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True To Design. Always

The furniture industry was an extremely unorganized sector in the year 1980, when Kalatmak began its business journey. Creating high-quality products for both Retail and Residential sector had always been the need. To address this demand in the market, with a high level of expertise in furniture know-how and the need to make a difference in the industry, Kalatmak commenced with its unique business philosophy- creating a transformational and ecstatic experience in favor of all stakeholders- be it employees, clients and vendors.

Thus enabling it to emerge as a one-stop affordable luxury furniture solution provider in retail, residential hospitality, institutions and office sectors with a focused, ethical and socially responsible approach to business.

Owing to its customer & solution centric approach and ideology, Business Connect recognized it as a value builder in the furniture industry. Hence, we decided to feature its exemplary success story. For this, we sat down for an insightful conversation with Ramesh Sharma and Jasmender Sharma. Ramesh laid the foundation of Kalatmak with his brother – Jasmender Sharma and two other business partners. They walked us through different aspects of the business and shared several industrial insights with our editorial team- leaving them amazed. Let’s dive into their story.

With customer centricity as its key pillar, Kalatmak Spatial Systems began its journey in 1989. The Bangalore- based organization is committed to building everything that is needed to create a space that lives up to one’s brand- be it retail store display fixtures to custom-made shelving. With an in-house engineering team, they develop shop drawings. Kalatmak also provides one-stop material selection that is tailored to suit the client’s budget accordingly. The USP proposed by Kalatmak is to cater specialized hardware selection with spec information. A standardized product catalog that comes with 3D models offering manufacturing partnership and White labeling of products are what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Kalatmak has an 80,000 Sq. ft. manufacturing facility that has some state-of-the-art machinery. The company has set up a holistic system of product development that gives them a leading edge in the targeted market. Retail fitouts, residential furniture, institutional furniture, office furniture, customized gifting and hospitality- are covered under their service portfolio. And absolute customization, exceptional technology, on-time delivery and eco-friendly processes differentiates them from other players in the market.

The business philosophy on which the whole structure of Kalatmak resides is- no compromise on the aesthetics level. At the company, they have a team of highly skilled craftsmen with the most advanced machinery and technology, so people may get all the right ingredients needed to create the space of their dreams.

Ramesh Sharma It is said a leader is the one who innovates and brings the touch of creativity while striving for better performance. Ramesh Sharma who is heading the company as the Managing Director is one such pioneer who fervently believes in taking the top-down approach where he involves the entire team and its members into the decision-making process.

His persistent attempts are always towards creating the leaders for tomorrow where they are enabled and empowered to create a better future for all. During the nascent stage of his life, he started off as a contractor with a clear understanding of the market needs and a persistent hunger to ensure excellent business expansion. Owing to his customer centric approach, he has been able to create goodwill in the industry within a short span of time.

Jasmender Sharma
The Co-founder and Director of Kalatmak Spatial Systems- Jasmender Sharma has been known to be a man with outstanding caliber as he dons multiple hats with ease. From heading core teams like production, to inventory management and purchase, he is known as a hands-on and solution-centric leader making the way for the holistic development of the organization. With a keen sense for business and understanding the pressing needs of the customer – he actively works towards value engineering.

The company has always nurtured a culture of collaboration that is driven by a dedicated team of individuals. The management has always been open to ideas while being inclusive of any newfangled idea that comes to anyone’s mind. “We are supportive and avoid ego-clashes and have a collaborative approach to working where liberty, creativity and ideation play significant roles in our overall growth,”

asserts the leader. The administration’s thoughtful initiative of facilitating several employee welfare programmes has been appreciated by all. Accommodation facilities accompanied with well-kept toilets, healthy work environment with properly ventilated spaces. Moreover, they conduct regular health check-up campaigns for their employees where all statutory compliances are kept under strict consideration.

The most considerable and biggest achievement that Kalatmak has made so far is to survive the pandemic while being strongly active amid such unfavorable scenarios. Pandemic couldn’t shake their in-depth roots in the market that are nurtured by the long-lasting relationships with their valued clients and vendors. “Having completed over 25000 projects in the last 30 years for all segments of the society, from celebrity and VVIP homes to star hotels and offices for prominent companies, we have done complete justice to our motto of delivering matchless customer experience,” quoted the industry maven.

When asked to reveal the plans for the future of the brand, Jasmendar Sharma explained that they have envisioned establishing several house brands for various segments/categories of furniture. While ensuring their robust presence across PAN India, they have planned to introduce affordable high-quality furniture across the residential space. Moreover, there are many projects in the pipeline that will be introduced soon in the market.

Before signing off from the conversation, Ramesh Sharma wanted to share a few words based on his life experience to our global readership, in case someone finds these helpful, “Always follow your heart, stay true to yourself and always be sensitive to the ecosystem, there is only one on planet earth and it’s our duty to ensure we protect it. We have inherited millions of years of treasures, let’s not ruin it and waste it. This planet needs to survive for millions of years to come.”

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