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An Innovative Global Trendsetter In The IoT Industry

As the world witnesses the rise in benefits of using the Internet of Things, businesses have found its unique features advantageous in accomplishing all their major tasks in this hyper-connected techno world. A system of interrelated devices that work in a tandem with minimal inconvenience to the user, IoT has optimised operations across industries. Through automated systems, analysing trends, and predicting future possibilities, IoT provides a competitive edge to corporations. Almost every domain is adopting IoT to enhance efficiency–it is not just limited to the IT sector anymore. IoT has proved to make life and technology easier and more accessible for us.

As one of the emerging trends, IoT has the potential to completely transform the ways in which organisations conduct and proliferate their business. The business world has aligned itself with the advancement of technology. It has become an imperative choice for companies that intend to make their operations future-proof.

GND Solutions is an Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions company Which provides IoT devices, gateways, full-fledged IoT platform for data visualisation & analytics, and also mobile apps. A progressive player in a dynamic, the company has gained a strategic position as a result of its focus on always striving to deliver the best services to its clientele. It partners with its clients and helps them translate ideas into products. Built on the vision to help its clients optimise and modernise operations, the company has proved itself to be one the most reliable names in the industry.

GND Solutions offers innovative transformations of concepts to products in the areas of IoT and M2M for industrial, cloud kitchens, cold storage, supply chain, and smart energy segments. These solutions entail end-to-end, node to Cloud analytics and visualisations. The company boasts of an expertise in product engineering and chip-to-cognition R&D services in its specific areas.

The company has gained renown in the business world over the years through its expertise in guiding the digital transformation of companies using advanced technological practises that guarantee superior quality and decreased turnover times. From miniature changes to intricate system designs, GND Solutions offers one-stop solutions to critical business problems. Founded in 2015 by Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, the company lists a myriad of services for its clients including embedded design services, software services, cloud platforms, mobile apps, global product certifications, and custom applications.

Product Engineering: GND offers end-to-end product engineering services. The company’s expertise includes product conceptualization, feasibility study, prototyping, hardware design, firmware design, system software and application development, system integration, quality assurance, packaging, environment testing, and certifications.

IoT Solutions: GND had as its client one of the largest telecom companies of India, and helped launch its first Enterprise IoT Solution in 2016, making itself one of the most successful IoT start-ups in the country in the process. Its asset tracking solution helped a General Insurance Company reduce in-transit consignment losses by around 70 percent.

Technologies: GND has equipped itself with the latest technologies, be it the latest wireless technology or a new UI framework for dashboards. The company’s technology expertise includes wireless technologies such as NB IoT, LoRa, Cat-M1, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, Sigfox, Cloud platforms expertise with AWS, Azure, GCP, web development technologies such as React, Angular, Node JS, test automation using python, selenium, and Devops.

IT Services: GND Solutions is the perfect talent sourcing partner for all your technology needs. With its unique approach to talent recruitment, it has become one of the best vendors in sourcing the talent in all the technology areas be it embedded domain, DevOps, Web & Mobile Applications, or Test Automation.

However, it is not just its products and services that GND Solution takes pride in. The greatest strength of the company is its team. The team at GND is committed to serve the clients to the best of its capabilities, and generate efficiency and value for their operations.

GND Solutions boasts a team of individuals with high intellect and creativity. The company keeps close track of its team’s performance and issues they face to facilitate a supportive work culture. It strives to provide satisfactory resolutions to the problems of each individual, and allows them the freedom to make their own choices. Every employee is recognized and appreciated at GND, and are offered rewards and incentives to keep them motivated.

At GND we always strive to attract and nurture the best talent and it’s always an important area of focus for us, as we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset but also our biggest competitive advantage.”

Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, MD & Founder, is the power behind GND Solutions. Along with an experience of more than eighteen years in conceptualization to product/solutions deployments. His skills include development of microcontroller, DSP-based products, and solutions. Mr. Siva holds expertise in Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Satellite transceivers, RF Design, tracking and monitoring, and battery charger applications.

He has launched numerous products in the global tech market of Cellular, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and Satellite Modems. He has professional experience in NPI & Phased approach for product driving. Siva also founded Infrion in 2017 and Lexir Tech in 2019. He has proven expertise in product/solution architecture, product development lifecycle, global product delivery, and manufacturing.

