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Setting New Axioms For Aviation & Aerospace Component Manufacturing Industry

Magma Machining Private Limited, an Advanced Precision Machining Hub Backed By advanced technology, and efficient manpower supplying quality components, subassemblies, and assemblies to the Aerospace, Defence, and Energy segments… 2004 Founded, Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing Company with a global presence, Magma Machining is the brainchild of Yogesh Pajni, Managing Director, who has played every role within the business from Distribution, Procurement, Manufacturing to JVs, which has allowed it to be one of the Most Adaptable and Knowledgeable companies in India.

Working on a mission to provide the highest quality products and a personalized service to it’s valued clientele keeping their foremost needs and expectations in mind, Magma has built its reputation for its experience through a diversified portfolio within evolving markets. Its vision is to attain, maintain and perpetuate a leadership position in India’s advanced precision machining industry. This has been achieved consistently through state of tech quality, time-conscious delivery, and the industry’s best customer support and service.

Yogesh Pajni, Managing Director, Magma has three decades of extensive work experience in aerospace manufacturing, managing technical departments, handling purchases right from captive raw material to production, Prototype Creation, Mechanical Drafting, Tool Designing, etc. A creative person at heart, he loves exploring adventurous & nature sports. Yogesh is a unique personality with down to earth nature and ethics in the right place. An inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs because of his self-confidence, encouragement, and for having built Magma literally from scratch.

“We are dedicated to taking MAGMA to a domestic high along with global platforms and focused on addressing the needs of our customers through efficient, reliable services that are in line with the world’s best”, the visionary proudly shared when asked about his goals.

MAGMA – A NAME THAT EVOKES TRUST… After facing lot of rejections by major machining companies in Ahmedabad, one of MAGMA’s clients approached them because they had heard about MAGMA’s accomplishment in the 20 microns range. But this was a 10-micron component to be done along with maintaining complex GD&T (Geometric Dimension & Tolerance) parameters of 15 microns with a surface finish of <1.6 microns. The radius of the central axis, the flatness of flanges, the parallelism of internal surfaces, and perpendicularity of the flanges vis-a-vis reference to cavity were crucial parameters that needed to be maintained within the permissible limit and that customer is still associated with MAGMA for five successful years.

This is how Magma builds trust with it’s clients. Here, clients know one crucial thing, when all other doors shut close, MAGMA is always there

Aerospace CNC machining is the creation of parts from materials like Titanium, Invar, Super-Invar, aluminium, brass, and nickel alloys, used in assembling and maintaining aircraft and space shuttles or any SATCOM or Antenna Products. CNC machined components, kits and assemblies are very much necessary for aircraft in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace equipment needs the best components made with the highest quality metals in order to function properly To achieve this required quality in a volatile industry, MAGMA has established a versatile manufacturing process with facilities such as CNC-VMC & Turning Centres and CNC EDM, in accordance with the client’s needs and production requirements. Magma is well equipped with CAD/CAM software for 3D Solid Modeling, Tool Design, and CNC Tool Path Generation. Quality is the key point to stick with your valued clients as well as in the market. MAGMA has established, documented, implemented, and maintained a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D parameters.

Living life on the edge or being your own boss was one of the first factors that encouraged Yogesh to begin his own business. In addition, he found that starting and running your own business helps you in your personal growth and brings a sense of satisfaction as well as achievement. The reason behind choosing manufacturing as a business segment was the core passion of delivering some extra efforts in highly technological jobs at the aerospace as well onto the defence sector for delivering a hard-core tight tolerance of jobs.

It’s normal to have feelings such as stress, anxiety, and fear during the current ongoing COVID pandemic. The coronavirus crisis is unlike anything the human world has experienced before. One of the scariest things is the uncertainty. Everything keeps changing; just when it feels like things have settled and might be getting better, they seem to get worse again. The pandemic has shown businesses across all industries that they need to have practice in place that allows them to cope with unexpected crises. Mr. Yogesh Pajni believes that businesses must be strong, adaptive, and creative to survive in this situation.

During this critical time, the business model at Magma has been responsive. It has helped the company’s capability to adjust quickly, respond promptly, be imaginative, top change and maintain its modest benefit when difficult times arise. This pandemic time has reinvented the way it used to work, resulting in a greater reliance on technology, besides it works to:

  • Build tolerances
  • Support network
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Enjoy activities hobbies
  • Follow the schedule
  • Let go other details and focus on things you can control
  • Be humorous

Market research is a key driving force in discovering new markets that are under-served or in demand, learning about new and existing customers, identifying issues and solving problems. It even helps explore new opportunities that pave the way for business growth. By using market research Magma has gained a better perspective and understanding of the market and ensured that they stay ahead of competition. The consistent research and competitive analysis help to secure longevity and relevancy in the market and let business owners and entrepreneurs stay innovative, successful, and always ready to change with time.

Magma’s unique selling proposition is inclusive of several factors. First, it creates incredibly complex components by meeting tight tolerance and high precision demands, with relative ease, what seems impossible to many, has been achieved uniquely by MAGMA, thereby exceeding expectations in a receding world. Every job completed by MAGMA has to pass through three levels of quality checks hence there is no room for compromise in any of these levels, that is why MAGMA is known for quality products delivered.

“ We have always delivered Quality Advanced Precision Components through innovative, cutting-edge technology in line with International Standards.”
Customers are and have always been their prime focus, whatever they do and whatever they aspire for the value addition of their customers, their satisfaction is their benefit.

About 15 years ago, I had an unplanned meeting with a Senior official of SAC (Space Application Centre), Ahmedabad. He was looking for quality vendors for the organization. He gave me a component to manufacture and I had no machine and no other means to develop this component. But I was all charged up, wired, and delighted that he found me worthy of a chance to make this part. I developed this component as per their required accuracy and quality. He was impressed so much that he immediately implanted me in their system for the next three years. This is how the journey of MAGMA started…


  • Sense of ownership and commitment
  • Personal initiative
  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Loyalty

MAGMA’s expertise to work across all manufacturing verticals with end-to-end solutions that address quick turnaround, on-demand, custom manufacturing of parts from prototype through production. It has an adaptive supply chain that addresses on-demand manufacturing in today’s ever-changing landscape delivering finesse work up to .08 microns surface finish.

Talking about the achievements, Yogesh Pajni further apprised, “Weight is one of the key factors in any aerospace component. One of our clients had come across this major challenge but knowing the technical competence of MAGMA, they wanted only us to take up this challenge of machining a 300 Kg aluminium block-shaped structure into an 11.5 Kg component (more than 95% material excavated) by maintaining the hole center distance within 50 microns. This client was so delighted with the results achieved with such precision that they immediately visited our premises and personally congratulated team MAGMA.”

  • Magma plans to be a key player in the future market, with more focus on the domestic market. To expand MAGMA’s horizon globally, they have planned a technological joint venture with an international company. In addition, the future plan also includes:
  • Larger infrastructure
  •  State of the art machine shop
  • Highly qualified team

They are soon to expand their capacity from the existing plant (2000 sq. ft.) to a new plant (20000 sq. ft.) soon. The construction of the new plant is ongoing and will be completed in a couple of months.


  • All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us
  • We can’t be afraid of change
  • There are some moments when troubles enter our life and we won’t be able to avoid the
  • Be confident in yourself. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission
  • Use your time wisely as time flies fast

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