bhatia Scholarship Fund to the underprivileged. All its efforts focus on developing the conviction that “I Can Also Do It and I Will Do It.” The tenacity and commitment to making education accessible to the most vulnerable parts of society yielded a taste of success in 2019, with a DBMCI student achieving Rank 1 in NEET-PG and seven of the top ten positions in NEET PG in 2020.

DBMCI is tenacious in process refinement and improvement, making R&D a critical element. India’s education sector is aggressive, forcing institutes to be innovative and competitive. Leveraging R&D enables DBMCI to explore new ideas and utilize resources to develop and redefine offerings to address critical problems most efficiently.

It has a team of ten members, including students and senior faculty, exploring possibilities in the medical realm, the latest technologies, and medical advancements that can enhance the learning experience. The analytical mindset and innovation drive also help in teaching complex lessons transparently. Simultaneously, it has also helped students get easier access to study materials. For instance, while purchasing books from e-Gurukul, students can track their delivery in real-time. They also have ERP systems to maintain their records.

Nachiket has always believed in the efficacy of technology in education. And the institute is constantly striving to be at the forefront of being tech-savvy. “Three years ago, we were doing everything manually, but now we have made 90% of our company digital and automatic”, says Nachiket.

As a new-age institute, DBMCI places a premium on innovation but prioritizes its employees above all. After all, their versatile knowledge and unwavering dedication keep their wheels in motion. Besides being subject matter experts, the team is creative enough to unfold new ideas to address complex topics. Some of their inherent qualities include social expertise, communication skills, professionalism, honesty, and integrity. This fosters confidence, reliability, teamwork, and self-awareness. Cutting it short, DBMCI prefers employees that can be an integral asset to the team. The institute provides a responsible environment to keep up people’s motivation and morale.

“We make sure that employees feel welcomed and can work to their full potential”, says Nachiket.

Nachiket was instrumental in evolving this institute into new trends. He believes in open communication and openness to nurture trust and keep the team focused on its objectives. The unity has helped it weather multiple storms. Although it took a heavy toll, DBMCI maintained transparency and was operational through internet channels throughout COVID-19. Remaining transparent, praising the team’s efforts, and staying connected through innovative channels keep the team motivated as they feel valued.

“Running a business is hard but running a successful business is even harder”. – Nachiket Bhatia. DBMCI has been a one-of-a-kind venture with a definite goal. And when it reached an all-time low, Nachiket took on the task of restoring it to its former splendor. He has carved out a niche for himself in medical e-learning, with e-Gurukul serving as the cornerstone of his goal.

“Managing all of this has been fulfilling so far; it hasn’t been easy, but watching our students live their ambitions and contribute to our society more than makes up for it,” exults Nachiket.

Going forward, DBMCI plans to introduce AR & VR in medical studies through upcoming editions of e-Gurukul. It aims to leap further beyond and revamp the traditional brick-and-mortar coaching model. Through Edtech, DBMCI is also set to foray into new fields like nursing, NEET-UG, UPSC-CSE, etc. This will bolster market resiliency and nurture more talents from different walks of life.

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