As technology improves at a rapid pace, the demands and expectations of clients grow with it. Siva sees these increased expectations as a challenge to overcome. With a great zeal combined with a smart and industrious work ethic, he has taken GND forward in conquering these formidable challenges. The enthusiast in Siva inspires his team to work harder, better, and more efficiently. As GND Solutions focuses on the global market it needs a versatile development centre in enhancing concepts across technologies for industrial and consumer space.

WIth Siva’s leadership, GND is capable of addressing global market needs with an unmatched speed and efficiency. Siva’s strong industry expertise in developing products facilitate him in running a team that provides services to clients that are a cut above the rest. Such service offerings are strong differentiators in the marketplace.

As the leader of GND Solutions, his responsibilities include devising diversification Strategy/Product and Service Expansion Strategy/Growth and International Market Strategy/Technology strategy, Team Building, Leadership, Mentoring, and Business development. His Thought Leadership and an expertise in Business Strategy and Deal Origination has led the organisation to immense success through the years.

Siva has managed to take GND Solutions to new heights of success through his inspiring leadership. The company has been recognized as one of the Top 20 IoT Companies in India under his direction. Siva is also a technology advisor to the Board for Smart beings and has achieved the Innovation CES 2017 award.

A tech-innovative enterprise that leverages technological advancement to benefit its client base, GND Solutions has always strived to provide the best solutions in the quickest-possible timelines. Flexibility is the key to staying ahead of the curve. The solutions offered by GND are flexible and customisable, and the company believes in perpetual feedback-based improvement. It creates genuine value from IoT technologies by realising business outcomes for its clients. GND’s end-to-end capabilities with sensors, gateways, connectivity, platforms, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence enables it to create digital transformation in a hyper-connected world. GND Solutions builds client relationships with its sights set on longevity.

With ample experience of serving hundreds of customers of varied industries & sizes, GND has won the confidence of its client base and maintained an esteemed status in the industry. What sets GND apart is its laser focus on quality customer relationship management and international standards. The utilisation of Internet of Things rapidly enhances an enterprise’s efficiency by maximising equipment uptime and lowering service costs. Many industrial specialists believe that IoT is the next big thing that would enhance business efficacy while elevating overall customer satisfaction. As we know the demand for an easy and reliable way to collect data from field applications is increasing, and IoT is just the tool that one needs for the job.

Having GND’s smart industrial monitoring solutions allows manufacturers and organisations to obtain insights on usage behaviours and derive intelligence through the analysis of big data.

GND Solutions evolved into the successful and sustainable tech giant it is today through years of dedicated and planned efforts:
2015 – Founded & Acquired International Market
2016 – Introduced LPWAN Based Products
2017 – Established global services
2018 – LoRaWAN solution deployed in Dubai
2019 – Market leader in providing end-end cold chain monitoring solutions
2020 – Built IoT platform “thinxview”
2021 – Became an ODM for a large telecom company

In the future, GND Solutions plans to grow its workforce and expand its global presence. With a steady clientele from India, Australia, Singapore, and Dubai, the company has already established a strong foothold in the global marketplace. It plans to expand its reach to Europe and Northern America. The main goal is to see itself become a household name in the IoT industry and Digital Solutions for Cold Chain, Asset Tracking, and Industrial applications across the globe.

GND Solutions has established a reputation for itself in the IoT industry and gathered a number of awards and
recognitions in the process. Some of the major accolades won by GND are:

  • CEO of the year 2022 by National Feather Awards
  • Entrepreneur of year 2021 by National Feather Awards
  • CEO’s of the Year 2020 by Business Connect
  • Best Emerging IoT Solutions Provider in 2019 by India Corporate Excellence Awards
  • Silicon Review’s 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year in 2019
  • Best Place to Work Award 2019
  • The 30 Most Admired Tech Leaders to Watch in 2018
  • 20 Most Promising IoT Solutions Provider in 2017 by CIO Review
  • CES Innovation Award in 2017 for Smart Home Applications

“What makes an organisation extraordinary is having clear goals in professional and personal life, and working towards your goals with dedication. A checklist of attributes that a leader and their company absolutely needs is Attitude, Behaviour, Commitment, Dedication, and Transparency.” Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, MD and Founder.

The Internet of Things is sure to become an integral part of virtually every technology-enabled service or application in the near future. It would be fair to say that, currently, IoT has only begun to reshape our lives. But by the next decade, with the further integration of this technology, the world is bound to transform radically. The demand for the Internet of Things, the man-made future, depends on how precisely humans and machines can merge to create augmented teams. Companies that effectively implement IoT can generate more money for their businesses. Customers have already started trusting the power and convenience of IoT, and would definitely welcome more such innovations in the near future.

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