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Breaking Grounds In Industrial Automation Worldwide

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” Mrs. Manda Ashok Avhad, the founder of Arya Systems, lives by this philosophy and leads by it. Even though leadership wasn’t her first choice, starting a company with a motivated team and a clear mission has taken her on an inspiring path on which she aims to help her team succeed. Her Journey began back in 2019 during the early days of COVID-19. She was associated with projects in automation that had a huge and scalable market opportunity. To shape the project as a legitimate job and not a freelancing job, she founded Arya Systems.

Arya Systems specializes in instrumentation and control devices. Its designs include DC Motor Controllers for Blower Motors, Geared DC Motors, Johnson Geared Motors, Planetary Geared DC Motors, Water Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, and Mass Flow Controller Display Units. Besides this, it provides customized system debugging, Lab View-based instrumentation interface, PCB designing, and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design services. The name ‘Arya’ is derived from India’s ancestral heritage with a focus on creating solutions for a new world.

Business Connect recently conducted an in-depth interview with the founder for their enthralling edition, “10 Best Indian CEOs to Esteem in 2022.” The following article exemplifies Mrs. Manda’s business acumen and how Arya Systems is impacting the automation industry.

There is a saying, “Extraordinary belongs to those who create it.” Mrs. Manda founded Arya through product development. However, she and her colleagues quickly discovered the limitations of their prototype based on outdated specifications. To keep up, they introduced AI and machine learning (ML) to allow for constant refinement of unique updates. Arya has successfully designed a tailored portfolio customized to emergent innovations and demands.

To date, the company has developed a wide variety of mass flow controllers, including analog and RS 485 based. Each unit is thoroughly tested to ensure quality at a reasonable cost. Apart from adaptation and exposure, keeping up with the market allows them to collaborate with India’s leading institutions and businesses, both in the private and public sectors, such as Bharat Petroleum, HHV, Shavo Group, and the Indian Institute of Science. Today, Arya Systems is a DIPP-recognized startup for the Government of India.

However, the feats weren’t easy to cover. Sailing through COVID-19 while remaining competitive was a test of faith. They worked on multiple strategies to turn challenges into opportunities and unfurl their true potential. But ideas and innovations, coupled with a shared purpose, have kept them in motion. Mrs. Manda also complements her ability to forecast and management skills for their growth.

She continues, “Forecasting provides us with a vision, and management provides us with the authority and control to move that vision forward.” Arya Systems has a partnership management model, and they make all decisions through a voting process. Aside from partners, one additional vote is designated for a specialist in law and commerce, and decisions are made solely based on majorities.

Arya Systems invest in R&D, given that they are committed to new advancements in technology and automation. Technological changes have roused the need for customized services. Specific drivers are necessary to run specific software that would otherwise not function properly. Arya Systems has designed various tailored drivers for IISC because of their efforts and investments in R&D.

“We enlisted the help of IISC’s industry specialists, and their advice was vital in its development,” says Mrs. Manda.

Technological advancements have also boosted their marketing efforts. This has aided in growing website traffic, not just from India but also from other countries. The increased traffic has aided in expanding reach and exporting products abroad, resulting in a surge in awareness, as seen in the analytics from both traffic and financials. All software systems are cloud-based and secure for better accessibility, transparency, and enhanced digital experiences.

“Business might be fascinating, but it is not without its risks. Risks, however, are necessary for success and pleasure. ” Mrs. Manda Ashok Avhad

The last two years have been exhausting and tumultuous for the whole business sector because of COVID, and none, not even techno-firms, was immune to its transgressions. Arya Systems was also perplexed, given that it had only been in operation for four months when the lockdown was declared. But as mentioned, Mrs. Manda believes in turning risks into steppingstones.

Fueled by passion and driven by purpose, they worked on automation projects instead of product development. Their first project was with BPCL. After the success of the project, the same organization ordered a purging unit. It was tough, but they completed the project with a positive outcome. “We had to redesign its hardware, as well as software, and finding success with less experience was truly a one-of-a-kind feat,” exalts Mrs. Manda. They completed another project for BPCL within a day. It was a test of their potential, but they landed it with the utmost success.

Aside from fortune, they immediately learned that they needed extra labor, having received many projects. They hired fresh associates, which aided them in identifying new areas in which to expand and work. To sum up, strategic collaboration and working on technology categories (software-based or product-based) helped them sail through.

“So, even if there are uncertainties, we will continue to operate in one area, keeping our business cogs spinning, “ adds Mrs. Manda.

For any leader and his allies, striking a balance between success and failure is a serious challenge. Success, nonetheless, inspires hope, while failure imparts lessons. Arya Systems has pledged to keep its team motivated in both scenarios. Mrs. Manda, as the family’s leader, places a high value on encouraging her employees through historical elements. People naturally connect with them, giving them perspective and the drive to overcome any risk. “Motivated people push the board’s decisions to success; it is because of them that we arrive at our desired goal.” A fine instance of this is the efforts to achieve client satisfaction.

Success is defined differently in each firm; Arya Systems define success as exceeding client expectations in terms of quality. Simultaneously, they place a high value on bettering their lives. In the end, the client is the god, and all of its values and practices are geared toward their delight.

Arya Systems has a big heart for society besides financial opportunities. Many of its employees collaborate with non-profit groups on social projects. During the 2nd wave, they helped NGOs provide vaccines and fill staffing gaps. Mrs. Manda strongly believes business leaders should invest in social work. “It’s not just the responsibilities of the NGOs but all of us,” she affirms. It is, she says, how we give back to society for all that we receive.

Mrs. Manda started this journey to drive new strides in automation and technology. Taking this vision a notch higher, she aims to expand the firm and make India self-reliant in its domain. Simultaneously, they seek to improve the lifestyles of those attached, who can create a better place for others. “We envision ourselves as one of the leading organizations, serving India’s top institutions in sectors where we are now lagging and heavily reliant on other countries,” Mrs. Manda concludes with a bold statement.

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