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Pioneering 4 Decades Of Technological Competence In Telecom & Security Services

By Indranil Roy

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and accessible because of radical technological shifts and evolution. Telecommunication technology, in this aspect, is essential for any organization to be connected worldwide. However, the undoubted benefits of technology also bring new risks. The outdated infrastructure of many existing telecom systems jeopardizes the safety of the costly equipment they house, potentially disrupting network connections. COVID-19 is further driving a wave of infrastructure optimization to improve telecommunications in order to handle customer concerns efficiently. On the other hand, safeguarding physical assets and people is essential, and so is surveillance of the same to curtail security concerns.

These contradictory requirements are integral to achieving a balance between productivity and security. While it may be challenging, these imperative business areas can be extensively redefined using technological advancements, making them more accurate, accessible, and reliable. One company specializing in these critical business amenities is Matrix Comsec. Starting with selling PBX in 1991, the firm has evolved into one of the technological figureheads in telecom and security solutions in India and abroad.

Matrix’s humble beginnings were harbored by two computer science engineers, Mr. Ganesh Jivani (CEO) and Mr. Dhirendra Savla (Director). Their vision was to establish a technology firm in their hometown of Vadodara. Initially, they began with one product (PBX) for businesses across Gujrat. But their ambition to design, manufactures, and market their products worldwide led to the expansion of their product portfolio, market, workforce, and infrastructure. Within a few years, they were offering a complete range of PBXs and media gateways. Nonetheless, they were also searching for opportunities to provide more solutions to the same clients. Most of their customers and distributors prefer relying on a single OEM for their telecom and security needs.

As a result, including physical security solutions made sense since they provided adjacencies across three dimensions: technologies, distribution networks, and customers. In 2007, they expanded their strategy to include biometric solutions for time-attendance and access control solutions. After entering the security domain, IP Video Surveillance was a natural next step. In 2010, they started offering IP cameras, network video recorders, and video management systems.

Matrix has since evolved into a full-service provider of security and telecom solutions for modern enterprises. Its comprehensive range of products and services is designed for large and multilocation enterprises, SMEs, and SMBs. They serve clients in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa through an extensive network of 2,500+ channel partners. Their accumulated trust and innovative products have garnered multiple international awards.

The substance is the core value at Matrix, which inspires all its activities. Whether it’s product design, manufacturing, marketing, or sales support, everything is feature-rich, flexible, scalable, and reliable. This can be comprehended much better by understanding its expansive portfolio. Their innovative IP Video Surveillance Systems include Video Management Systems, Network Video Recorders, and IP Cameras.

It is mission-critical for organizations to manage the people who have access to their premises, for which Matrix provides access control and time attendance solutions for employees and visitors. On the other hand, telecom solutions such as Unified Communications, IPPBX, Universal Media Gateways, VoIP and GSM Gateways, and communication endpoints ensure seamless communication across multiple locations.

The products from all three domains can be integrated with each other. They can also be integrated with many third-party solutions already deployed in an organization. This protects existing as well as future investments. Matrix also provides 24×7 technical support and prompt after-sales services. With flexible offerings and end-to-end customer service, Matrix has grown a preferred presence in manufacturing, logistics, BFSI, healthcare, hospitality, education, government, defence, etc.

Matrix understands the evolving requirements of modern business and goes to every extent to keep up with them. This is driven by large investments in R&D. They are committed to technological evolution in the security and telecom sectors, with around 40% of their human resources dedicated to research, design, and manufacturing.

“We are one of the very few indigenous R&D companies having independent product design capabilities in hardware, embedded software, applications software, mobile applications, and mechanical engineering,” states Mr. Jivani proudly. With a band of 250+ engineers, the firm’s R&D expertise covers product management, project management, systems engineering, software development, software verification, mechanical engineering, electronics hardware design, ECAD, product certification, documentation, etc. Its independent R&D mechanism equips it with cutting-edge tools to deliver preventive security and higher productivity.

