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e4 Software Services

e4 Software Services

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Our next hand-picked story is of a company that firmly believes in forming strategic partnerships that facilitate businesses with incessant growth. It has been introducing excellent resources to its clients in line with an exemplary user interface where operational cost is gradually cut down. To get in-depth insights into the company and its overall business portfolio, Business Connect arranged a telephonic interview with the leading faces of the company Nirmal Mishra -Director & Ramesh T.- CEO. Explaining the motive, vision, values, and a lot more- the duo walked us through various aspects of the company and its offerings.

Let’s dive in to come across some outstanding insights and ‘food for thought’. Constantly striving to innovate by utilizing technologies, E4 Software Solutions has been leaping in the direction of exemplary growth. Today, it has become a reputed name in terms of improving the positions of businesses in the market when it comes to application testing, web design, mobile application development and different product development services. With a sheer motive to enable businesses to achieve their true potential, E4 Software Systems has been revamping the scenario for struggling companies in the most effective manner. Granting your businesses with an invaluable competitive advantage, the company is adding substantial value to businesses’ core objectives.

Registered in the year 2007, Business Software Development is the forte of the company. Over the period, they have emerged as one of the strong technology service providers that are mainly focused on the BFSI domain. Moreover, they provide effective custom development solutions to pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and FMCG sectors. Value sourcing business is something they have introduced in the market allowing them to expand their presence across the targeted audience. Also, they cater managed application services and software development and IT support to the end clients. Whatever technical requirement any customer ever has, they provide him with the appropriate support.

We couldn’t help but ask about the motivation that made them establish E4 Software Solutions. As per the luminaries, the zeal to cater for the products that are driven by innovation and new-age ideology was the motive force behind the establishment of the company. Facilitating more interactions with the clients while addressing their grievances and pain points is what kept them going day and night.

Cross-training programs where senior members of the teams train the juniors to build a robust team of skilled individuals. Relying mainly upon the latest upgraded technology, they are performing outstandingly by delivering scalable, transparent and effective solutions. “Best-in-class technology that is delivered as per the time deadlines and comes at cost-effective prices is how we describe our solutions,” stated the duo.

With sound industry knowledge as well as an approach to client’s requirements analysis, they incorporate accountability and authenticity into their offerings. Developing technology service tools leveraging AI and ML with a straightforward user interface that could reduce operational costs is how they define their specialization. The involvement of the latest technological tools allows them to stay ahead of the curve and bring something unique to the targeted audience. And above all, a highly-qualified team of industry enthusiasts have been the motive force behind the success of E4 Software Solutions.

The company is in constant search of talented individuals under its talent hunt program. The cultural environment is such that the employees are motivated with growth opportunities to explore the best-suited possibilities in their favour. The low attrition rate itself speaks volumes of what they offer the workforce. The five cornerstones of their work culture are – sincerity, teamwork, innovation, delivery and consistency.

The company’s overall growth stands firm on these values only and all of the team members are being propelled towards a greater high, based on a philosophy that speaks of holistic growth. Moreover, the technical backbone of the application developed by the company is something that they put their sheer focus on no matter what. The whole product development cycle of the company revolves around carving such products that could change the scenario across the BFSI sector.

The duo of luminaries is a firm believer in leading with examples where they are in constant strides to add value to the lives of those around them. To them, a leadership that nurtures and promotes growth is something setting them apart from the crowd. Needless to mention, they are crossing exemplary milestones based on the support extended to the leaders by the workforce. Both of their insights, leadership and experience have posed to be the success mantra behind what E4 Software Solutions become today.

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