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What turns a normal person into an entrepreneur? A short and simple answer is to identify creativity and profitability in the mundane. But, from an introspective view, it’s way more than that. Entrepreneurs see the world with a different scope. They recognize promise in new ideas, products, and discoveries and prefer to turn them into something more valuable and appealing. Internet and digitization have proved to be a major cornerstone in their narrative.

With the business world becoming increasingly digital and data-driven, reshaping the way we live, work, and communicate, it’s inducing an explosive number of digital entrepreneurs. And, harnessing the power of the internet, they are offering products and services that can help people grow in this new world. Introducing Krittika Marwaha, an astounding digital entrepreneur scaling a niche in digital marketing. Her firm, Landscape Outsource Marketing (LOM), is a one-stop shop for new-age marketing solutions that can redefine the progress of any business.

A management post-graduate from Chandigarh University, Krittika never sought to be in the mediocre rat race. Although she has accomplished intense and immersive stints in top rung advertising & marketing giants like Oglivy & Mather and J Walter Thompson, she wanted more from life. During her tenure, she saw the vivid and sustainable opportunities digital marketing offered and envisioned a futuristic agency. On the other hand, she was determined to change the industry’s perspective on the client-agency relationship.

With an ambitious idea and an entrepreneurial bug that runs in her family, she founded LOM Digital in 2011. At the outset, she envisioned the firm as a seamless and integrated cloud extension for businesses. Although the concept of customized turnkey solutions on-demand was way ahead of its time, the industry embraced the flexible and ‘use only what you need’ approach. And not before long, LOM Digital was on its way to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Cut to the present, with 200% y-o-y and branching into 4 divisions with a passionate and expanding team, Kritttika is nurturing a sustainable presence in the digital communication space. Her team has assimilated her insatiable spirit of innovation and proclivity for stepping outside the fence, as they take risky leaps regularly. LOM offers a wide range of digital offerings, ranging from infographics, community social media marketing, unique content platforms, and innovative video content.

Orange Worldwide, Yahoo!, Tripadvisor, Infoedge, Audi, and The Times of India Group are just a few organizations having ‘various kinds’ of success with the firm. Krittika’s dynamic and multifaceted leadership, with a passion for building relationships, has helped her continually improve her alliances while welcoming new ones, allowing LOM to take on new challenges, opportunities, and horizons.

With a decade of experience, Krittika has earned the competence to create bespoke digital strategies on purpose. She understands the efficacy of a digital marketer for companies and its impact on the larger audience. Businesses nowadays look for more organized and efficient processes to scale progress. In Krittika’s words, “They want to pick up the phone and make plans, obtain insights, and get a balanced picture of the market. They also want to outsource their thoughts and bounce ideas off others.” 

The way to succeed is to pay attention and be meticulous about every detail put on the table. This helps in acting as an extended arm of the client and provides tailored solutions. LOM uses this approach in every project to deliver an impactful experience to clients and audiences.

To name its efforts, Google’s Digital India Project (through CSF Central Square Foundation) gained huge traction in the industry and the market. As a gold partner of Google and YouTube, LOM created storified video content for the rural children of India. The project, run on the “DikSHA” platform, has reached over 100 million children and is widely successful. Besides this, LOM has worked on the ‘Swachh Bharat initiative’ for OLX, the Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards, Kindle launch for Amazon in India, Everyday Spend Card (EDS) launch for American Express, amongst others.

LOM constantly strives to be a value-added partner with a single-minded approach, ‘Think big & execute smart’. It seeks to uncover each brand’s DNA, then coat it with vibrancy and creativity, and enrich it with new industry and market insights. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for being unorthodox and innovative while dealing with marcom issues. It has worked with several blue-chip firms like Dalmia Group,, and, amongst others.

Videos Ninja, LOM’s video production wing, has been a cornerstone of LOM throughout its stint. It’s a dedicated ecosystem of animators, graphic designers, character artists, editorial teams, and content writers. It helps LOM provide digital assistance to clients by building consolidated packages in high volumes. The team takes pride in creating bespoke content for its audience and, in turn, elevating the brand. “We ditch the mass-produced and the conventional in favor of a tailor-made fit,” says Krittika. The results are projects that burst with charisma while remaining rooted in sound strategies.

Videos Ninja’s holistic approach makes LOM a formidable partner for bringing a client’s business goals and ideas to life in the online space. It’s partnered with Ernst & Young, Google, Central Square Organization, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Vodafone Idea, Airtel, and various state and national government bodies. Videos Ninja is known for its detailed approach with a focus on client satisfaction, quality, and design.

With custom-made projects with the word “Custom” in them, it’s safe to say LOM is not only staying abreast of global trends but also setting trends and benchmarks. The consistency complements Krittika’s flair for creativity. It’s no longer enough to cling to the status quo when the world is turning toward narrative content. As a result, LOM has taken a step forward in fusing creative output with technology seamlessly.

It focuses on creative customer engagement, whether through print media, rich media, or short format films, as well as heavy usage of AI and ML. Also, the firm has divided its operations into Mainstream Advertising, Digital Communication, Dynamic Video Content Production, and e-Learning Content Development to meet commitments with consistency.

LOM has also made innovative investments in other fields. Its ‘My Startup Kit’ assists startups with rapid marketing success, while another wing, ‘Act Social,’ uses marketing, advertising, and communications to develop stronger communities, challenging conventions, and inspire significant change. All four divisions have advanced into profit centers and are thriving, contributing significantly to LOM’s booming.

Despite the firm’s gravity-defying growth, Krittika and her team maintain a startup culture that allows them to mould new opportunities uniquely. Krittika’s journey hasn’t been easy, but she strikes a work-life balance thanks to her family’s unwavering support. Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “Concentrate your efforts on convincing clients you are working with them to achieve their business goals, not only for the sake of individual assignments.”

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