R&D is the backbone of the firm’s sustenance and growth, allowing it to create world-class items that match international standards. Matrix also ensures they optimize the products for their context through Matrix Product Development Methodology (MPDM), covering the entire product life cycle with bespoke quality at every design stage. In addition, they comply with industry-standard practices, including Agile, Test-Driven Development (TDD), DFMEA, DFM, etc. The quality certifications make the solutions distinct and tailored to the individual requirement of clients.

Matrix is an epitome of innovation and research-driven actions. Both are inextricably linked, but it’s a fool’s errand to believe that yesterday’s resources would suffice for tomorrow’s success. The firm is led by a panel of industry luminaries that keeps the firm market-adaptive but disruptive in nature. Below is a holistic view of the panel:

  • Ganesh Jivani: A computer science graduate from MS University, Vadodara. Mr. Jivani had a prominent stint as a design engineer (embedded systems) for about 4 years with two companies in Vadodara. He also has a degree in residential management from IIM Ahmedabad. His educational acumen gives him an upper hand in managing Matrix as its CEO and MD.
  •  Dhirendra Savla: Mr. Savla is a telecom industry veteran with nearly two decades of technical and financial competence. He received his technical education from M.S. University, Baroda, and has worked for ONGC’s Information Technology Department. As the co-founder of Matrix, he supervises the entire manufacturing and service operations with a focus on production, purchase, and quality control.
  • Prakash Patankar: He is a veteran business development consultant who formerly held positions of leadership in the electronics and automotive industries. Mr. Patankar has over 3 decades of extensive tenure with BOSCH, Samtel Color, Federal-Mogul, and JCT electronics. He has a Master’s Degree in  Industrial Engineering and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He was also a founding member and vice president of the Gujarat Electronics & Software Industry Association.
  • Samaresh Parida: Mr. Parida boasts an excellent track record with over 35 years of experience in finance, strategy, operations, and business re-engineering across the globe, specifically in India, the USA, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Prior to Matrix, he helmed leadership roles for Vodafone India and PepsiCo for about two decades. He is a CA and has his own management consultancy firm, SP Growth Consulting, in Mumbai.The panel’s collective experience and prowess help the firm spearhead its domain. Their promising offerings contemplate their expertise and is trusted by over 1 Million clients!

With all the innovation going on, it’s evident that Matrix is a
band of committed people who are actively devising world class solutions for the telecom and security domain. Having an informal culture, employees share lucrative ideas that drive performance. They are well nourished in their competence, skillset, and professional attitude, which propels innovation and keeps the firm ahead of the curve.

Mr. Jivani says, “I believe that the youth of today are career-oriented and they love working on challenging projects.” The firm provides its people with an environment where they can constantly challenge themselves and get ample opportunities to learn and grow.

Matrix also prioritizes recognition of its employees. After all, appreciation fuels motivation, further bolstering their determination to grow. With this mindset, they have launched M.A.D. (Made a Difference Scheme). The victors of the M.A.D. competition is the one that drives the company ahead. This group comprises passionate, go-getters, change agents, and outside-the-box thinkers who are honored with M.A.D. Awards in recognition of their efforts.

Starting in 1991, Matrix and its offerings have won many prestigious awards in India, Germany, and Japan for product design and engineering. Its products have won international awards for design and aesthetics, such as the iF Germany, Red Dot Singapore, GOOD Design Japan, and India Design Mark. On this voyage, it has also accomplished many laudable milestones. Starting with just 1 employee, Matrix has a powerful workforce of 500+ Professionals.

Their portfolio contains 60+ innovative products and is present in 50+ nations, including developed ones. They are trusted by over 1 million clients. Their innovative products and market reach are their growth drivers. With time and new trends, Matrix will surely make more huge strides in all business areas.


“Be your own boss and take full ownership of your work and time. You can never blame anyone else for the results you get, or a lack thereof”

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